Li Wang with the method of micro-blog Taobao customer absent-minded

Now micro-blog

in accordance with the speed of development, micro-blog will bring a new look to the Internet, now micro-blog can be said to be growing, micro-blog is a big platform of every hue people can seek their own needs something from today, a simple analysis of Taobao

off the case!

first, the choice of platform

first, the user places have mining profit pattern value! I very much agree with this sentence, don’t know how you feel now, the major portals have spent a lot of energy in its own operations of micro-blog, Sina and Tencent accounted for the biggest advantage, the user base has billions of dollars, so. Sina and Tencent micro-blog Taobao is the largest passenger operation opportunity.

two, account registration

This model

to say today is not long for, but what is absent-minded, lasting for type, that is to do an audience or fan high account, high user stickiness account, and then the shopping guide! Is a rather absent-minded type, account for only a few days, quite so a one-time account for a few days on the need, then change the same pattern, the same way, to continue to operate the new account,


three, product selection


– which do the best, I think the slimming tea is LVSHOU, a very violent products, profit margins as high as 50%, of course, you can also choose other products, but the best choice for women and related products, women’s shopping tendency is relatively high


four, case analysis

In this case the

below is an absent-minded case, this account is not me, I just happened to see in micro-blog, so a whim to write an article, the user is to belong to a new account, the following is a review of micro-blog pictures, and their content can be edited, need to note is a. Don’t use Taobao direct link address guest link, the taourl link can shorten, published out will be directly shielded, free themselves can see published by micro-blog, others can not see! So we should use the way of "jump, just looking for a domain name on their own, and then make a simple HTML page jump to Taobao the guest links, so it will not be blocked by Taobao


five, how to let more people see their micro-blog!


posted it with micro-blog, in the forum published an article, need to go to the top with his vest, using artificial way to make yourself top posts to allow more people to pay attention, in fact, micro-blog is the same, only the operation above a certain difference, need is to use his own the trumpet, to broadcast, and add comments and a hot topic in the broadcast time, so you can put the micro-blog pushed directly to the hot topic to let more people see below, this way should be.

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