Experience a webmaster Wangzhuan search in 2009 of success and failure.

Why write

webmaster Wangzhuan, because I think I do Wangzhuan composition more. Think about the past 09 years is really fast ah. Today is December 31st. Looking back 09 years, look for success, look for failure. From these experiences, we can find out the 2010 target.

in January, when the webmaster online to see a report that there is a website to upload documents to make money, the site will not say, so that we say that I am advertising in this. Very excited to upload documents to the site every day. With my girlfriend, a lot. But the money has been less than 1 yuan. When you want to give up, I found a local bulk upload software, but requires 360 yuan. After much thought, I bought it. Although there is a local upload, but still have to find documents. At that time, more stupid, are downloaded from the document station documents. But these are slow. Every day down the document is less than 500 later actually wanted to go to the university to buy documents. Fortunately, did not go ah, ha ha, or lose big. This has been a lot of days. Find a document software on the Internet, the book. Haha, I couldn’t express my excitement at that time. The new year’s Day is also passing this thing. But has not done 100 some lost.

in February, I began to consider to do a similar website, because I have been concerned about the site and found it a year advertising revenue has tens of millions, think of yourself if have such a website, a year to earn a 20W line ah. I’m a student. But did not finish dropped out. At that time to find a friend together, but we have no money. Has been discussed in the mouth, and we have not done the actual combat experience. He was tricked into a pyramid scheme. I still want to do the site, slowly also settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. But the site uploaded the document has been revenue. The first time in the waiting received 96 yuan. Very excited.

In March

started to think about their own web site. But I don’t know anything, even though I’m a programmer. Occasionally read the article on the Internet to earn 500 of the tutorial. Head start civilized. I think there is no need to do a website on their own procedures set out. The original procedures are available. Register the first domain name. But look at the server did not dare to buy, but also no money to buy. I made a peanut shell, and even made a. Of course, it’s a big deal. But not two days after the visit is not normal. Then, continue to search documents. In mid March, the stepmother to introduce a project that is related to software and. Look at her project. I know it’s a pyramid scheme. But how to tell her she doesn’t believe. Finally she cast 14W. May wish to tell you that the last project is this world with a great reputation through mlm. After she voted, they gave her 200 software, and then she asked me and my girlfriend to find her a little ad. Every month to 3000, my girlfriend and I would like to own point. Every day from 8 in the morning to the evening of 10 points in the ad. Tired to death. My usual stepmother is not good, I can’t think what mistake. After March

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