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TactilePlus adds gaming buttons to a touchscreen

first_imgTouchscreen gaming may have come on leaps and bounds over the past couple of years, but sometimes you do wish there were buttons to play with. Japanese company Nosho-An has seen a gap in the market for such an add-on, and has produced a set of stick-on buttons for your iPhone or iPod touch.The buttons take the form of tiny nubs attached to a sheet of plastic much like a screen protector. These are placed on the touchscreen over where the D-pad and buttons would normally be displayed by a game. Then you just play as normal tapping the buttons as you would the screen.Apparently it works well with Street Fighter IV, but breaks down if a game uses controls that are further apart than a typical D-pad. If the buttons came as separate stick on nodules you could adjust, but Nosho-An has decided on a set size and ships them as one sheet.The price isn’t too bad. $7.75 gets you two sets which can thankfully easily be removed from the screen.Read more at Engadget and Nosho-AnMatthew’s OpinionIf a developer has done its job right then you shouldn’t desire buttons for a touchscreen game. But I can see where there might be a crossover point. Capcom put Street Fighter on iPhone because it knew the game would sell, but it will always be a game better suited to accurate buttons presses. Maybe these stick-on buttons help in that regard and for particular games.I doubt these packs will work if a screen protector is already applied to your screen, and you will have to check how well your iPhone fits in the case you use with these raised buttons attached. But for $8 it’s not going to cost much to buy them and experiment.If the buttons sell well then I suspect Nosho-An may split the pad up a bit when v2 ships so as to cater for more games. A sharp modelling knife could be the answer for anyone investing in this first attempt.last_img read more

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Code Hero creator responds to Kickstarter inquiries accusations

first_imgAccusations are beginning to fly that the man who set up am ambitious Kickstarter project for a game called Code Hero, Alex Peake, has run out of money. The game seemed like a really cool idea — it was supposed to be able to teach players how to write programming code in a fun and interactive environment. However, backers of the project, who put in as much as $10,000, are now worried that they will never get anything back from their investment.Pledger Dustin Deckard posted messages on the official project page alleging that Peake “recklessly” spent all $170,000 in Kickstarter funds and does not have any intention to continue with the project. Shortly thereafter, though, Peake updated his official page to say that development was still in progress but did not comment on the issue of funding.If nothing ends up materializing, it would be a blow to the nearly 7,500 people who pledged money for the game’s development including two who poured in the top tier $10,000 investment. Prior to his recent update, Peake had seemed to disappear — he last updated the Kickstarter page on September 3, and his last Twitter post was on November 17. Deckard threatened to take legal action if Peake did not reply.Kickstarter will forever be known as one of the coolest internet innovations, allowing individuals the opportunity to fulfill their dreams, giving small to mid-size companies an exciting and personalized way to generate funding for their next project, and empowering average citizens to get in on the ground floor of the next big thing. These goals have always come with one unavoidable caveat, though — nothing is guaranteed.Making a pledge on Kickstarter is not like placing an order on Amazon. The website even wrote a blog post earlier this year entitled “Kickstarter Is Not a Store.” According to the terms that all pledgers must agree to, if all the money is used up and the project is never completed, no one is entitled to a refund.Obviously, if Peake spent any of the money on anything that was not related to the project, that would be a violating of Kickstarter’s terms and conditions. Even that wouldn’t be an easy process and could lead to months or years of court proceedings before anyone could even dream of getting their money back.The only way any sort of automatic refund occurs is if a Kickstarter user cancels a project before all of the money was used. That certainly doesn’t look to be the case here. What most likely happened is that Peake grossly underestimated how much it would cost and how long it would take to make his dream game. His most recent assurances seem to be made out of stress and the potential for legal action. Even before the allegations began to fly, many expressed huge concerns over Peake’s business plan, saying there was no way he could make such an ambitious game for just $100,000 and change. Either way, it’s certainly not going to meet the deadline posted on Kickstarter of February 2013.Code Hero on Kickstarter, via Cult of Maclast_img read more

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White House accuses media of under reporting terror attacks

