Red envelope marketing face who’s bullets flying


I world network operators Alipay red password, micro-blog red fly, WeChat red… This year… The red war is very lively, hitherto unknown efforts, participation of hitherto unknown, and hitherto unknown Tucao, this is almost a full Internet carnival. In this paper, let micro-blog red fly, four seasons song, Mengniu, for example, analysis of the enterprise in this red war marketing model.


text / Zhao Zheng

with the year the Spring Festival approaching, the Internet red war intensified, in addition to the Spring Festival last year triggered grab red boom WeChat red envelopes, envelopes, QQ, mobile phone micro-blog Alipay wallet were added to the 2015 Spring Festival Red war. It is worth mentioning that this year’s new year red envelopes are no longer limited to the social circle of friends between each other to distribute red envelopes, but became a marketing model of the enterprise. In the circle of friends Mengniu took the lead in the red envelopes to share: drink Mengniu red milk, have to be transferred to the Red Bull. As a fast consumer goods companies, Mengniu hope to many people willing to accept and form and consumers interact; while sijimuge is cooperation with micro-blog, launched the "sijimuge red fly", covering 12 sets of "sijimuge" train hundreds of millions of times.

viral marketing red

never thought that the red envelope has become the most effective way to promote the internet". 2015 red war upgrade to the Internet phenomenon, from the taxi has been extended to the red envelopes of the Spring Festival, Ali and the two camps of Tencent continue to rise. Micro-blog group this year in the red envelopes and semi private open fans on both really hit the user pain points, therefore also won a lot of participation.

group of red red envelopes during the test period of more than 1 million yuan, of which the individual group daily amount of red is to reach 80 thousand yuan, the degree of attention more closely than red play, to a certain extent the invasion of WeChat red field. Can you give WeChat a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, may wish to wait and see.

February 6th, Sina chairman and CEO, micro-blog chairman Cao Guowei in the home to send a red envelope, and give a number of heavyweights red envelopes money.

This caused

Jason Jiang, Yang Yuanqing, Wang Changtian and other entrepreneurs in the weekend two days of relay, not only in the micro-blog taking a loudspeaker to each other "money", but also engaged to star "money" ranks. This play is like last summer micro-blog ice bucket challenge".

The interaction between the

celebrities and fans to become a fan of onlookers, the reason for the participation, while fans are also involved in the dissemination of red envelopes, which accelerated the proliferation of red envelopes. Plus some hot events such as stimulation, Wang Feng to marry him after the success of Cao Guowei gave him 1314 yuan into the red and Zhang Ziyi. Red envelopes this play is more attractive to fans than onlookers, because the fun of red envelopes grab first

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