Luxury e-commerce can not go on the road

network marketing programs to promote Tmall Mall (the original Taobao mall) sales and not as optimistic as imagined, last year, began to have a number of well-known luxury brands exit. I am also engaged in e-commerce marketing work, so I took a curious heart to understand a little, and friends to share some of my personal views.

what kind of products are suitable for online sales, on this issue before I wrote an article ("electronic commerce network products who laughs last", mainly from the narrow range of online product analysis. This article) is the main content for a specific product, analysis from the development of electronic commerce and Internet users in China shopping psychology in general, luxury goods do not go into electronic trade route.

first, the impact of China’s e-commerce development status of luxury settled

Chinese e-commerce online shopping is still in the development stage, some services are not in place. Therefore, many well-known international brands in the wait and see period, whether to authorize the domestic electricity supplier platform to do, what kind of sales will have a wait-and-see attitude. Some brands prefer to build their own online shopping platform, but also do not want to authorize the domestic platform to operate sales. Although this is not good news, but also indicates that China’s electronic business has huge market potential huge space.

two, settled in luxury sales

I understand many influential luxury goods have left the Tmall mall, for example: Coach mainly engaged in high-end bags, Tmall mall on the flagship store in the first month of sales is zero, did not sell any product. In addition, last year a more expensive brand LVMH group (the world’s top luxury brands) brand Benefit (Benefit), this brand to beauty products, also disappear in addition to Tmall, the main reason is that the sales of less left.

three, the price of luxury

there are two main reasons for the sale of luxury goods, on the one hand is the price, on the other hand impulse and vanity. Although China is one of the richest countries in the world, there are millions of rich, handsome and rich people in china. But it’s not necessarily a lot cheaper to buy luxury goods online. In addition, it is understood that a lot of other products, as long as the supply of formal channels manufacturers, online and physical store prices are almost the same. According to the difference of those products, many of which are fake or non genuine (or fake) which is one of the reasons to disrupt the network market, now online anti fake voice is very loud! Say another reason is the effect of luxury sales, impulse and vanity, this is the best chance of entity store performance, high-grade decoration store, put out a variety of golden luxury, is enough to remind people to buy luxury goods desire.

four, domestic Internet users to buy psychology

as mentioned above

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