Hotlinked repeated copyright fee into the video site is difficult to bear the pain

industry there are still a lot of pain points, TV series, variety show copyright prices have been irrational rise. Tencent video subscriber number is 10% growth, the amount of over the growth of the play, but the cost of copyright price is doubled or even more than two times the growth, which is one of our biggest pain points.

2017 Chinese video subscribers will exceed 74 million, the market size will reach $14 billion.

video website has paid up the wind, the size of the market in the end how much? This will directly determine under high cost of copyright of the video website can get rid of "maishen buy drama" dilemma, even profitability.

September 21st, Iqiyi senior vice president Yang Xianghua in the 2016 Shanghai season "pay network audio-visual industry Salon" forecast, 2017 China video pay market size or will exceed 20 billion yuan. In June this year, first launched payment mode Iqiyi announced its effective VIP membership has exceeded 20 million, continue to occupy the largest market share Chinese video pay. Tencent video, Youku potatoes, LETV also openly said the number of paid users are growing rapidly.

iResearch 2015 China online video users pay market research report analysis data show that in 2017 China’s video subscribers will exceed 74 million of the size of the market or will reach $14 billion.

with the video site with homemade drama, further enrich the video content, and to effectively combat piracy, the rapid development of mobile payment for the favorable environment for the development of video Chinese membership services, including respect for copyright are willing to pay for quality content of group formation, promote the rapid growth of the market to pay.

Yang Xianghua said, is 1.8 times the cinema during the paid market in the United States and Britain after the cinema, Japan is as high as 3.3 times, and the data in the China market this year is expected to be around 20% movies in the cinema after Chinese income has great room for growth.

Iqiyi founder Gong Yu said that although the various video sites are not released to pay income, but by private situation estimate branch revenue this year paid is several times last year.

for the development of the market is the core reason is the public attention to the intellectual property rights, Gong Yu believes that in addition, behind this there are two specific reasons: first, the government and the judicial system, to crack down on piracy, and laid a very good foundation for our industry. The second is the popularity of mobile payment, so that the user experience of small payment is better, pay more convenient, so we entered the spring of small fees.

will pay what kind of business model will bring to the video industry

?The rapid development of video

membership services, but also makes the downstream industries accelerate the prosperity of movie theaters and network movie get split income and higher quality network drama to get more traffic and topic in video platform, users, and platform >