Google is likely to improve the ranking according to search results

Google interface has long been added to the mouse event based user clicks system, such as the title of a search link:
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click on this link in the process, will trigger a mouse event: through the CLK function, can speak the current URL links to the target address and the link sent to the server on the ranking statistics, the request is adding a picture object to the page, to send a picture to the HTTP server request statistics implementation. When the request is sent to the server through the JAVASCRIPT statistics, some parameters preset to the statistical image server.

function CLK (n, EL) {if (document.images) {(New Image)).Src=" /url sa=T& start=" +n+" & url=" +escape (el.href)return

Google through the user’s click to get a variety of location URL click rate statistics, which is likely to be based on the user clicks statistical feedback ranking adjustment or an irregular algorithm to improve quality tracking. I have seen the first relevant Google mouse event tracking discussion from last year (2003) in April there had been

Comparison between

and traditional server based click statistics

based on the server statistics:
[User ==> Click]; [] ==> []

Google users click statistics:
[User ===> [] + [image URL request for Click] stats]

The way that

Google has the following advantages: the user experience
1 speed advantage: not by turning to the server, click the statistics and the target site is also concurrent, so it is turned to the server quickly, but
2 hidden; user experience advantage: for click on the link, according to the HTML standard, will be displayed >

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