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Heisler: Now for the season before the season the Lakers yearn for

first_img(LeBron has been in the last eight Finals – reaching all from the East, the lesser conference even when his Miami teams were the NBA’s best. Had LeBron’s Heat and Cavaliers been in the West, he would have done well to make half those Finals.)Besides LeBron, Magic Johnson signed four veterans with checkered pasts who might be in the rotation – Rajon Rondo, JaVale McGee, Michael Beasley and Lance Stephenson. The team hopes they will assume key roles, not the least of which is vanishing from its salary cap next spring.(Actually, Rondo, one of those viewed most skeptically, might be the most helpful, especially if Lonzo Ball struggles or gets hurt. Once a non-factor past 15 feet, Rondo has become a 35 percent 3-point shooter. He has become a leader as he has aged and chilled from his early years as a pain in the rear end whom older teammates put up with because he was so good.)There’s still too great a burden placed on the Lakers’ young, promising but still untested-at-this-level players.We know Kyle Kuzma could be very good and Brandon Ingram could be special. Josh Hart looks useful, at least. Lonzo Ball showed he was, indeed, a special playmaker, even while leaving other questions – shooting? – unanswered in a rocky rookie season.The young players will be the ones filling the major roles around James. Of the four, only one has ever been on an NBA team that was ever above .500 (Ingram, a rookie on the 2016-17 team that rocketed to a 7-5 start before finishing 26-56).Not enough shooters. You could hear this on any local talk show, or, indeed, at any local grade school but that doesn’t mean it’s not true.This isn’t just a critique you could hear on any talk show.Nevertheless, it’s not just some modern internet vogue, like so much of the hue and cry about unproven “analytics” in basketball.Sign up for Home Turf and get exclusive stories every SoCal sports fan must read, sent daily. Subscribe here.Three-point shooting is the key to spacing the floor, which is the key to modern offense … the kind the Lakers, who were cutting edge in the Showtime 1980s but not nice, would like to develop in this new age, which is why they hired Luke Walton off the Warriors’ bench.Kuzma was a stunner, not least because he made 36.6 percent of his 3-point attempts. That was head-turning for a rookie but not for one of a contending team’s top shooting threats.Last season’s Warriors were No. 1 in 3-point accuracy at 39.1 percent, 1.4 percent ahead of No. 2 Boston (37.7). The Rockets were No. 1 in 3-pointers made at 15.3 per game, 2.6 ahead of No. 2 Brooklyn (12.7).The Lakers were No. 20 at 10 per game and No. 29 in accuracy at 34.5 percent.It’s asking a lot of young players to slash that gap but Magic Johnson, who had concluded LeBron’s Cavaliers had too many specialists such as Kyle Korver, didn’t bring in a single outside shooter, aside from drafting Ukrainian Svi Mykhailiuk (Kansas) in the second round.This might have been all about knowing they’re waiting ’til next season.Related Articles How athletes protesting the national anthem has evolved over 17 years Trail Blazers beat Grizzlies in play-in, earn first-round series with the Lakers Lakers, Clippers schedules set for first round of NBA playoffs Now for the season Lakerdom has waited all decade for …Oh, wait, that’s next season, after the Lakers bag that second star player they’ve saved salary cap space for, such as Kawhi Leonard or (they can dream) Kevin Durant.This season should be titled “In the meantime.” For the Lakers, who measure success in titles, this is still about rebuilding to contend on that level, as opposed to being there.The Western Conference powers far outgun them – that’s the Rockets as well as the Warriors and perhaps two or three or more teams. Trail Blazers, Grizzlies advance to NBA play-in game; Suns, Spurs see playoff dreams dashed center_img I’m guessing that if Magic thought there was a title on the line this season, he would have brought in some shooters … the way he had Byron Scott and Michael Cooper, who meant so much in Showtime, even before offense became all about spacing and shooting.In other words, wait ’til next year. In that meantime, good luck, Luke!None of this means this season will be anything like the lean ones.It’s actually disappointment-proof with Lakers fans, once the most spoiled of fat cats, enchanted at the thought of making the playoffs, which once would have elicited yawns here.Better yet, with James as a magnet, there’s every reason to believe they can land that second star next summer, leading to even better times in the 2019-20 season.In the meantime, LeBron, at 33, has to continue aging arch-gracefully. The young players have to keep coming. As a team they have to be as good, or better, on the court as they are on paper.What’s the problem? After all the down years, this looks like up in Lakerdom. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREUCLA alum Kenny Clark signs four-year contract extension with PackersThe Las Vegas over/under has the Lakers at 48.5 wins, a fair projection that ties them with Utah for No. 4 in the West, 14 behind the Warriors, six behind Houston, two behind OKC.The Nuggets are one back. The Timberwolves are two back, only because of the furor around Jimmy Butler’s trade demand.These are unusually modest expectations on the Lakers, a glamour franchise that now has LeBron James, after finishing 23-18 last season, a pace that projects to a 46-win season pre-LeBron.Nevertheless, I’m going with the “under” on this season: Not enough cohesion, which even lesser Western challengers such as Denver, Portland and New Orleans have after years together.There are too many new moving parts in a conference in which the powers have so few. Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Error Lakers practice early hoping to answer all questions last_img read more