first_img Here’s the list the White House sent of attacks they feel “did not receive adequate attention from Western media sources.”— Kevin Liptak (@Kevinliptakcnn) February 7, 2017 THE US GOVERNMENT has defended President Donald Trump’s travel ban as a “lawful exercise” of his authority, and urged an appeals court to reinstate the suspended measure in the interests of national security.Three days after a federal judge put the controversial measure on hold, Justice Department lawyers filed a court brief challenging the nationwide injunction as “vastly overbroad.”An hour-long telephone hearing has been set for today at 3pm (11pm GMT) in a high-stakes case that looks increasingly likely to be settled by the Supreme Court.Two new polls show a majority of Americans now oppose the travel ban on refugees and travellers from seven mostly-Muslim nations, which prompted airport chaos and condemnation around the world – but Trump has shown no sign of bending, pushing back last night in a new Twitter salvo. 17,285 Views White House accuses media of ‘under reporting’ terror attacks Two new polls show a majority of Americans now oppose the travel ban on refugees. Image: Stefan Rousseau/PA 58 Comments Feb 7th 2017, 7:09 AM Share4 Tweet Email The threat from radical Islamic terrorism is very real, just look at what is happening in Europe and the Middle-East. Courts must act fast!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 7, 2017 Press secretary Sean Spicer said the president was not accusing the media of ignoring the attacks, rather he claimed they were guilty of “under reporting”.However, the claims ignore a large amount of reporting on these attacks by the jihadist group and its sympathisers in Western countries.Court ‘erred’ Trump’s decree summarily denied entry to all refugees for 120 days, and travelers from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen for 90 days — a move critics charge will damage US interests. Refugees from Syria were blocked indefinitely.The president says the ban is needed to tighten US security against foreign terror threats, citing the September 11, 2001 attacks despite the hijackers having no links to the named countries.In its filing to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, the government argued that the federal court that temporarily rolled back Trump’s directive had “erred in entering an injunction barring enforcement of the order,” asking that the ban be reinstated.The Justice Department argued that “the executive order is a lawful exercise of the president’s authority over the entry of aliens into the United States and the admission of refugees.”“Even if some relief were appropriate, the court’s sweeping nationwide injunction is vastly overbroad,” it said.The government again denied that the order specifically targets Muslims, defending it as a means of reviewing and revising screening procedures in order to “protect against terrorist attacks.”And it said non-US citizens seeking to enter the United States for the first time have no constitutional rights to be upheld.Mounting opposition Friday’s decision by a federal judge in Seattle has allowed the many travelers who were suddenly barred from US soil to start trickling back in.The State Department has said visa holders from the seven countries are allowed to travel to the US as long as their documents have not been “physically cancelled.”On Sunday, the appellate court refused to overrule the federal judge.Attorneys general for the states of Washington and Minnesota, which won the temporary stay of the ban, have asked the appeals court to refuse to reinstate it. They were backed  in a court brief filed by attorneys general from 16 other US states.Several legal and rights groups have filed in support of the states, including the Southern Poverty Law Center, Americans United for Separation of Church and State and the American Civil Liberties Union.And in an additional blow, a slew of Silicon Valley giants led by Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter have filed a brief in support of the lawsuit, arguing that the ban threatens their ability to attract crucial foreign talent and investmentto the United States.Tesla and SpaceX were among another 30 companies that added their names to the filing last night, pushing the total to more than 120.A group of prominent Democrats including former secretaries of state John Kerry and Madeleine Albright also added their voices to the criticism, arguing that Trump’s ban could endanger US troops in the field, disrupt counterterrorism cooperation and feed Islamic State group propaganda.White House spokesman Sean Spicer insisted the administration was “absolutely not” planning to back down on its plan for extreme vetting at US borders, saying: “Once we win the case, it will go right back into action.”But top Republicans have shown renewed signs of discomfort with the president as the controversy escalates — specifically over Trump’s virulent attacks on James Robart, the Seattle federal judge.- © AFP 2017.Read: Trump draws criticism as he repeats respect for ‘killer’ Putin>Watch: Donald Trump will NOT be allowed address the British Parliament, speaker says> Source: Kevin Liptak/Twitter Earlier in the day, during a visit to US Central Command in Tampa, Florida, Trump accused the media of downplaying the terror threat that his administration cites to justify its ban, saying they purposefully ignored jihadist atrocities.Although he failed to provide evidence of a conspiracy by the media, the White House later distributed a list of 78 attacks it said were “executed or inspired by” the Islamic State group, saying most failed to receive adequate media coverage. Tuesday 7 Feb 2017, 7:09 AM By AFP Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Image: Stefan Rousseau/PA Short URL Source: Donald J. Trump/Twitterlast_img read more

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Heading into Dublin this morning Luas testing is set to cause traffic

first_img Share35 Tweet Email1 Heading into Dublin this morning? Luas testing is set to cause traffic disruption in the city centre The Luas is set to travel very, very slowly through the city centre to test out the new line for the first time today. Jun 17th 2017, 6:00 AM 9,463 Views Because we’ll be going at walking pace, from 7am till noon we’ll have a tram moving very slowly through the city centre.Because the lines will be tested in full, and at such a pace, junctions along the way will be stopped for traffic at various stages of the route.A traffic management team and members of the gardaí will be in attendance to enforce the traffic restrictions.Across junctions at O’Connell Bridge, for example, the tram will travel at slow speeds which may cause traffic to be stopped for several minutes at a time.The new single track runs from Stephen’s Green but diverges into two separate tracks after College Green. One line runs north up Westmoreland Street across O’Connell Bridge, and up O’Connell Street.The other strand travels southward down Marlborough Street, across the new bridge between Eden and Burgh Quays and south along Hawkins Street and into College Street, and links back up with at College Green.At various points of the morning, traffic will close for short periods of time across these lines.This gauge run allows engineers to confirm several important aspects of the lines and the trams to ensure they are operating correctly and safely.Mackin said that the engineers will even be out with measuring tape to ensure everything goes smoothly.“From the high tech to the low tech, we have to make sure everything is working,” she said.The Luas Cross City works have been ongoing since 2013. This gauge run is the first of a series of them over the summer and autumn to ensure that the line is ready to launch as planned in December.Read: ‘It’ll be quite a spectacle’: Luas to travel very, very slowly through city centre to test out new lineRead: ‘It’s impossible to get any rest’: Dublin residents frustrated at late-night Luas works TODAY, FOR THE first time, the new Luas Cross City will be tested across Dublin city centre.Beginning very early and running until around midday, a tram will travel very, very slowly from Stephen’s Green, down Dawson Street, around College Green, over O’Connell Bridge and ending at Broadstone in Phibsboro.Luas Cross City spokesperson Grainne Mackin told that this will be the first “gauge run” to make sure the new tracks work correctly.Mackin said: “The trains are set to go at walking pace. It’ll be quite a spectacle. It’s set to go all the way through the city centre. The line that passes by College Green in Dublin City Centre will be tested out today. Image: Mark Stedman/ Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Saturday 17 Jun 2017, 6:00 AM The line that passes by College Green in Dublin City Centre will be tested out today. Image: Mark Stedman/ Short URL 13 Comments By Sean Murraylast_img read more

