Do a good job of micro-blog marketing open a website shortcut

at present, Sina micro-blog as the industry giant micro-blog, two of the huge number of users should know how many people. Just for the value of micro-blog, I do not know you know? The? Micro-blog micro-blog since its birth, all kinds of activities and events such as Fang crackdown, emerge in an endless stream, baby home, various door events, Indoorsman goddess. Visible micro-blog’s strong communication and influence, and even the teacher also opened the micro-blog, we can not pay attention to it?

OK, your micro-blog starts here….

first step, select the platform

first look at Tencent micro-blog users, Tencent micro-blog are basically using QQ conversion, the real active is QQ rather than micro-blog. Sina is not the same, not only many of its users, but also because the user is a comprehensive Sina user information and the advantages of the user experience and has considerable popularity, it can be said to really play micro-blog. The average age of the two also have different, Sina relatively mature. I chose Sina, also suggest that you choose sina. Of course, you have to look at the promotion object, if your consumer groups are junior high school students, it can also consider the choice of Tencent.

second step, open micro-blog

opened micro-blog, detailed information is essential, head to do something new, if the products must be simple and clear, and attractive enough; the best name representative, I was named the independent brand name; and personal introduction to a few simple words can express clearly who you are? What to do? The characteristics and strengths? To the customer trust, professional impression.

third step, operating micro-blog

novice is not that micro-blog promotion with " " operation; two words is too big, no effect and produced after compared it wasn’t what micro-blog is not to return? Micro-blog marketing is not simply sending text ads, write some lonely mood, bask in the picture that anita. Social media marketing needs to have a long-term detailed marketing plan. For individuals to do micro-blog promotion, increase the fans is the first to face the problem of (a Tencent called " " fans; audience;), usually the most common method is the mutual powder, Sina, Tencent have a lot of mutual powder micro group, though there are fans of the quality is not high, but for personal promotion, early in the is the best way to use. But I do not recommend that you use this method for a long time, when there is a certain fan base, the group can not touch it on the basic, and then began to consolidate their own micro-blog quality. First, classify the customers to your customers, then the accurate positioning of them, record each kind of information online habits and attention; and then began to collect data, according to different people’s preferences to micro-blog, even according to different audiences, different time to express to micro-blog; secondly in customer interaction, will you customers are divided into potential customers, the intention of customers, customer turnover, then micro-blog interactive, pay attention to their micro-blog and identify opportunities to actively respond; "

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