2015 millet new conference millet note debut 5.7 inches large screen PK iPhone 6 Plus

A5 station network 1.15 afternoon news: the long-awaited 2015 flagship millet new conference two afternoon held conference, millet note debut, millet company Sina micro-blog official commentary on Millet note is: technology appearance before the breakthrough! Than iPhone 6 Plus thinner, lighter, narrower and shorter. More important is the larger 5.7 inch screen! Specific reference below:

micro-blog Sina mobile phone millet

without sacrificing the appearance and performance of the premise, compared to iPhone 6 Plus: thin 0.15mm, light 11g, narrow 0.2mm, short 3mm. 155.1mm× 77.6m× 6.95mm, only 161g, and more importantly, the larger "5.7" inch screen! Do you like



until now, the official did not disclose the specific price and purchase time, etc.. Please continue to focus on the latest report A5 webmaster network!


millet Note top version, powered by Qualcomm snapdragon 810, 8 core 64 bit processor; SHARP /JDI 2K NTSC color screen, up to 95%; 4GB LPDDR4 +64GB eMMC5.0 memory storage; support for the latest 4G network LTE-CAT 9, downlink speed of 450Mbps; 3D surface glass, 4.4V high voltage battery; optical anti shake camera the independent, HiFi module. Price of 3299 yuan, dual 4G dual sim dual standby.


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