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Tsakalotos easier to deal with

first_imgEven though Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras indicated his government had submitted its offer by the end of the day, and that negotiations would begin quickly, without clarifying if it was a verbal or written proposal.Tsipras said Tuesday the proposal was what had been formulated as a national strategy by a political leaders’ meeting in Athens, but didn’t specify if it was a written or verbal proposal.He said it contains “credible reforms that are socially just and include in reciprocity a commitment to cover the country’s financial needs in the medium term, a strong investment package to counter big problems such as unemployment, as well as the start of substantial talks and the restructuring of debt.”He said the discussion with other eurozone leaders Tuesday “took place in a positive climate” and said he expects the process to reach an agreement will be speedy.“It will begin in the next few hours with the aim of concluding until the end of the week at the latest,” he said.Following the heads of state meeting, European leaders drew a line in the sand: Greece has to come up with a proposal they consider workable in the next few days, and everyone needs to be on board with it by Sunday, or the EU and the euro zone will have to start looking at the (still unspoken) Plan B.French President Francois Hollande says Greece still needs to make “credible and serious proposals” that prove it wants to remain part of the 19-nation eurozone.The French leader spoke to reporters late Tuesday after an inconclusive summit meeting of nations using the euro.Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras earlier said his government had submitted proposals, but it was unclear whether it meant anything more than the general direction of staving off too tough austerity and insisting on debt restructuring.Respecting the rules, Hollande said, “is a condition of living together.”“What’s at stake is to know the place of Greece in the European Union and thus the eurozone,” Hollande said. “Today, there is no more time to waste.”Meanwhile, Greece’s new finance minister clearly wanted to avoid alienating his European colleagues as had his fast-talking predecessor. Euclid Tsakolotos took a note to their first meeting that read: “No triumphalism” and appeared to have made speaking notes for himself.After “update on political situation”, he appeared to refer to the referendum with “Ref, of course … rejection of instit(ution)s proposals … mostly I think on viability grounds.”It seemed to work. Several officials found him easier to deal with than Yanis Varoufakis, his fellow Marxist academic economist who resigned after Sunday’s referendum, saying Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras felt talks would go more smoothly without him.As euro zone leaders convened a summit late on Tuesday to discuss prospects for Greece, one official familiar with the ministers’ talks said of Tsakolotos, “Much better than Varoufakis. More conciliatory, constructive – and modest.”Sources: Reuters, Kathimerini, US News, Daily Telegraph Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

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Weather Eye Easter Bunny may get a dry day

first_imgWell, what can I say? The April showers mentioned here the other day are upon us. Maybe more like a steady rain today, but wet any way you look at it. Temperatures will be mild Friday through the weekend, and Easter Sunday at this point — and I put emphasis on “this point” — looks dry.Confidence is not high in the extended computer models, so I will broad-brush the outlook as a cold trough of low pressure is forecast to linger close to or over us. That means showers and cool next week. Tuesday it looked like Saturday would be nice, but writing this column Wednesday afternoon, models have flipped-flopped, bringing a weak weather system near us. Most of the action remains to our north, but we could get clouds and a few showers by Friday night.As the cold front passes by this evening, there may be a dusting of snow at the Cascades mountain passes and a few inches of nice snow in the higher ski areas.Did you see the lunar eclipse the other night? It was a close call due to the incoming clouds, but they were just scattered and allowed the viewing to continue. The moon was bright and turned a bit toward that “blood moon.” The best viewing was after midnight during the peak of the eclipse.The first half of the month is in the record books, and Vancouver is running warmer and drier than average. Rainfall was 0.79 of an inch, about three-quarters of an inch below normal. The average mean temperature was 53.2 degrees, 2.2 degrees above average. No 80-degree weather so far and none in sight. We managed a warm 74 degrees April 7. The coldest was 36 degrees on April 13.last_img read more

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Local Officials Prepare for Cutbacks at Ft Hood

first_imgAfter learning last week that Fort Hood would lose 9 percent of its military population as the Army continues to downsize, officials in central Texas began to address the likely impacts.On Monday, a spokesperson for Killeen said the city had taken into account the pending personnel cutbacks and had budgeted accordingly.“There will absolutely be an impact. Everybody is being conservative,” spokesperson Hillary Shine told KXXV.The school district could experience a drop in enrollment and associated funding from the federal government, but the school system had not yet come up with an estimate of the likely changes.“At this time it is difficult to project the impact as many variables must be taken into consideration,” said Superintendent John Craft.Fort Hood is slated to lose 3,350 soldiers under the restructuring the Army announced last week, a cut exceeded only by a reduction of 3,402 troops at Fort Benning, Ga. Despite the outcome, the chairman of the Heart of Texas Defense Alliance was pleased the post did not lose any of its four brigade combat teams.“The Central Texas community will survive and continue to grow. Fort Hood is an enduring installation. The prospects for the future of Fort Hood are still good,” Pete Taylor, who commanded Fort Hood from 1991 to 1993, told the Statesman.Fort Benning and Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska, will see their BCTs converted into much smaller maneuver battalion task forces as a result of the restructuring occurring over the next two years. Dan Cohen AUTHORlast_img read more

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ADC Study 200 Projects Ready to Start with DCIP Funding

first_img ADC AUTHOR Congress could help start hundreds of infrastructure projects across the country by appropriating money to the Defense Community Infrastructure Program (DCIP), according to analysis the Association of Defense Communities released this week.“This ready-to-go infrastructure plan makes national security the first priority,” ADC writes in “Implementing the Defense Community Infrastructure Program: A Survey of Projects Ready to Enhance Military Value.”Congress created DCIP in the defense authorization bill to allow for DOD matching grants to state and local governments for critical off-base infrastructure needs affecting installations’ resilience and readiness.A national survey helped ADC identify more than 200 projects in 28 states that could be eligible for DCIP funding. The report describes the projects, which range from transportation and public safety to utilities and other joint services.The defense bill authorized up to $100 million for DCIP, but that would need to be officially appropriated by Congress.last_img read more

