Easy transfer the focus of competition into the field of wearable smart devices

sina science and technology news on April 16th morning news, in the traditional 3C, department stores and other areas hit the price war, the electricity supplier companies have entered a low-key adjustment period. Tencent’s electricity supplier easy fast network will focus on the joint development and introduction of high-tech products, through the sale of smart Bracelet Jawbone up officially entered the field of wearable smart devices.

Jawbone up is currently popular all over the world, through this smart bracelet, users can record everyday exercise, sleep and diet in real-time data, and these data with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch synchronization, to play a guiding role in the healthy life through the data.

to sleep at bedtime for example, Jawbone up is set to the sleep mode, second days after getting it with the iPhone device synchronization, can see your sleep time, awake time, light sleep, deep sleep / overall sleep quality information. For people who lose weight and fitness, "Jawbone UP" smart bracelet is a responsible personal trainer, you can tell the daily path of movement, consumption of calories and calories.

fast and easy net senior operations director Pan Biao said that at present, the products in the domestic authentic sources less amount of stock, fast and easy net accounted for about 1/3 of the total number of domestic goods, the price is about 1029 yuan.

we are in the sale of goods, we strive to achieve the lowest price. On this basis, we hope to bring you on other platforms to buy cool goods, this is why we want to launch the "fast and easy to find" channel reasons, the difference will become a core competitiveness of the fast and easy net." Pan Biao explained, to Google glasses, for example, the United States over there a listing, you certainly want to put on the first try."

Pan Biao said, with the help of overseas procurement team, easy fast discovery channel will be introduced in the future, including Google Glass and apple IWATCH and other variety of wearable devices".

, according to Yi Xun insiders, easy and fast start Jawbone up may not just test the water wearable smart device sales so simple. Tencent has two electricity providers and social networking platform, how to combine the two well, Tencent did a lot of trying, and the emergence of mobile Internet and wearable devices for Tencent electricity providers to provide a greater imagination.

According to

, "Jawbone up" smart Bracelet itself has a social network sharing function, for example, the user can sleep, diet and exercise and the mood of the record were shared by binding Facebook or Twitter.

and in March of this year, Tencent electricity supplier is also easy to find the first one by the QQ music and the world’s top wireless Wi-Fi system provider Sonos to create a wireless hi fi speakers, began to explore

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