Purple Xin how to plan the site

what is the special website? To plan a page or use a point, one thing, a theme of the process page, the page will contain the corresponding website module and channel are involved in the function and the theme event content display.

why web sites need special topics?

any one site is composed of a large number of content, here is not to discuss the contribution of the content is the user or website editor, how to integrate the information content, is the key to attract the attention of the site. Web site to be part of the contents of the massive database from the show to everyone, which produced a special topic. The special topic is extremely important, the special topic can not only bring traffic to the site, but also to attract users, greatly improve the chances of web search to a certain extent, the website search engine optimization. At the same time, the user needs to focus on the information displayed on the topic can be convenient for users to browse and find, reflect the content of the site with a comprehensive system, but also can help enhance the value of the site Pr.

common topics are divided into several categories:


type: this type of project is the most common, by a moving point, the website anniversary form of activity, this topic relates to the page more, the registration page, page display, registration procedures and the


content aggregation type: classification information display type, this kind of special general simple, mostly a page can explain the problem, such as Taobao often hold similar topics, topics such as furniture, jeans, a classification of information website on display to guide the user to do some functional operation site


how to plan a website project?

project planning, project planning including topic reports, website content planning in the main event, is relative to the content innovation of newspapers and other paper media "a newspaper", such as the latest reports, the super girl can fully demonstrate the super special pictures, travel, etc. to facilitate the process of super woman. The query and information needs of **ns, it will bring certain effect for the website operation, choose the special theme is the content of the planning, a comprehensive display of the theme of the information has become the main demand of thematic planning.

planning topics notes:

a lot of people think that project planning is very simple, ordinary editor can independent planning, of course, we can not say that there is a problem, after all, is a special thing, web content aggregation display, relates to the specific process where much more is not caused by UI and creative design; but also in some places we need to pay attention to

1 since it is the special website is the website service, whether it is special or thematic activities content aggregation type, we have only one purpose is to site operators play a role in promoting, enhance the site’s PVIP or PR; so special in the planning time must have the site entrance, click on a button enter the web page or other channels, rather than that with.

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