WeChat marketing is a knife or weapon.


marketing is a knife or


recently chatted with some friends, WeChat marketing, since the concept of WeChat marketing put forward after being a lot of people tucao. It is not surprising that cognitive differences are based on the dimension and depth of each person’s thinking. However, the "WeChat marketing" as a marketing tool, can by so many comments, it is about.

for some recent reports and some friends to talk about WeChat marketing view, I found basically the following:

1 part of the business itself does not understand what WeChat marketing.

in our life is not difficult to find that the line under the WeChat marketing businesses are generally in their own stores, posters, promotional materials and other printed two-dimensional code, the thousand times it is to understand the WeChat marketing? This is the third party marketing company to give the illusion of businesses or businesses to understand WeChat marketing opinionated


2 most of the business WeChat marketing is the first purpose of the development of new customers.

WeChat is now 6 hundred million of the total number of users, no matter how much there is a publicity gimmick for the third party. Many businesses feel they can have 600 million of the user resources. But in fact, this 6 how many million male or female, ages, how is the consumption ability is how, how many businesses or the third party know this data? How should the development of new


3 part of the merchant believes that the high cost of the original message using WeChat can save costs.

has used the short interest group model to inform customers recently on a new product, a new product is on sale activity, XX, due to the Ministry of SMS costs increasing, information arrival rate is more and more low. Some businesses use WeChat can send free messages harassing users every day.

4 part of the business that WeChat marketing is a fire, and then do not intervene in the opportunity to be robbed.

2014 is a watershed, after 2014, especially large enterprises, well-known enterprises to use their own customers, brand stock has prominent effect on WeChat, and then through the third party company all propaganda and education, most of the enterprises will adopt a WeChat marketing plan to follow suit.

last year, a restaurant chain to do friends and I say, he wants to do WeChat marketing. I think he has the ability to accept new things, I asked him what he wanted to do, he said he did not understand, just feel very fire. Willing to give me 800 thousand to do WeChat marketing, I have done restaurant chain, and now has been a combination of new marketing methods to do catering. At that time did not say do not say do not do, then he said, "but you have to ensure that a year back to ben." I suddenly tears ran.

WeChat itself does not do marketing, but it is a natural marketing tool, it is necessary to confirm that it is just a tool to do marketing. WeChat do a lot of marketing friends too much to say WeChat

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