Why are so many people superstitious Baidu

in December 8, 2007 my forum in the case of not knowing the reason was Baidu K

online situation is very good that night

so my mood is also good to share their experience with the next

so I wrote in the webmaster nets (do stand like Baidu live /plus/view.php? Aid=64789)

see the following reply is really happy with what I stand in a few days only one person that is my own

really wonder how far away from the Baidu really dead? You do the garbage station to do more,



this is 20 days later, I have no other meaning just to tell those who want to do stand friends

do stand

you may use a night to collect tens of thousands of articles Baidu does not necessarily include

but if you use this site to make an original content or chat with your members to become a true friend

even if it is not included or every day to see

they will own the passions made up to share

this is called the station called interaction can also be said to be 2 of the original intention of

But most people do what

? Collecting horse cheating..

although I was K may be where I am wrong and Baidu algorithm conflict

But the

acquisition station can cheat horse like me so easy now?

, of course, they will take me to try to figure out the user psychology time trying to figure out the psychological research on the new robot cheating method

this is the 20 day and two years later, I said that I was the last person to leave the forum you look at my www.netlove.cc online users is how much

don’t superstitious who and love together in the same time feel like who also can’t do without who really want to point also is so

unless you’re together, you don’t have a good

away from him (she) you eat a problem

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