Tencent registered QQ.Cn, tens of thousands of night or will continue to register the domain name

Tencent registered domain name domain name QQ number of tens of thousands of night

wait for the right price to sell?

every reporter Jiang Peifang from Shanghai

‘s giant penguin is quietly carrying out an operation, and shot quite quickly.

from September 5th 8 at night until yesterday afternoon (September 6th), the Tencent will be five digits of the.Cn domain from 10000.cn to 99999.cn, the six digit.Cn domain all unregistered.Cn domain name from 100000.cn to 430581.cn, through a company called Yantai Dili special register interface in China to register all registered by a space.

for the above behavior, the Tencent in response to the "daily economic news" reporter said, in order to provide personalized services to users, has registered some digital.Cn domain name, is still in the specific use of this part of the domain name of the further planning.

to provide users with domain name benefits?

this tens of thousands of.Cn domain name DNS are set to go1.cdns.cn and go2.cdns.cn. Through the domain name WHOIS information query, the two group of DNS for the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) all.

and in September 3rd, CNNIC and Tencent in Beijing reached a strategic cooperation, the two sides will work together for users to create a complete personal life online platform, the platform will be CN domain for the entrance, pointing to the personal space Tencent users, and link individual domain mail.

daily economic news reporter learned that, CN is the country’s top-level domain name, the domain name has been responsible for the management of CNNIC. As of June this year, the global.Cn domain name registration amounted to 4 million. At the end of May, CN domain name registration is open to the natural data show that the addition of natural human CN domain name registration has exceeded 200 thousand.

CNNIC "the thirtieth China Internet development report" shows that as of the end of June 2012, the blog and personal space for 353 million subscribers, micro-blog was 274 million users, social networking applications, micro-blog blog space and become the core of the most rapid growth of Internet applications.

with the CN domain name to the natural person to open the registration, domestic Internet users can also have their own identity card". It is reported that Internet users directly enter the user QQ number.Cn can be directly into the space, but also can be given a domain name as the main personalized e-mail.


, Tencent QQ space for string Xie had said in an interview, in September can achieve the goal of the first stage.

Internet analyst Liu Xingliang analysis, Tencent should want to allow users to have a more convenient entrance, it may be expected to follow the corresponding value-added services.

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