Micro business marketing class marketing agent to engage in pyramid selling Brainwashing

micro business arena is not flat, wave after another. The evening of May 19th, sponsored by the cosmetics industry association of the first Chinese micro business integrity swearing cum brand integrity awards ceremony ended in Guangzhou international sports and entertainment center by the Federation of Chinese national industry and commerce, and that this could reach to the micro business "name", did not think immediately by media exposure – May 22nd, 23 show, CCTV reported that the derivative "cooked" pyramid schemes ", and said" the reporter witnessed the micro business conference, like "brainwashing MLM"". On the one hand is the rapid rise of the side is a bad review constantly, in this extreme contrast between the micro business exactly where to go, the industry is quite concerned about the problem.

micro business conference similar MLM brainwashing will be


May 19th held the first Chinese micro business integrity and the integrity of the brand the swearing in ceremony, more than 12000 micro business practitioners participate in "people pledging", more Gloria Tang, Chariene Choi and other popular stars to offer the same song, is a grand scene.

ceremony, the National Federation President Maya said on the micro’s future full of hope, the future will belong to 80, 90 young people a new generation of vigor. The ceremony also issued a national beauty and cosmetics industry integrity micro business AAA level units medal, launched the ten major micro business leaders". These winners have published "good speech", hope that the major derivative enterprises can hold together, together for the derivative industry integrity standardization efforts.

, however, all this does not seem to make the image of micro traders become more positive point. May 22nd, CCTV news exposure derivative swindling "did not discuss, WeChat circle of friends into a fake disaster. May 23rd, CCTV "News 30’" broadcast "reports make only superficial changes into the circle of friends in marketing," the reporter survey report, Hebei micro business owner "Ms. Yan" to experience analysis of "micro MLM" all sorts of fraud.

May 23rd, CCTV reported that once again CCTV reporter into Beijing a certain brand of micro business conference, security requirements only one-time goods more than 50 thousand yuan more than one level agency to enter, and the conference site is marked with "promise of BMW, Land Rover and other brands of car of high reward, brainwashed incite emotions", a micro business agent directly told reporters "out more and more money", pointing to its similar "brainwashing MLM will".

reflection: Micro operators need to "reform"

side is the rapid rise of the side of the bad review constantly, in this extreme contrast between micro business exactly what to do?

well-known social media expert Du Zijian believes that micro business development now is not satisfactory, is in the most backward mode of operation in the most advanced Internet platform to do business with the most savage".

do micro business of these children are not bad, but to the children to do the training of the old bastards who are too bad! They do 20 years ago to do MLM, direct marketing, insurance, health care products that are set to charge

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