There are times when it is not possible to try brainwashing marketing

Marketing Master generally do two things, the first thing is "evil", the second thing is "brainwashing", "psychological" attack to let your customers fall in love with you, "brainwashing" wash to make your customers lost.

When it comes to brainwashing, most people think of

, or health care products. We are normal products, companies do not need to be brainwashed? The answer is! It is not easy to believe, but in the organization, planning, premeditated and logical persuasion before it will imperceptibly to believe.

is now talk of elderly nutrition, most people still think of melatonin, gold partner, although not too long to see their ads, but has been in the invisible has given us the brain washing.

, especially in the era of symbolic existence, you and I are consuming symbols and symbols. Here is the symbol of the image of personality. Annual salary of 1 million is a symbol of the platoon villa, Mercedes Benz is a symbol, these symbols represent your image and temperament, or how do you know the secular success?

is even now Apple mobile phone has already become the arcade, there are still many people think it is a symbol of the rich, drunby, even some posts always some black apple fruit powder sprayer in scold. But have to say, Apple’s brainwashing marketing is indeed doing a good job!

and some time ago, today’s headlines are full of brush a sense of presence! For example, when you are waiting at a bus stop on the platform, saying "today does not sleep up Hey look at today’s headlines today on the library to see today’s headlines; finally on a crowded subway, eyeful see is this crane a lot of people look at today’s headlines today Monday look at today’s headlines"; and "the elevator came to the company, today on the way to work to see today’s headlines today working on the road to see today’s headlines; even more nonsensical" today hahaha look at today’s headlines today "Oh look at today’s headlines"……

can be said that today’s headlines of these ads, copywriting is the focus, the constant change in style is different scenes of these words. Copy the meaning is to express have developed creative strategies, one for a group to copy the corresponding user tie, bring the effect, this is not the meaning of.

is for itself in the use of today’s headlines, these scenes emotion is there, but these words through these scenarios suggest that, to allow people to see the success out of these memories, they have aroused the existence of emotion. And those who do not have the use of, but also severely brainwashed once, whether there is no curiosity and try to download, in short, after the news and the like, they will think of today’s headlines.

write copy should pay attention to

overwhelming advertising will let people know the product, but it does not necessarily have an impact, the success of today’s headlines lies in those who do not

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