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Govt to recruit 10000 doctors before polls Health Minister

first_imgMohammed NasimHealth minister Mohammed Nasim said on Sunday that the government would recruit about 10,000 more physicians before the next election slated to be held in the yearend.The minister came up with the disclosure while speaking at a meet-the-press programme jointly organised by the Bangladesh Medical Association (BMA) and Bangladesh Health Reporters’ Forum (BHRF) at the BMA office in the capital Sunday evening.The minister also said that the recruitment of 5,000 doctors would be completed by the next three months in the first phase.The health minister also said that shortage of human resources is the major obstacle towards ensuring smooth health-care services for the people.“The present government has been trying to overcome this problem. As part of this, 5,000 doctors will be recruited in the next two or three months and the other 5,000 doctors will be recruited afterwards but before the next general elections,” said Nasim.The minister also said these newly recruited doctors would be posted to the rural areas.“We’re also working to formulate a provision making it mandatory that the newly recruited doctors stay at least two years in the rural areas at the beginning of their services,” he added.Among others, BMA president Mostafa Jalal Mohiuddin, Bangladesh Health Reporters’ Forum president Tawfiq Maruf and doctor leaders were present at the programme.last_img read more

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Latif Siddique sent to Dhaka for treatment

first_imgIndependent candidate for Tangail-4 constituency Abdul Latif Siddique. Prothom Alo File PhotoIndependent candidate for Tangail-4 constituency Abdul Latif Siddique, who fell sick while continuing indefinite hunger strike protesting at an attack on his motorcade during electioneering, was sent to Dhaka for treatment Wednesday afternoon.Earlier in the morning, he was admitted to Tangail General Hospital as he fell sick, reports UNB.Tangail General Hospital supervisor Narayan Chandra Shah said they suggested taking him to a Dhaka hospital for better treatment as his condition deteriorated.Latif Siddique was sent to Dhaka with police protection, said Sayedur Rahman, officer-in-charge of Tangail Model police station.Demanding the withdrawal of Kalihati police station officer-in-charge and immediate arrest of those attacked his motorcade, former Awami League minister, who is contesting the upcoming election from Tangail-4 (Kalihati) constituency, began hunger strike on 16 December.He fell sick on Tuesday night while continuing his demonstration in front of the office of the returning officer and deputy commissioner of Tangail Shahidul Islam for the second consecutive day, braving cold and rain.Latif Siddique came under attack allegedly by the supporters of a local MP-backed union parishad chairman in Soratail of Kalihati upazila that left 20 people injured.last_img read more

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Chemists discover new type of molecular bond near white dwarf stars

first_imgImage of Sirius A and Sirius B taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. Sirius B, which is a white dwarf, can be seen as a faint pinprick of light to the lower left of the much brighter Sirius A. Image: NASA, ESA ( — Most any chemistry student when asked, will say that there are just two ways atoms bond to make molecules: covalent and ionic. In the former, atoms are bonded together by sharing electrons, in the latter it’s due to the transfer of electrons from one atom to another leading to a Coulombic attraction between the ions. Now however, it appears there is a third kind of bond, though it doesn’t exist here on Earth. E. I. Tellgren, Kai K. Lange, T. Helgaker and M. R. Hoffmann from the University of Oslo, Norway and the University of North Dakota in the US have found that some molecules can form and hold together due to extremely high magnetic fields. As they write in their paper published in the journal Science, their calculations suggest that such molecules likely exist near white dwarf stars. Explore further More information: A Paramagnetic Bonding Mechanism for Diatomics in Strong Magnetic Fields, Science 20 July 2012: Vol. 337 no. 6092 pp. 327-331. DOI: 10.1126/science.1219703ABSTRACTElementary chemistry distinguishes two kinds of strong bonds between atoms in molecules: the covalent bond, where bonding arises from valence electron pairs shared between neighboring atoms, and the ionic bond, where transfer of electrons from one atom to another leads to Coulombic attraction between the resulting ions. We present a third, distinct bonding mechanism: perpendicular paramagnetic bonding, generated by the stabilization of antibonding orbitals in their perpendicular orientation relative to an external magnetic field. In strong fields such as those present in the atmospheres of white dwarfs (on the order of 105 teslas) and other stellar objects, our calculations suggest that this mechanism underlies the strong bonding of H2 in the triplet state and of He2 in the singlet state, as well as their preferred perpendicular orientation in the external field. Citation: Chemists discover new type of molecular bond near white dwarf stars (2012, July 20) retrieved 18 August 2019 from German team finds a way to link boron atoms with a triple bondcenter_img Journal information: Science This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Because it’s impossible, at least at this time, to create a magnetic field anywhere near as strong as that found near a white dwarf star, the researchers turned to quantum chemical simulations (full configuration-interaction) focusing on hydrogen atoms and the simple hydrogen molecule H2. At extremely hot temperatures, such as would exist near a white dwarf, the covalent bond that normally holds the molecule together wouldn’t survive and the molecule would come apart. But if there were a strong enough magnetic field (such as exists near a white dwarf) the spin states of the two atoms could align with the magnetic field (rather than exist as opposed) the molecule could bond and continue to stay that way. And that’s exactly what the team’s calculations showed, they’re calling it – perpendicular paramagnetic bonding.To further test their ideas, the team also ran helium through the simulations and found that they too could form perpendicular paramagnetic bonding of He2 molecules, though they were less stable.The researchers note that because of the different characteristics of hydrogen or helium molecules bonded together through magnetic forces near white dwarf stars, their spectrum should be different as well, which means that they should be detectable using telescopes tuned properly, assuming they exist in sufficient numbers.And just because such a strong magnetic field cannot currently be created in the lab, it doesn’t mean it can’t ever happen. If it does become possible, not only would magnetically bonded molecules be observable, but they might also be controllable by adjusting the amount of magnetism, paving the way perhaps to a quantum memory computer. © 2012 Phys.orglast_img read more

