From the master of the article analyzes its promotion

station long before Admin5, experience of looking at other Adsense experiences, of course, I was most interested in your own website, not Wangzhuan do not always feel at ease, will one day be recovered. So I bought a space (previously also used free space, of course, free lunch is to pay the labor of the fruit (details can be obtained from another blog "my free space from the network promotion" can get a glimpse of one or two, I was so eager to comply with his request to the operation…… Later, the wretched, space closed, hard article lost all, but also download does not come back, the pain I believe there are a lot of friends experience), a emlog blog program, and then start to add from my blog to the NetEase.

article has, every day is to see what it means to have a good experience to share it to everyone, then I began to promote the.

looked at Admin5 many webmaster introduced the promotion of experience, a lot of 00 pieces, I investigated it, according to the actual situation, choose the method of experience of Mr. Mou Changqing, then read his personal blog, rewarding, below my understanding to share to everyone.

rich holds a money, no money holding individual field, if you think I said a little inspiration to you (like me then, the novice webmaster) below the "top", or next to


well, well, first screened several articles for their article:

first, look at an article on how to promote their own blog articles. (two or three, four will appear in later articles)

analysis: 5 means

1 traffic import. No matter where to write the article to stay behind a fixed web site (now personal blog with the URL), with the previous domain name a little inherent advantages in the condition;

2 soft Wen promotion. First of all, this product is subject to personal blog to write text, theme, how to seize the reader from the beginning, and let the readers read this article in Houhai want to read other related? Seeks the teacher taken, "experience" model approach, the establishment of a personal blog from why, to promote the soft case share, to analyze the 4 day record data, and then to 1 months, 2 months, such a step by step to let the readers’ interest, increase the viscosity. In this case, it is equivalent to a certain FANS, and the establishment of a fixed readership.

3 new article which links the old article (the article mentioned in the method of this method related to the article link, in order to know more detailed method must be put in). PS: This is related to the coverage of the article, so the content is very important. In this way, we can not only increase the chain, a step by step to facilitate crawling all the articles, but also help the reader to see the way to add other knowledge, but also to increase the reader’s reading

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