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the first two articles with the main introduction of fast consumer goods are not suitable for network marketing, as well as what FMCG products suitable for network marketing. Wang Shuo today to share with you, the secret of FMCG products website marketing, this is a small series of several years of study and experience, and some network marketing master, FMCG boss chat summary, hope to be able to help. The main point, these experiences not only for FMCG marketing, may be suitable for many products, hope that we can reap their own thinking! Hope you actively Paizhuan, you Bozhuan is my greatest inspiration! Thank you! Hope home can share together with me! Progress together!

outline of this article

fast consumer products do network marketing method

small make up a brief introduction to the views of these marketing methods, the main website marketing today, the latter will introduce you to several other marketing methods, I hope you can have a new harvest!

1 blog marketing: the use of blog marketing system, very easy to use, the effect is also very good, need a lot of thinking changes, as well as the latest information. However, the early accumulation needs to do a good job.

2 Baidu marketing: is the use of Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu know, Baidu library and other Baidu products, on their own products to enhance the visibility of different angles, enhance trust, you can help the use of.

3.IM marketing: the use of QQ for precise marketing, network marketing is a major arcane, many friends made a lot of wealth and experience through this method, the effect is obvious.

4 WeChat marketing: it is generally said that the micro marketing, the first two years of the effect is the best, then do micro marketing is called the pig on the outlet, are flying up.

5 soft Wen marketing: through some of the more interesting article, embedded soft advertising, sales of products, the use of auxiliary effect is very good.

6 website marketing: This article mainly introduces this kind of marketing method, is small make up, the most should do marketing method, and even once and for all!

7 e-mail marketing: the use of mail to the existing users of precision marketing and the two marketing, the latter can be widely used.

8 forum marketing: the use of a variety of high weight, large flow of the forum, quickly hit their own product visibility, then Wang Laoji is also known for using this method a war!

there will be a lot of other marketing methods, small series is not introduced one by one, may also have a new marketing methods, we can communicate with each other!

why do


small series is the most respected start to build their own web site, one because it allows users to quickly find your product, to learn more information about the product, more information about your company, by

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