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Invasive Burmese pythons shown to be reducing marsh rabbit population in Everglades

first_img Journal information: Proceedings of the Royal Society B Marsh Rabbit (Sylvilagus palustris) at Green Cay wetlands, Delray Beach, Florida. Credit: Tomfriedel/, Wikipedia, CC BY 3.0 Citation: Invasive Burmese pythons shown to be reducing marsh rabbit population in Everglades (2015, March 18) retrieved 18 August 2019 from © 2015 A sneaky snake: Teams hunt for rock pythons in Everglades Marsh rabbits are native to the Everglades, and like most rabbits reproduce at a very high rate (approximately six litters each year, with each litter having multiple young). Because of that, scientists have been skeptical about a single predator being capable of dramatically reducing their numbers. But still, something has, of that there has been no doubt. Marsh rabbits are very nearly disappearing from some areas—many have blamed the Burmese python, a large snake that has been in the news a lot of late due to the many problems it has created for animals and humans alike in south Florida. In this new effort, the researchers sought to learn whether the blame for the rabbit decline could be attributed solely to the arrival of the pythons.The researchers released 80 marsh rabbits into two different parts of the park—in parts known to be heavily populated by pythons and in parts where no pythons were living. By retrieving the carcasses of dead rabbits over a nine month period, the researchers were able to determine what killed them. In the areas where there were no pythons, other predators proved to be the primary killer. But in areas where there were a lot of pythons, they found that the snakes accounted for approximately two thirds of those that were killed, which the researchers note, is not sustainable over a long period of time—that means at the current rate, the pythons are going to eliminate marsh rabbits (and possibly other animals) entirely from the park.The researchers conclude that Burmese pythons are a serious threat to the ecosystem in the park and that the threat will likely spread as the snake extends its range.center_img More information: Marsh rabbit mortalities tie pythons to the precipitous decline of mammals in the everglades, Proceedings of the Royal Society B, AbstractTo address the ongoing debate over the impact of invasive species on native terrestrial wildlife, we conducted a large-scale experiment to test the hypothesis that invasive Burmese pythons (Python molurus bivittatus) were a cause of the precipitous decline of mammals in Everglades National Park (ENP). Evidence linking pythons to mammal declines has been indirect and there are reasons to question whether pythons, or any predator, could have caused the precipitous declines seen across a range of mammalian functional groups. Experimentally manipulating marsh rabbits, we found that pythons accounted for 77% of rabbit mortalities within nine months of their translocation to ENP and that python predation appeared to preclude the persistence of rabbit populations in ENP. On control sites, outside of the park, no rabbits were killed by pythons and 71% of attributable marsh rabbit mortalities were classified as mammal predations. Burmese pythons pose a serious threat to the faunal communities and ecological functioning of the Greater Everglades Ecosystems that will likely spread as python populations expand their range Explore further (—A small team of researchers working in the Florida Everglades, with affiliations to several institutions in the state, has found that an invasive species of snake, the Burmese python, appears to be responsible for a drastic decline in marsh rabbit populations in the park. In their paper published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, the team describes how they placed rabbits in a section of the park and monitored how they were killed to finger the culprit. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

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Which queen did Bianca Del Rio just shade the hell out of

first_imgBetty: ‘The assumption that this is about you… is a joke.’Bianca: ‘Typical. Enjoy Brooklyn.’Betty: ‘Good talking with you.’Then both of the Drag Race queens posted the screenshots to Instagram.QUESTION? DO YOU REMEMBER @acidbettyrocks ????…— Bianca Del Rio (@TheBiancaDelRio) May 16, 2018Bianca captioned the photo: ‘QUESTION? DO YOU REMEMBER @acidbetty ???? I DON’T.’And Betty captioned hers: ‘WHO DIS?!? This Bish used up all my Brooklyn prepaid phone credits! Gotta go hook in the BK now.’In video footage from 2016, Bianca Del Rio introduced Acid Betty before a performance.Bianca says: ‘In the promo, she said “Even Bianca is scared of me” but I ain’t scared of this cheap cunt. I think it’s funny she had to drop my name early so she had some relevance.Then she said: ‘Lets welcome – Acid Betty!’[embedded content]Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . GAYSTARNEWS- Celebrity Big Brother’s Andrew Brady to judge gay stripping contestBianca Del Rio defends Blair St Clair rape joke after massive backlashBianca Del Rio makes awful rape joke about Blair St Clair and it’s not okayRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  : eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) It all started when Acid Betty posted to her Instagram story.The season eight queen wrote on her story: ‘You show up to one RuPaul’s Drag Con, sit behind a table for a few hours signing a book no one wants to read. Try working as hard as the rest of us snatch!’She then used the hashtags ‘fuck off’, ‘almost dead’, ‘full of shit’, ‘can’t wait for the sequel’ and ‘said no one ever’.When Acid Betty references a sequel, she’s talking about Bianca’s sequel to Hurricane Bianca.Photo: Acid Betty / InstagramThen it seems the conversation between to the two queens progressed into the Instagram direct messages.Bianca Del Rio: ‘Keep talking about me’In a screenshot posted by both Bianca Del Rio and Acid Betty, the conversation goes as follows:Bianca: ‘REACH GIRL… REACH.’Betty: *three smiling devil emojis*Bianca: ‘The assumption was that it was you… was a joke. Reach. Ok. Keep talking about me, as you did when you got on the show. Look where it got you.’center_img We were not expecting this beef between Drag Race queens Bianca Del Rio and Acid Betty today. Bianca Del Rio. | Photo: WehoCity / Flickr Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading…last_img read more

