Don’t fall into the trap of garbage pop-up plug-in flow

is mainly to express the hatred of those fraudulent flow sellers! The beginning of the site construction work has been for 5 years, from the previous free space station to the current server operation, everything is growing around the site

at work, all the work, the most important is the traffic problem, now the fierce competition in the industry, a new idea was soon imitated, so think through their own single-handed long-term effective

Large flow

is not possible, therefore, the purchase flow has become an important method, summarized below I buy all kinds of traffic deceived experience, hope to give everyone a little help, but also together with you

experience in AC traffic.

1, the other side of the brush flow tool or IFRAME multi station call to the way his website PR, world rankings, day IP are very high brush, and then tell you that his station traffic is very large, in the PR, world rankings,

day IP are relatively high in the case, we are easy to be cheated. I now is the identification of the world ranking image to see his website, his analysis is not in a certain period of time if the traffic soared, is generally not

choose to advertise.

2, the other seems to be a good standing, you are often in a lot of places to see such a station, when you’re ready to put advertising also need to be careful because you buy a advertising money would be much higher than the

you can earn money, this site often requires you to open a monthly, but also does not allow the test, he will say that they are very formal, do not need to test, whatever you want to do advertising. Encounter such a situation

you don’t get fooled, because they look very formal and very strong, flow is also good, but they want the price is much higher than you can make money through these traffic. For me, I found a

that everyone knowsThe famous

Road Station (station name here is not too good, everything is released) on a good, I want to test a week this week, according to the monthly prices paid advertising money, in theory, I should be

is at a disadvantage, they will not lose, on the contrary, I also bear the risk of a week, I do just want to reduce the risk of the first cooperation from a month to a week, even if the loss is less. Results

guess what? Like other similar fraudulent website, they said, no, must be monthly, does not provide testing, even during the test for money. No, you talk about, so sincere

cooperation they do not accept, what is the purpose?

3, said the current speculation should is relatively hot plug flow, I want to tell you is a way to bring the real traffic today, brothers, if you want to buy a plug flow, please think about

! Because before I write this article and several large domestic plug-in pop station cooperation, test >

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