A case study of WeChat marketing Fruit Marketing

WeChat now as an important social work has been closely linked with our lives, good grasp of WeChat marketing for our industry chain and cause has a great help. So, how to make good use of this important tool for WeChat marketing, the author according to some of their own experience, I hope to help you do a good job of marketing.


first, the positioning of the product user groups

if you want to do marketing by WeChat, the first thing we need to do is locate on our industry user groups, we must point clear that WeChat attributes, WeChat since the birth, for all students, for social social so, this gene is inevitable and we must face so, our products must also have social attributes of things, if out of the social attribute, the inevitable is not long but it is very time-consuming, if we can sell some purchasing products through the WeChat circle of friends, but for some steel products, sell no matter how much effort I think, doesn’t have good effect, so for the problem of product positioning of user groups, is essential.

second, friends of choice and add skills

mentioned above, WeChat marketing cannot do without the social, social based gene is the relationship between friends, the friends included between acquaintances and strangers for marketing, acquaintances, many people think that this does not need to say what, only need to bring their products into the circle of friends can, on the contrary, for such the marketing it will cause resentment friend, constantly making a mess in public space friends, the end result as people often say "do a half of Taobao lost all my friends". So, when cooked in the world to do WeChat marketing, we must pay attention to convergence, the essentials is just to let others know that you are doing what the product is enough, there will be a time when you need to find you.

When a stranger

for marketing, we need to pay attention to is to fill in the head of the nickname, it is best not to be straightforward to do what the product name as his nickname name, now users for advertising offensive is not much to say. Skill and sincerity are crucial to the interaction of strangers.

third, the actual WeChat marketing case

fruit of WeChat marketing as a classic case of WeChat marketing has been copied N times, once the author did the fruit marketing case, the infrastructure already laying comb, for users we put near the person selected in the vicinity of some major areas, for marketing, we can use the circle of friends with WeChat public account of the way, in the circle of friends, we can through some interesting puzzles or some fruit to eat fruit benefits and carry out the publicity.

in addition, how to make the user benefit is also an important side

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