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52 Coal Companies Among Norway Divestiture Sales

first_img52 Coal Companies Among Norway Divestiture Sales FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Stine Jacobsen for Reuters:Norway’s $863 billion (£610.3 billion) sovereign wealth fund, the world’s biggest, said on Thursday it had sold shares in 52 coal-dependent companies from its portfolio as part of a policy to fight climate change.A Reuters calculation showed the stakes sold were worth at least $1 billion at the end of 2014, before the fund started big divestments from coal. The biggest holdings included a $188 million stake in CLP Holdings (0002.HK).Norway’s parliament agreed last year to make the fund, built on revenues from the country’s vast offshore industry, sell out of companies that derive more than 30 percent of their turnover or activity from coal.The fund listed U.S. firms American Electric Power Co Inc (AEP.N), AES Corp (AES.N) and Allete Inc (ALE.N) among the firms, along with China Coal Energy Co Ltd (601898.SS) and Coal India (COAL.NS), the world’s biggest coal miner by output.Global coal producer Peabody Energy Corp (BTU.N), which filed for bankruptcy on Wednesday, was also on the list. The fund expects to exclude more firms from its investment universe amid the new rule.Full article: Norway’s $863 billion wealth fund bans 52 coal-linked firmslast_img read more

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Mountain Mama: What’s the Deal with Yoga?

first_imgDear Mountain Mama,I’ve gone to a few yoga classes. But I just don’t get what the craze is about. Even my grandma is doing yoga these days.What am I missing?Yours,Inflexible——————————————————————-Dear Inflexible,I went to yoga classes on and off for 10 years before I really let myself be still enough to be present during the classes. Before, I was like you, only going through the motions. I kept glancing at the clock during the class and thinking ahead to what I’d cook for dinner during meditation.That all changed after I hurt my shoulder and bicep paddling the Upper Gauley this past fall. I’d been spending too much time behind a desk and holding my toddler and not enough time paddling. My upper back and neck held so much tension that my shoulders touched my chin. For me, paddling has always been a path back toward my best self. So even when I found out that the recent rain meant that the water was pumping at three times its normal flow, I put-on the Upper Gauley for my first time.The run went well until Sweet’s Falls rapid, when I plunged over the 10-foot drop into a wall of water folding around me. I braced into all that water, desperately fighting to stay upright. I let my arms get away from me and braced higher than I should have. When I paddled away, I knew I’d tweaked my arm.Ever since then I’ve been working with a physical therapist, who’s been alarmed by how tight and forward my shoulders are. He explained that by living my life so far forward, hunched over a computer all the time, I had reduced the amount of space that existed in my body. Without space, our muscles and tissues have nowhere to go when impacted, so they rip or tear. As he told me this, I thought how my body mirrored the chaotic state of my mind. Always rushing around meant that even small problems derailed me. I had no space to absorb anything new, physically, emotionally, or mentally.The physical therapist told me to stretch out in a doorframe like an eagle. He instructed me to press my hands into the doorframe and squeezing my shoulder blades back while taking a small step forward. Those two minutes opened up my chest and back, undoing my slumped-over-a-computer-posture. After a day, I felt the space inside my body. After a week, I felt the space within my mind too.  The physical movement of reaching helped me to become more open to the possibilities that existed all around me, where before I was too inwardly focused to notice. I began to look forward to those two minutes to stretch my perspective along with my back.Researcher confirms that we can change our minds by changing how we hold our bodies. Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist who teaches at Harvard Business School, showed that we can change the feelings we have about our status through physical positions. Standing in warrior pose or mountain stance at critical times can change our lives in big ways. Election outcomes, hiring decisions, and deciding who to ask out on a date hinge on body language. Our own self-esteem does too.Inflexible, if two minutes of standing a certain way can change how we feel about our lives, imagine what could happen during a 60-minute yoga class. The only barrier to becoming your best self is allowing yourself to be still enough to stretch into your own body and mind.Make 2014 the year you reach!Namaste,Mountain MamaGOT A QUESTION FOR MOUNTAIN MAMA? SEND IT HERElast_img read more

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Men’s and women’s golf compete at East Lake Cup

first_imgBeating Baylor · Junior Karen Chung has shot for par through 17 holes against Baylor. The Women of Troy lead the semifinal match 4-1. – Photo courtesy of USC Sports InformationThe No. 1 women’s golf team leads Baylor 2-1-2 at the East Lake Cup after one day of play in Atlanta, Georgia. The No. 3 men’s team is trailing Illinois 4-1. Monday’s semifinal matches were shortened due to rain and are scheduled to resume at 4:30 a.m. on Tuesday with the finals slated for 10 a.m.If the Women of Troy are able to close out their lead against Baylor to advance to the finals, they will face the winner of the matchup between Duke and Stanford. Duke currently leads Stanford 4-1. A loss will place the women in the loser’s bracket.Should the men come from behind to beat Illinois, they will face the winner of the semifinal match between Georgia and LSU. The Bulldogs only need to close out a 4-1 lead tomorrow morning to advance.“We certainly could be in better shape at this point in our matches,” men’s coach Chris Zambri said. “That being said, there is no reason why we can’t prevail tomorrow with some good golf on the back nine. I like where we stand.”The men’s team is losing by one hole in four of its five matches. Sophomore Jonah Texeira maintains a par through 16 holes. Freshman Justin Suh and junior Rico Hoey trail by 1 through 13 holes. Senior Andrew Levitt also trails his Illinois opponent by one hole through 10 holes. Through nine holes, junior Sean Crocker is the fourth Trojan trailing by one.On the women’s side, senior Kyung Kim gave the Women of Troy a win with a 6 and 4 win over Baylor. Freshman Robynn Ree is leading her opponent by three through 13 holes. She was the Women of Troy’s top finisher in two of their three events. Juniors Karen Chung and Tiffany Chan shot for par. Junior Gabriella Then trails her Bear opponent by one through 11 holes.“It’s definitely a dog fight,” USC women’s coach Andrea Gaston said. “I don’t think you can ever predict the outcome of match play. It’s great to see Karen and Tiffany get their matches back to even on their last hole tonight. We hope we can finish strong in the morning.”The Golf Channel will broadcast the final round of the men’s competition live. This is the last competition of the year for both teams. The men do not compete again until the Amer Ari Invitational in Waikoloa, Hawaii, on Feb. 4 while the women play again on Feb. 7 at the Northrop Grumman Regional Challenge in Palos Verdes.last_img read more

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