Suining local recruitment network to teach you how to easily handle telephone marketing

telephony marketing (Telemarketing) is a relatively new concept that emerged in the United States in 1980s. With the formation of consumer driven market, as well as the popularity of telephone, fax and other means of communication, many companies began to try this new market approach. Telemarketing is by no means equal to a large number of random phone calls, by chance to sell a few products. This phone will often cause consumer resentment, the results of the opposite. Executive search experts believe that: through the use of telephone, to achieve a planned, organized and efficient manner to expand their customer base, improve customer satisfaction and maintain customer behavior of market. Successful telemarketing should enable both parties to realize the value of telemarketing.

now the society whether the telephone marketing or network marketing, we are not unfamiliar, telephone marketing in the big city is the most widely used, is also essential, but for a small city especially in small places less developed in terms of sales and not everyone can accept.

Most of the

small city have certainresistance of telephone sales, the station today to share a station in Suining recruitment network is how to handle the phone sales in local small city, telephone sales experience three:

first: set goals – start looking for the right person

target, determine the target is not know the phone is male or female, the phone content introduced on the right, and our goal is to understand the phone whether people have the right to decide whether to call the shots, clappers.

if you are the phone sales, it will certainly encounter such problems, most of the people are in front of the phone or operator, they will avoid you with all kinds of excuses, such as "the general manager is in a meeting, you have what thing can be said to me, I help you to convey or a bad boss hasn’t come back after coming back to inform you," and so on, as is often the case with no sign of the end, how to find the master decider?

many methods, first introduce two points: 1 key switching method: a telephone sales staff a switchboard front desk or a hint, and that you want to find a person who is very familiar with the relationship between or important, equivalent to give a reason to resist, which will then transfer into electricity. 2 important things: refers to the transfer method of telephone sales human speak a very important thing, is to find the reason to contact the front desk or operator, these things are not the scope of duties or operator can handle the call at the same time, if the front does not help by the consequences of the transfer, they may fail to bear, so the phone can successfully transfer.

second: the charm of sound – with sound to impress customers


sound is one of the key necessary telephone marketing is indispensable, we must have been received or Mobile Corporation 10086 telephone customer service, is the 10086 miss service is silvery, instantly make people feel energetic, enthusiastic and confident.

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