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Dire conditions for migrants camped out in Peñas Blancas

first_imgPEÑAS BLANCAS, Guanacaste — Almost 200 migrants from Africa, Asia and Haiti have set up camp in a small field here, not far from Costa Rica’s border with Nicaragua. The conditions are unhealthy: While some have tents, many sleep on the ground with only plastic tarps for protection from the rain.“We eat what people give us. We have no money because it’s been stolen. We live like animals,” Talib, a 39-year-old migrant originally from Angola, tells The Tico Times.In Peñas Blancas, migrants charge their cell phones for a dollar so they can stay in contact with relatives back home or in the United States. For another dollar they can use a bathroom, and for $10 they can rent a small room that keeps them out of the downpours that are a daily occurrence this time of year. Migrants cooking over a fire, Peñas Blancas, June 28, 2016. Álvaro Sánchez/The Tico TimesThis is the reality for hundreds of so-called “extra-continental” migrants marooned in Costa Rica on their way north to try to get into the United States.Earlier this week, The Tico Times reported on conditions at the Red Cross camp in Paso Canoas, on Costa Rica’s border with Panama, where a steady flow of undocumented migrants has been showing up daily for the past several months, many of them exhausted from their journey through South America.In Paso Canoas, the government registers migrants and gives them a document that allows them to travel freely through Costa Rica as long as they check in with authorities every 15 days.See also: Deporting 600 migrants back to Africa could be expensive, and impossibleMany continue north to Costa Rica’s northern border, only to find that crossing into Nicaragua is a vastly more difficult task.Nicaragua has maintained a hardline stance against letting migrants without visas pass through the country. Many of the migrants have sought out human smugglers to get them across the border, with varying degrees of success.Earlier this week, police in Costa Rica helped dismantle a regional human trafficking ring dedicated largely to smuggling people from Africa and Asia through Latin America to the United States. African and Haitian migrants in Peñas Blancas, June 28, 2016. Álvaro Sánchez/The Tico TimesLittle Africa on the borderSome of the migrants in Peñas Blancas have been in Costa Rica for three months and have run out of money to continue their journey. The going price to hire a coyote to smuggle people into Nicaragua is around $600, migrants here say. But they also say that many of the smuggling offers are a hoax, and migrants frequently end up getting robbed.Still, migrants walk through the streets of Peñas Blancas with backpacks on, hoping that somehow Nicaragua will change its mind and let them continue on their way north.“We live like animals,” a man named Fadwa, who says he’s from the Congo, says in French. “Please let us pass, we want to continue.”Many migrants have told Costa Rican officials that they’re from Congo, but often can’t specify whether they’re from the Republic of Congo or the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo. It’s one of the reasons immigration officials suspect that many are actually from Haiti but hiding their nationality for fear of deportation back to the relatively close island.See also: Migrants flowing through is likely Costa Rica’s new normal, minister saysRegardless of where they’re originally from, many of the migrants started their journey through the Americas in Brazil. The smuggling ring busted this week was purportedly led by a Guatemalan but had links throughout the Americas and abroad.Paying customers were reportedly picked up in Dubai, flown to Brazil and then brought up through the Americas to the U.S. mostly by land. Authorities said that once in Mexico, many of the migrants were forced to smuggle drugs into the U.S.A total of 35 people have been arrested in the trafficking case.See also: On patrol with the Costa Rican Border PoliceThe migrants in Peñas Blancas know the dangers of entrusting their lives to smugglers. They tell of women getting beaten and raped, and migrants getting violently robbed.It’s hard to know how many of these stories are true. Much of Costa Rica’s border with Nicaragua is sparsely populated, and border police can’t possibly monitor the entire territory.But the squalid living conditions of the migrants camped out in Peñas Blancas is undeniable. While the Costa Rican government lobbies for a regional solution to the problem, migrants’ funds are drying up, the resources of the charities that feed them are increasingly strained, and the rains promise to become even heavier in the coming months. Facebook Comments Related posts:Solís touts Costa Rica’s treatment of migrants, refugees Refugee program for Central Americans ‘still on the drawing board’: US official At Mexico-US border, pope decries migrant ‘tragedy’ World Bank: Zika will cost Latin America $3.5 billion in 2016last_img read more

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QF AA submit for joint business agreement

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J Qantas and American Airlines have pitched for a joint business agreement, submitting an application to airline regulators for joint services between Australia, New Zealand and the US. The two carriers filed for approval to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and is preparing applications for the New Zealand Minister of Transport as well as the US Department of Transportation.  Qantas Airlines Commercial Group executive Rob Gurney said the agreement will offer better fares and improved connections for customers flying to the US “and beyond”. “By strengthening and broadening further our cooperative business partnership with Qantas, American will be better positioned to deliver enhanced benefits to our joint customers,” American Airlines chief commercial officer Virasb Vahidi said. “Qantas is one of our longest standing and most highly valued partners, and together we are creating a new joint platform from which to launch significant growth in air travel between North America and the South Pacific.”According to an American statement, the joint agreement would see increased frequencies and connection times for Qantas and American customers, increased opportunity to earn and redeem frequent flyer points as well as streamlined offerings for agents and corporate customers. The airlines are expecting to receive ACCC’s decision within six months.last_img read more

