Talk about how to do a good job to promote the full use of large data

in the Internet era, how to make good use of big data, enterprise network marketing is the most important "magic weapon", it can be said that the data is the user, users bring profit to the enterprise, in many ways of promotion, WeChat public mobile terminal seems to be a popular marketing hot, while the traditional Internet promotion way as if out of the public eye, for example, had to "viral marketing" as the main way of mail promotion, because now is the era of social network, so don’t need it! In fact, for the enterprise, the use of e-mail promotion is still valid, however, to use the method.

Comparison of

and traditional enterprise Internet Co, itself has industry experience, and there are a lot of user data, if the enterprise has the "heart" based on these data, can be two times to develop, so, how to open the user again? If the straightforward way, even if there is no rejection, may also encounter "we are considering such rhetoric, this time, in fact, if we can know each other’s e-mail account, of course, do not let each other directly tell yourself, in fact, there are websites and other ways to contact, write down the mail box number and regular enterprise information push.

in addition to the original user data, but also on the network to develop new user data, you know, to find the target user’s mailbox is not easy, because the traditional virus mail, new email promotion much more targeted promotion, this is a "slow" promotion, maybe just the promotion of user interest and no enterprise products, and constantly send product information in imperceptible in the enterprise, perhaps, precisely the user needs, so they have to remember your products in the subconscious, will be contacted by email or other way of contact and the enterprise, this is the promotion of the mailbox "advantage": low cost silent.

mail promotion itself, in addition to labor costs, the other is almost zero cost, but want to make email promotion effect, the most important is to choose the target users, this is a long selection process, however, as long as there are more than 100 users over the hands of the enterprise, can be adopted.

similarly, email promotion requires quality content. We believe that when e-mail promotion, not only the best content, form a series, with a weekly push to calculate a series of at least 3 months, so it should make 12 articles, regularly send these twelve articles, send after again sent once, so three cycles, basically reached the effect.

for users to send each day, can according to their own circumstances, if one day to ensure 200 users a week, then push a new article, then, to more than 1 thousand users will be able to. Do not think that these 1000 users less, in fact, the mobile Internet APP ecosystem, so that the 100 loyal users can create a lot of profit. What’s more, this is the promotion of precision, are carefully selected target