Selling eggs from the boss to think of personal owners

northerners prefer to eat noodles, I am a northerner. So, I usually like to eat noodles. When I was a kid, I liked to eat rice, but 08 years later, I did a summer job in Shantou for about two months. One day, I ate all the three rice. So, m, basically do not eat to Zhengzhou after the course, can accept rice porridge! This evening, went to an egg noodles noodle, the noodle is in fact a shed is built in between the two houses. And I wrote this article is the owner of the owner of the egg selling face, he has personal relations with the owners do not worry, we slowly say!

adhere to 6 years as one day

when I was 12 years, a chance to let me know the name of the restaurant, then to noon, the line is very long, but I was also two lines! People queuing to attract to. The Chinese people, all like lively, I am no exception. At that time, after that, on the surface of the taste of the mind. What’s more, the price is very reasonable! 12 years outside the general store restaurant, egg noodles is about 7 dollars a bowl! And he is known when the price is 5 yuan, 4 yuan small bowl! Amount is enough! Ordinary people, a bowl of

is enough!

14 years, I went to the restaurant last night, the price has become a bowl of 6 yuan, five yuan small bowl, but the amount is still enough! But this time Zhengzhou ordinary stores restaurants a bowl of egg noodles price is 8 yuan to 10 yuan


blink of an eye in the past two years, the taste is still the taste, people or that person. What is different, the price rose slightly one yuan, but fortunately, the owner of the business is still booming. When I go, people are less, by the way with the boss talked about the day. Then I learned that he had been in this place for six years! When talking about his business, he smiled and said, OK! A month can earn tens of thousands of pieces of



word of mouth communication is his main marketing means

he can be said to be a microcosm of the traditional food and beverage industry, they are the most sharp marketing means is to do a good job of reputation. Then, word of mouth, to the quality of service and the food base, so as to win customer recognition

!The main reason of

and they can retain customers is their low price, affordable meal service! OK, in competition with competitors, also have their own advantages! But he has his own fixed group, are generally in the vicinity of the office to work a family! And his price, occupy the great advantage of


can be said that his current situation is a success, of course, with some success or not comparable, but in my opinion, he insisted the achievements of his success! And their products "egg noodles" has certain advantages, but also very accurate positioning! He only sells egg noodles and Noodles with Soy Bean Paste and the other.

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