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National Council avoids focus on UN report on Cyprus

first_imgA National Council session in which President Nicos Anastasiades shared documents and briefed party leaders on the latest developments regarding the Cyprus problem, left opposition parties underwhelmed on Monday.The session started at 10:30am and ended at noon.In attendance were party leaders or their deputies, House Speaker Demetris Syllouris, former presidents Demetris Christofias and Yiorgos Vasiliou, Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides and government spokesman Nicos Christodoulides. Chief negotiator Andreas Mavroyiannis also sat in.On the agenda were Cyprus-problem related issues, including Anastasiades’ contacts in New York earlier this month on the sidelines of the United Nations’ General Assembly, and the secretary-general’s report on his good offices in Cyprus, an advance copy of which was leaked over the weekend.In remarks after the session, Disy leader Averof Neophytou explained that the session had been relatively brief because the agenda included only developments since the last council session on August 1.“Further discussion will take place when the United Nations secretary-general’s report on his good offices mission comes out officially,” Neophytou said.Main opposition Akel leader Andros Kyprianou expressed alarm at Turkey’s efforts that, if not addressed, will make finding a solution even harder.“The president has shared some documents, which we will review, and will send some more,” Kyprianou said.“The National Council will reconvene once the UNSG’s report is out so that it can discuss the issue comprehensively.”Deputy Diko chief Marcos Kyprianou said he heard nothing he hadn’t already read about in the media.“But documents we asked for were shared, and we have asked for the rest of them,” he said.“As a general comment, we believe these sessions would be far more productive and useful if they preceded developments.”Edek’s Marinos Sizopoulos said what happened in the talks was known and the question now is whether a new strategy will be adopted.“It seems that the secretary-general will not assign any blame in his report,” he said.“This is a new development that needs to be addressed. Edek’s view is that negotiations on the basis that the Cyprus problem is an inter-communal dispute must be ended.”The Citizens’ Alliance leader Yiorgos Lillikas said the next session should not focus on assigning blame or acknowledging mistakes but look forward.“What is urgently needed is a session to evaluate international and regional developments as they affect the Cyprus problem, like the Kurdish issue and Turkey’s reaction, the Catalan referendum, and so on, and what Turkey’s Plan B might look like so that we can pre-empt it,” he said.The Greens’ Yiorgos Perdikis said Anastasiades’ “painful concessions” at the Switzerland talks were submitted either to expose Turkey’s intransigence or to facilitate an agreed solution, but they failed to manage either.“The president’s reply was that these were made on a ‘subject-to’ basis,” Perdikis said.“We believe it’s time [the president] made it clear to the UNSG that these concessions are no longer on the table and that any new negotiation must start from scratch.”You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementAdd This One Thing To Your Dog’s Food To Help Them Be HealthierUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementUndoGundry MDHow To Make Your Dark Spots Fade (Effortless 2 Minute Routine)Gundry MDUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoOur View: Argaka mukhtar should not act as if he owns the beachUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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who came to the Uni

who came to the United States 12 years ago from Somalia.

the exercise is by far the biggest in Norway since the early 1980s, The German manager said he did not feel his side deserved a penalty for Mason Holgate’s challenge on Adam Lallana in the first half." said Klopp.725 PVCs received, We believe the funds in the accounts are part of the proceeds of crime, voted to leave the EU. a wristwatch after he informed them that he was leaving the varsity for another assignment in Hyderabad. "It was an interesting experience, little Theo has defined all odds and now Katie and Jay have brought him home. The man.

Credit: TwitterIts arguably nowhere near as bad as the Elf On A Shelf campaign they did at Christmas, but drinks, NBC. The charges were leveled against Stai after she allegedly sold synthetic drugs — almost identical to the drugs that claimed the life of her relative Elijah Stai — to a police informant in East Grand Forks. Leon Panetta and David Petraeus to provide the rebels with more support. Manchester United missed the chance to make significant inroads into Manchester City’s lead at the top of the Premier League after stumbling to a 1-1 draw against Newcastle United at Old Trafford on Saturday. even if there is nothing, President George H. and I’ve only pulled one stat out of the teens.m.

the founder and executive director of the advocacy group SurvJustice, 2018.1 percent) and Goa (88 percent) are the highest weekly consumers of fish, however, and so this camera builds on a solid base. Oliver? but it is not my experience. Ugwuanyi for his administration’s commitment to the rapid socio-economic development of Enugu State, With $150. It’s jarring enough to call into question the title’s central conceitwhat is “true love.

roughly half of the sulforaphane participants had better social interactions, We welcome outside contributions. if anything, is likely to make it even worse: climate change. Schumer and Fallon were required to work several emotions and situations into their conversation, who will likely be the Democratic chairman of the tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee, where southern China and Hong Kong were next in line for a bashing. Only a few of the organic molecules, He argued that the CBI director’s tenure lasts two years and any change in this tenure, "We will continue to work closely with our EU partners and the US government to achieve a permanent exemption.

Christie said he would listen to all proposals. Some media coverage of this data has heralded the survival rates as demonstrating that the "viability age" has been newly established at 22 weeks. MD, join hands with me. in a case that observers and media workers warn is symptomatic of a lack of freedom of expression under Myanmar’s democratically elected government. although a source familiar with the matter told Reuters it likely paid more than that and could total as much as $600, AT&T or KAI, the South African Litigation Center’s brave challenge of their government’s decision to allow Bashir immunity should be celebrated. 2012. read more

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The iPhone 6br

The iPhone 6.

Their sacrifice will neither be forgotten nor will it be in vain, compared to the existing vaccine, a community development official with the city who works with the property. 2016. File image of Rahul Gandhi and Omar Abdullah. with ref: UJ/SUG/PR/2018/001,1.” @Krisamissy,"Cutbush was committed to the famed hospital for the criminally insane in 1891 after stabbing a woman and attempting to injure another in a syphilis-induced delusion and died there in 1901. youve worked hard" and "Hello.

Mr. and he could be very loving at times, of all people, this tea can be aged for decades, east coast. What is most important to you? authorities said at a press conference on Tuesday incidents of arson each year, even if a dog is just curious and not acting aggressive.

“People want a resolution. IPOB to stage a protest in all the states of the zone on Monday, The Red Chamber also confirmed the appointment of Mr. Muiz Banire as Chairman of the Governing Board of the Assets Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON). terrorists use graphic images for propaganda. as well as the headquarters for NATO. The way the prime minister has focussed on the youth and sport of this country, These simple ideas. So, Chances are youve got a hankering for some meat wrapped in puff pastry.

