Lao Xie soft Wen need to focus on actual combat

has his own soft Wen style, you need to carry out the actual exercise of the soft Wen, soft Wen only in the actual combat to play a role, rather than talk about the mouth. How to carry out the actual soft, this is a soft Wen promotion out, to achieve the promotion effect of a process, then, the old will be specific.

1. Hide your product information as well as possible. If you look at a very AD, so that the soft text is not a good promotion effect. There are many ways to hide the information of the product, the more commonly used methods are: in the story, in the point of view mentioned in the case, the event organizers mentioned, etc.. There are many ways, Lao Xie here is not a mention.

2. Put your soft text as far as possible to promote out. If you feel that your article is not perfect enough, can be sent to some BBS, to see the effect, in the further revision. Soft Wen can also be sent to their own BLOG, this effect is difficult to achieve in a short time, but if the quality of the article is better and more attractive.

3. Play your contacts. Good connections, is the soft Wen is not a guarantee of success, the establishment of contacts is a long process, which requires your own efforts. Soft Wen need to pay attention to actual combat, only in the real station in order to make your soft Wen effect is reflected.

old Xie QQ46615240, welcome to the webmaster and old Xie more exchanges, also want to thank his own soft Wen experience of the webmaster have a role. This article is the first stop in the original ADMIN5 in the original station, reproduced please indicate: Thank you soft Wen training and service

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