Website promotion ten matters needing attention

a website is built, it is necessary to release it. Submit your site to search engines, web directories and related sites is the key to the success of the site. However, if you use the wrong way to promote the site, your visit is not increased but only reduced. Adsense promotion website should pay attention to the following points:

1, don’t spend too much money on the search engine; and how much does it cost to submit your site to the 500 search engine?. Search engines simply put your web site into an automatic submission. If you find a professional to submit your site, you can spend a few hundred dollars to get a careful and comprehensive service. Insist on getting all the documents that have been done, including all the emails sent by the search engine.

2, do not send spam; this is the basic network etiquette, no matter when and where, to any person, a large number of unsolicited e-mail is intolerable. There are hundreds of guys trying to sell you the database and the software to send spam, but don’t trust them. Junk mail will bring you into the enemy rather than a friend, it will make your site by ISP ban, reduce your visitors.

3, don’t waste time on Web garbage; put your site to the major search engines and directories, don’t waste time on insignificant search engine, they bring the amount of access is almost zero. You’d better spend your time on carefully modifying your instructions to Yahoo.

4, wait for your site to be completed and then submitted to the full submission of your site before the test, to determine each part has been completed. Because no visitors will return to a site that does not have a good build.

5, landing

search engine don’t jump up; to search engine registration should pay attention to, such as Yahoo is one of the most important and most difficult to enter the directory, information will be submitted to the real editorial review, so according to the instructions on the letter, do try to make them believe you stand is a useful resource.

6, by the way to write your name on the card; many companies spend a lot of money to build a web site, but do not want to spend money to re printed cards, indicating the site’s Web site. Your website should appear in the company’s various things, any vacancy should have a web site.

7, don’t play tricks; there’s a lot of discussion about the scam in the news and mailing lists on various websites, which are supposed to improve your search engine rankings, don’t fall for it. Search engines and directories are launching a campaign against those who attack the system, and if they suspect that you fooled them, they will ban your site. You do want to use the META tag in the title and content text, but follow the submission.

8, do not want to see the contents of the site directory does not want the public to see; most people have a number of test pages on the Web server, which is not intended to be seen by the public

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