Microsoft e-mail program or to bring new marketing model

recently there is news that Microsoft decided to more than and 10 years of operation of the hotmail to achieve a battle, the rebirth of the hotmail will be renamed outlook, a variety of applications Microsoft’s version of the outlook will be integrated, including direct and Skype compatible, and the current social networking sites such as google+, Facebook, Twitter and other linear contact, have a outlook account the user can directly through the social networking site login account.

outlook also will be innovative forms of advertising and promotional information to be arranged, minimize customer advertising brings users a loss of time, such behavior seems to make promotion mailbox bring new trouble, but it is also the case, increasing the user directly through the network login mailbox, so as to enhance the advertising exposure. To the new marketing way possible.

the rebirth of the powerful Outlook, is still difficult to regain the market leader

although the rebirth outlook function from now the news media is very powerful, and even to Microsoft’s online office contact, so you can make the user long time bound on the Internet, but with the ability to customize the function, the user experience, and can be Gmail and YAHOO mail competition.

Outlook but industry experts said, the current market share of the lowest level in history, although the old users in mind have a certain reputation, but unfortunately, for the network free e-mail, YAHOO and Google’s market share has exceeded 60%, so Outlook wanted to regain the position, it is still very difficult. Hotmail timely replacement for the higher visibility of the client Outlook.

Outlook integrated community functions, advertising marketing can bring a new entry point

now the entire Internet appears to be no community network phenomenon, into the community website to play games, make friends, in their own experience has become a habit for many Internet users, this habit can give community website to obtain the high viscosity, so community website advertising costs are relatively high, holding a large number of Facebook users only, need to rely on advertising costs, can make profits scorning the world which reflects the community website, the advantage in advertising.

then through the mail as a carrier, allowing users to implant their own advertising by mail, it is not a new idea? Especially outlook to integrate a variety of applications, if their experience in advertising in the community factors, to outlook users through the mail, so these users just click the message in the advertising community to share the code then will be directed to the community website, because in a Outlook does not require re looking for landing entrance, directly through the advertising sharing channel will be able to log in, the effect of such.