Jinsha River venture capital Luo Bin six genes for successful entrepreneurs

recently, Zhu Xiaohu, managing director of Jinsha River venture capital venture lab · Unicorn room opened in Beijing for the first time experiments. As to help mentor, Jinsha River venture capital partner Luo Bin also attended the experiment, and made a wonderful to share.

Luo Bin summed up the successful entrepreneurs of the six genes, namely: Wolf, strategic insight, the ability to respond to the team and the ability to respond to the pattern, will be a man, his ability + tuyere. He believes that there are some common rules of success, the failure of a variety of projects, but good entrepreneurs have some common genes.

has invested in Jinsha River venture capital drops, reflecting off, hungry, ofo shared the bicycle, the little red book and star of the project, from Luo Bin, the conclusion is that heroes do not ask the source, what background of entrepreneurs have a chance of success. Investment depends on the nature of anything can not be one-sided."

in 2016 launched a formal launch of the dark horse entrepreneurial laboratory – a young generation of entrepreneurs incubator. Invited successful entrepreneurs or investors to open the laboratory, and select outstanding entrepreneurs settled in the laboratory. Here, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs a future with vigour and vitality experiments, help entrepreneurs grow in entrepreneurs and investors on the shoulder, and mentor to refine and improve, combing the commercial system, so that generation of entrepreneurs in the later thought carry forward, has become China’s entrepreneurs in the sun and rain.

at present, Zhou Hongyi has opened the ultimate products laboratory, Jiangnanchun brand detonated laboratory, Wu Shichun Unicorn growth laboratory more than and 20 laboratory.

following Luo Bin · [in lab; share the room] excerpt the unicorn, the dark horse editor:


what kind of entrepreneurs are more likely to succeed? The problem is not only for entrepreneurs, but also for investors, which are related to the standards of the founders. There are various kinds of failed projects, but good entrepreneurs have some common genes.

gene 1: Wolf

has a strong desire for success. Everyone’s driving force may not be the same, some people may be in order to become famous. This is not important, as long as he has a desire for success, he will at all stages of entrepreneurship, will use a variety of methods and resources to win.

like the guest of the founder of Yu Yu Sheng, the first goal is to do UGC, but in the early days, they also invited a number of small network of red and students do live, users do it, and then adhere to the original idea. People will be flexible, why? Because you want to win, is to make the business bigger, rather than stick to their own ideas.

wolf some performance, such as fear of losing face. Some people are more thick skinned, not afraid of failure, failure or success after two times. There is a class of founders, basically can not get the money, we do not like to vote. He participated in the activities, or chat with investors, the performance is very powerful, open to everyone, make friends impression, but this is not necessarily a wolf. He may like to hide, like performance, but Entrepreneurship

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