Adsense network broadcast drops taxi renamed drops travel 2015 apple new conference will be held

1 no longer play black technology company Baidu, began to seriously consider how to make money outside the search  

Baidu world conference this year, and finally no longer chopsticks, glasses and unmanned vehicles booth

"let everyone have a close, personal secretary…… It can help you deal with chores, so you focus on doing what you like and do well, so you have more time to enjoy a better life."

When Baidu

CEO Robin Li yesterday morning in front of thousands of people spend ten minutes to demonstrate "of secret", people can not help but doubt that this year Baidu is not to change the apple Siri as an example, to pretend to be a technology company.

2 drops of a taxi officially changed the "drip travel" means to become a comprehensive integrated mobile portal  

over the past few days, goodbye, drops taxi sparked a lot of speculation, today, drops taxi officially announced a new brand and logo. Drops taxi also officially changed its name to the drip travel and enable the new Logo – a reversal of orange capital letters D. At the same time, a new bit of travel App will be open at the end of the evening 19:09 minutes to download.

In addition,

also said that the next six months, drops will also launch at least 1 – 2 new business, as well as a series of new features, improve the user travel experience. Drops to do, it is a comprehensive integration of mobile travel entrance, a life O2O super App.

had a taxi, car, ride and drops App the business line entrance in the bottom of the page, the new version will change the entrance at the top, a form of navigation, for future new business. In the future, will be based on the behavior of the user will be displayed in accordance with the user’s personalized business. At the same time, the owner can ride the input of departure, destination, looking for passengers on the way.

3 P2P cumulative volume checked into gold over 4 billion 700 million yuan  

this afternoon, into the announcement, as of 8 at noon on the 12, 18 colleagues 7 days to assist in the investigation, there are 10 have returned to work, and 8 colleagues are fully cooperate with the relevant departments of the investigation, it is not clearly defined.

day into gold announcement had responded that the only routine inspection, all normal business operations.

there are rumors that the financial responsible person under investigation, may be suspected of funding pool problem was taken to assist in the investigation of Shenzhen economic investigation.

into the show’s official website, Rong Jin is the P2P platform independent operation of the Shenzhen City Financial Capital Management Group Co., Ltd., officially launched in May 2013. At present, the cumulative turnover of 4 billion 728 million 465 thousand and 200 yuan P2P

4 even Wang Sicong started live gaming.

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