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‘NFL Top 100’ rankings reaction: Keenan Allen pissed, Allen Robinson dissed, Josh Allen missed

first_imgIn Sporting News’ forward-looking QB rankings for 2020, Allen (No. 18) was just ahead of Murray (No. 19). But there’s no way, with only 70 spots left, that all 17 QBs better than both at the moment, make the list, too. That includes Wentz, whom SN ranked No. 9 at quarterback.One would hope that Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Deshaun Watson and Dak Prescott are all locks to make it from quarterback on the NFL Top 100. Tom Brady also probably gets there because of his GOATness, despite a shaky final Patriots season. But Allen isn’t yet deserving to crack the list, even well behind all of them.Allen Robinson certainly shouldn’t be behind Josh Allen, and Keenan Allen should be a lot more upset that he’s only 10 spots ahead, too. It’s media player-ranking season around the NFL and not everyone’s happy. Nothing gets players, pundits and fans more riled up than listing someone ahead of someone else for their on-field work, because they’re wrong and we’re right.Sporting News has gotten in on the position-by-position fun, already releasing our quarterback, running back, wide receiver and tight end rankings going into the 2020 season. So with the NFL’s annual Top 100 Players being rolled out again this week, it’s only natural for us to compare, contrast and question. MORE: NFL coach rankings for 2020Given the league’s list based on players voting for their peers, there always are glaring differences from armchair analysts and scouting services. With No. 100 through No. 71 revealed and No. 70 through No. 1 yet to come, here are the biggest early reactions to the rankings, starting with one pissed-off wide receiver:Keenan Allen isn’t so keen on No. 77Wide receivers are an outspoken sort and every good one thinks he’s indeed the best one. They are very hard to rank vs. each other, let alone vs. a pool of players across other positions. The Chargers’ Keenan Allen was not happy to be the fourth of many receivers to be revealed, ahead of only the Bears’ Allen Robinson (No. 93), the Rams’ Cooper Kupp (No. 89) and the Seahawks’ DK Metcalf (No. 81). Although Allen isn’t the biggest field-stretcher or scorer, he expected his three-year average of 101 catches, 1,263 yards and 6 TDs to put him with wideouts perceived to be better.Ok I’m tired of biten my tongue… @cheetah @MikeEvans13_ @chrisgoodwin … ( and the list goes on) ARE NOT a better receiver than me! Faster than me…every day of the week but separation..CHILD PLEASE! https://t.co/rBQwJZWkE3— Keenan Allen (@Keenan13Allen) July 27, 2020It was interesting that Allen singled out the Buccaneers’ duo of Mike Evans and Chris Godwin (not Goodwin) and Chiefs’ speedster Tyreek Hill among the receivers he feels to be inferior.Evans gets more attention for his big plays and averaging more than 17 yards per catch the past two seasons. Hill represents the premier home run-hitting receiver in Allen’s own division, the AFC West, in which Allen recently declared he was the best.Godwin, however, is a comparable technician to Allen with his routes and hands. He missed two games last season in his breakout, but still posted 86 catches for 1,333 yards and nine TDs. Allen is right that he needs more credit, despite the lack of long-ball success and scoring. But big plays and TDs are a big part of the game. That’s why he’s a solid No. 15 among wideouts in Sporting News’ list, with Godwin No. 3, Hill No. 6 and Evans No. 7. Allen can counter to say he’s more like SN’s — and likely the NFL’s — No. 1, the Saints’ Michael Thomas, than all of them. Allen does have plenty of substance, but there’s a lot more than style that goes with the games of Evans, Godwin and Hill to make them worthy of being ranked above him.MORE: Who are the best and worst NFL GMs?Allen Robinson really was the dissed Allen wide receiverKeenan Allen was ranked 16 spots ahead of Allen Robinson. In SN’s wide receiver list, Robinson was No. 12, three spots ahead of Allen.Robinson is coming off a remarkable season with the Bears, where he got little complementary help outside of Anthony Miller and produced despite major regression from Mitchell Trubisky. Robinson was better all-round as an outside receiver facing top coverage every week vs. Kupp, who dominated in the slot for the Rams, and Metcalf, who thrived as the No. 2 opposite Tyler Lockett for Russell Wilson.Back in 2015, Robinson looked ready to become the NFL’s best wideout, posting an 80-catch, 1,400-yard, 14-TD season for the Jaguars. He did that despite catching passes from Blake Bortles, making the QB look a lot better than he really was.Between a torn ACL and free agency, it’s been a long road back for Robinson to get to that level. His age 26 season in 2019 was right there: 98 catches, 1,147 yards and seven TDs. Robinson’s numbers were very comparable to Allen’s, so if any Allen has a beef, Robinson has a bigger one.All in all, with Robinson and Allen ranked so “low,” it once again shows that the NFL has never been deeper and more talented at wide receiver, the game’s glossiest and most debated position.Josh Allen, really, at No. 87, over Carson Wentz?The more concerning Allen of them all on the “NFL Top 100” is the Bills’ third-year quarterback. Had it been the Jaguars’ edge pass rusher of the same name, one would have been OK with that.But we’re not sure how Josh Allen the quarterback is ranked above Carson Wentz. According to NBC Sports Philadelphia, five Eagles made the list (Zach Ertz, Jason Kelce, Brandon Brooks, Fletcher Cox, Darius Slay), but all five have already been revealed and none of them is Wentz.When Allen was at Wyoming, the big-armed athletic passer drew comparisons to Wentz. But Wentz, an MVP candidate during the Eagles’ Super Bowl 52 run, played a full season at a much higher overall level in 2019. Allen is getting too much attention for his prolific running (510 yards, nine TDs) than criticism for his erratic, inaccurate passing.The Cardinals’ Kyler Murray was the first QB revealed on the list at No. 90, three spots lower. That was a bit of a stretch, too. Murray was the Offensive Rookie of the Year. With similar passing and rushing numbers from 2019 and with some upside to improve with respective new wide receivers Stefon Diggs and DeAndre Hopkins, it makes sense that Allen and Murray are close together in rankings.last_img read more

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