Online selling barbecue millions of years to make WeChat fun O2O room

O2O (online to offline, online offline) has been more and more business in the entrepreneurial godfather of truth, but many people may not think of is, in the corner of our street side ordinary, hidden the "down to earth" O2O case.

a seemingly a deserted house barbecue shop, opened in a remote corner of Yangpu District, 80 young shopkeeper can through micro-blog, WeChat, Taobao play, hit an amazing performance in nearly 3 million yuan next year, behind the business of the amazing.

original barbecue staff busy in the cold storage

character introduction

Li Ye is perhaps one of the most Shanghai barbecue shop owner of the story, he was born in a rich family and going through bankruptcy and dropping out, by carrying boxes, put stalls earn living expenses, and join the Internet business. In the remote area of Yangpu District Xiangyin Road, a facade of less than 20 square meters of barbecue shop, 80 Li Ye, micro-blog, Taobao and WeChat rely on O2O marketing, selling barbecue last year sold 2 million 800 thousand yuan, earned a gross profit of $50%.

remote barbecue shop amazing performance

Li Ye’s shop is called the original barbecue, Yangpu District Xiang Yin Road and the intersection of an obscure military small facade.

is not busy people nearest the hustle and bustle of large crowds, residents of the area to walk 600 meters, the site apparently did not play by the rules. Reporters from the Xiangyin Road subway station walk for 15 minutes to find here, the scene in front of the people some surprise: no barbecue smoke and smell, no gas stove, did not store half a guest.

waiter walked out of the store with reporters, around a small office building next to the two, see the front of the computer is lying in front of Li Ye.

perhaps see the reporter’s face at a loss, the young boss will soon start the explanation: "our headquarters in online and offline stores just a O2O delivery point, can provide some samples for customers, generally do not receive eat." He said that the original barbecue real store is a large Taobao online shop, the credibility has been as high as double crown, representing more than 40 thousand transactions and praise.

around Li Ye busy with several employees, some in the processing of orders, some in the writing of the copy, and some are filling out the logistics documents. These young faces on the Internet have a "sister rice cake" and "steak brother" and "brother snail" and "purple potato sister" customer service, to provide services for customer service and guide the shift from around the country are chowhound.

2 million 800 thousand yuan annual sales is how to do it? Li Ye boldly to the barbecue shop can sell everything to the internet. From seafood, meat, aquatic products, vegetables and other more than 100 varieties of semi-finished products to food, oven, BBQ, charcoal, disposable tableware, barbecue and attractions tickets can "shoot", solve the outdoor barbecue all in one service.

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