Experience of using QQ group to promote blog website

has not been attached to the QQ group, that QQ group is very disturbing information. Recently, in some Adsense community bubble, a figure the king’s Webmaster Station, Ali mother community, China webmaster Community Alliance, found many webmaster QQ group, mainly on the website construction, website promotion, website optimization, some QQ group also really a little popularity, can have up to more than and 500 members. Online at the same time also can reach more than and 100 people, the spirit of reason to find a few links, I try to join a good 10 QQ group.


joined, will be for their own use, my blog is tired, in the group to send a message: "Hey, this site to recruit Links, interested private chat!" the way to your site to write up, then, will have more than and 10 webmaster friends, very fast, do a few Links. I found that I send this information in the next more than and 10 minutes, standing inside the statistics directly enter the URL visit has dozens of people, Goodfellas, website and dozens of people online is almost no, such as a kind of information, can make the scores of IP, is so easy what ah, site traffic has been the key to a website without traffic, not to mention what.

my site is a site to learn the blog, I use the QQ group in the advantages of many people, it is easy to exchange more than and 10 links, I would like to further, QQ group, but also for me?

I know, if in the QQ group, send direct link to the site, ask people to click, it is a hate group, the administrator must also be tough on you, really want to do well in the QQ group, spend some time to good. I find some in the station and Baidu search to better the website of the QQ group, spent nearly two hours, a total of more than and 200, some Renqibuwang, I screening, delete the part, leaving more than and 100 perfect management, online number group.

publicity in the QQ group, have to spend some brains, both to promote their own website, and not to let the group and administrators delete. For example: the day before yesterday, I use some of my articles during the National Day golden week for stationmaster net wrote in his blog, write a diary "published in stationmaster net during the National Day Golden Week article", intends to own a message class message, sincere advice to the staff into the QQ group and, on this link, I join the QQ group almost uniform is some of the owners, is a great promotion on the station website posting in the webmaster interest, some people still can’t write it, there are a lot of time to read my log, let me in the station of a sudden surge of statistics. There are a number of personal webmaster wrote the information to express my article is very interested in, and I want to stand links, later became my blog faithful visitors.

QQ group, brought the chain is better for me to send information also brings a better flow, it is good to shoot two hawks with one arrow. Through the QQ group propaganda website practice, think it is a good

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