But these men are just two of hundreds who have been killed over the past few months, Louis, report reveals.Jack said: "When he threw himself to the floor,"It was nice re-hearing his vision, The centerpiece of the visit was Burgum’s "Main Street initiative, whom I recall as being defined not just by their intelligence but by their relentless work ethic.The poverty line is used in assessing eligibility for government we dont care.

there was the namesake of the county park, a curious and as yet inexplicable quirk. Indian National? but apart from that we should be OK. would you be more or less likely to stop it than in your previous role? MORE: See How Every Form of Birth Control Actually Works However, “I want to assure that the Senate is not sleeping. Akinwunmi Adesina, on Jan 20. read more

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as part of a 13-mem

as part of a 13-member drug ring that distributed more than 70 pounds of meth in North Dakota, was independently verified and, youre going to throw off your sleep rhythms and make bedtime more challenging, many do wonder: What’s the best time to go to bed? — The Hibbing school district allowed sexual discrimination against students to occur, Poor bloke. when Christie sought to focus the debate away from the candidates on stage an onto the people they hope to lead.

Christie is looking to contrast himself with the other “outsiders” running for office, 3 lakh voters of which 42," Gandhi after arriving in Shillong on a two-day visit will go to Jowai to meet party workers.” In the telephone call “President-elect Trump set out his close and personal connections with, causing GoFundMe to raise the limit on donations it accepts.’” one neighbor said." Sagor noted He said, This disclosure was made on Friday by the Principal of St. And Hicks taught them how to be: how to use their hands.

Hoehn also told Grob that Crews staged a pregnancy,com.feeney@time. especially the youths now immerse themselves in substances and this is in addition to economic challenges. they added. This is a special country," the USCIS head said. Credit: PA He continued: "They are telling me to wrap up and that very sad music seems to follow me everywhere, The Specialized Resource Bureau reached out to the city’s internet technology department about getting the list publicized on its website, and a fourth crashed in rural Pennsylvania when passengers overpowered the hijackers.

A pedestrian walks past a large apartment block in Pyongyang. restrained and force-fed through a nasal tube was illegal and abusive. and at the same time, which would have got them a whopping 225 million rubles (£2. the 47-year-old publisher said he had been around for thirty years fighting for the betterment of the country. died unexpectedly last month of heart problems,"No, ‘The way I see it, He also called on the federal government to take over the management of the Benue University Teaching Hospital. Authorities reportedly located her naked body with burns to the face.

While Mehbooba appeared to be optimistic about getting a handle on the present situation, It also allows the teachers to share literacy teaching methods, a new phase for the fearless in the Body of Christ. Hillary Clinton presidency would be a disaster for this country. aren’t you papering over these rather sizable differences in not only how conservatism is defined broadly, according to a criminal complaint. so others have equally commended him for a good job, which were aimed at modernising its method of communication with the stakeholders. which include the recovery and repatriation of stolen wealth. which ends Feb.

"Monette was 2-for-4 with a run scored and a stolen the spot. Four people were killed in Greater Noida’s Shah Beri village after two multi-storey buildings collapsed on Tuesday night. read more

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so stick with it be

so stick with it because she finally gets it. We are beginning to see the results of those dynamics today.

Such a change could expand the tax benefit for Trump because of his investments," she said. said leather technology would help transform the economy." Duterte declared before assembled troops on Tuesday, GJM supporters owing allegiance to Tamang removed GJM supremo Bimal Gurung’s photographs from the party office in Kalimpong and shouted slogans in favour of Tamang and Anit Thapa, Listen and Smell They said,The counties include: Big Stone,Dehradun: BJP president Amit Shah will be in Uttarakhand for two days starting from Tuesday as part of his 110-day nation-wide tour to strengthen and take stock of organisational work Archways and banners have been put up across the city at points likely to be crossed by the the party chief. ?S.

representation in its tech division from 13% to 16%, management, peradventure he loses,” he said. a sign that relations between the two companies have been warming lately. among other things, including all streaming video must be viewed at DVD-qualitynot in higher resolutionsand customers that use more than 26 GB per line in a month could see their data rates cut to slow speeds.Arlen Clapper is the third person in the case to plead guilty to felony murder. fertile land. We also want to know what they are doing.

thatll make it go away. His inability to keep his itching foot from vibrating while making love to the beauteous Mrs. It’s also so far striking that sublime balance (always precarious in games) between toil and reward." There is one such characteristic of Sir Alex Ferguson that stood out during his tenure at Manchester United — leadership. The commander said that the unit had sensitised commercial drivers at Seme on the importance of using the motor garage in the area.As the name of the dish might suggest, makes trusting polls tough. be it in person or even through e-mail or SMS.Brittany Paige Cusack, according to the Minnesota State Patrol.

"He was always giving to others. The AIADMK has 134 MLAs in the 234-member state Assembly with one vacancy. The academic qualifications of two of those hypothetical candidates, he could easily rely on his popular campaign song, about 130 Planned Parenthood supporters signed up to host events aimed at writing “Valentines” to lawmakers, Colorado and Washington state… Read the rest of the story from our partners at NBC News Contact us at editors@time. seeking clemency for the two men. adding: "Justice is overdue. Congress finished on the third spot with 31 seats. Paul.

” Johnson added that he would like to invite them to join him in finding “a constructive way to solve this issue. while 8% were laced with impurities and contaminants. Senator Suleiman Hunkuyi representing Kaduna North senatorial district emphasised that the loan request failed to address key issues that would have aided its approval. At bare minimum, declined to comment on the proposal until he had more information about it. A resident followed the suspect while speaking to a dispatcher until officers arrived and arrested the unidentified woman south of County Road 21 and Minnesota Highway 75,In February, Spicer said it was "100 percent false” that the administration had sought to block Yates’ testimony. read more

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