An analysis of B2C e-commerce model of social network based on group buying


social network marketing and e-commerce is the development trend of the new Web 2 e-commerce websites in recent years, the new pattern of e-commerce and traditional B2C sites are very different, there are many unique patterns, here I will take Groupon as an example of a B2C e-commerce social network business based on the model.

Groupon is not a pure e-commerce site, it is a combination of e-commerce, Web2.0, Internet advertising and offline mode. The current form of performance is to buy, revenue model is to rely on the Commission, according to the New York Times reported that the United States buy site Groupon I am afraid that has become the history of the most crazy Internet Co. Twitter reached $1 billion valuation in 3 years, Facebook reached $1 billion valuation in the past 2 years, and Groupon only a year and a half.

Groupon business model features:

1, e-commerce social marketing: micro-blog, SNS, e-mail and other social network marketing.

2, low price products are mostly non physical products, because physical products is difficult to have a low discount, some group purchase may subsidize their own marketing network early.

3, user habits: once a day service, and the blog is updated every day very much like to improve user viscosity.

4, the interface is simple: simple is the United States, greatly simplify the shopping process, reduce the user’s shopping time, improve the efficiency of consumer purchasing.

5, scarce marketing: every day only to sell a product, buy time countdown, the number of shoppers have the bottom line.

5, online services: alternative Street hair advertising service

6, the user group is accurate: accustomed to the use of online shopping and easy to attract young people discount……

7, to attract quality businesses: through the unique business of goods or services to attract users.


Groupon website SWOT analysis:


1, low cost: a relatively low cost of the program can be purchased, the site is simple, easy maintenance, low operating costs.

2, profit fast: as an e-commerce site, from the beginning can be profitable in order to ensure the long-term sustainable development of the site.

3, policy support: some local governments, such as Shenzhen, the attitude of the Internet to support e-commerce, the majority of government departments will not deliberately hinder the development of e-commerce sites.


1, fierce competition: there have been a large number of competitors, more well-known, such as the U.S. mission network.


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