Correct view of social media marketing

is a new type of social media and online media to give users a great space in the form of participation, we in the usual life has more or less contact, including micro-blog, Wikipedia, blogs, social networks, forums and so on, its biggest feature is the two-way communication between the users to participate in content, publicity, users and content etc.. These characteristics determine the social media marketing is a comprehensive work, we should look at the following aspects:

first, social media ROI is not easy to calculate, you need to listen and respond to the user to continue to monitor the market reaction. Don’t wait for problems (such as corporate branding and product crisis) to get involved. Focus on providing the latest information to the user, so that users have reason to continue to keep in touch with you. Even if you do not have a new product release, you can share some valuable information with your users. Many in the social media sites on the marketing account, often every day to update the contents of the account, publish the relevant information timely greetings during the holidays, did not release marketing related content, but also how much attention will win the support of.

second, focus on user groups. This is an important principle that social media marketing should follow. Those who focus on publicity and do not take into account the user experience, and do not be a long time to promote activities. Because of social media marketing, active users can always find self promotion (or advertising business) way, and the attention of users do not think they are for their own profit, but in the publicity will also pay attention to the public interests, naturally, social media marketing services for the public users will also get a large number of people support.

third, social media marketing activities are mainly interactive online, but the effect of the line will sometimes be very good. In the face to face communication, you can really interact with the user frankly, which is very different from the network dialogue. An example that we can see is: millet technology companies will often hold the city will be around the country, in its direct customer service center millet home to provide fans exchange places. The combination of online and offline, it is easier to listen to the voice of the real world users, but also to establish a good corporate image and a powerful means of user relations.

fourth, continue to expand the type of social media, not limited to a type of site, to strive to make themselves everywhere. Of course, can not be too distracting, but must in each type of Web site have to account for these sites work flow have a general understanding, when you need to share some valuable information, will not be at a loss. Our domestic social media has also developed to the top stage of the field, has covered many areas, as follows


fifth, social media marketing content diversity. Especially in the marketing process, the introduction of pictures, video, interactive game type >

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