Thousands of people buy a website to grab business insiders said 99% will collapse

domestic capital almost obsessively enthusiastic chasing the new mode of "group purchase" of the internet. But venture capital investors predicted that 99% of the site will be closed down, will be eliminated. Yesterday, the country’s largest buy site, the United States Mission Network founder Wang Xing said, just a few months, the country has come up with thousands of buy site, attracting many VCs to buy the site as the next round of investment priorities.

site at least 10% Commission

Huaxing capital chairman and CEO of all packages that almost all of the domestic group purchase websites are copied American Groupon network. The pattern is to sell only the same product every day to attract a certain number of buyers, and then receive a commission of 50% of the supplier’s return. If a restaurant’s original price of 546 yuan of Japanese food double package, the restaurant is often able to give the site users 2~3 fold ($168) price, the site can also get 10%~20% commission.

buy site threshold is very low. Invest a few thousand dollars can do a buy site." U.S. mission network founder Wang Xing said. Sales of many products have been group purchase website every day can be easily broken thousands of "pre payment" mode makes the group purchase website has sufficient cash flow.

buy network with the wave of a major consequence of the vicious competition. When hundreds of Web sites for a customer at the same time, there will be "peibenzhuanyaohe" business. The industry believes that the purchase of the site will go through a number of shuffling process. Yi Kai capital CEO Wang predicted that 99% of the network will be closed down, will be eliminated.

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