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Tourist boards of central Istria made joint bicycle maps

first_imgFinally, we welcomed it – to combine bike maps of a tourist region, which unfortunately is still not the case in most of our destinations. The tourist destination is Istria, Slavonia, Dalmatia ne and not individual cities or counties.The synergy of all is absolutely imperative and as long as everyone is soloing and developing their own tourist destinations for themselves, without looking at the bigger picture and the whole tourist destination we will not get far. Especially in the context of cycling tourism where recreational cyclists travel 20 kilometers a day and thus pass from one county to another. Tourism knows no borders and our invisible borders of cities and counties really represent nothing to a foreigner. It is insane and counter productive to have different maps, which are not yet aligned or traced. One of the bad examples is Slavonia, which consists of five county tourist boards and as many different cycling maps.Istria must be one tourist destination. Unfortunately, this is still just a matter of merging bike maps of central Istria, not the whole of Istria, but it is certainly a positive cooperation of all tourist boards in central Istria and a step forward towards the development of cycling tourism.Tourist boards of central Istria made joint bicycle mapsIn order to further improve the tourist offer of the interior of Istria and strengthen the cycling tourism of Central Istria, the Tourist Board of Buzet, Motovun, Central Istria, Svetvinčenat and Žminj, recently with the financial support of the Istria County Board of Tourism, developed and printed joint bicycle maps – ” Istra outdoor – Istra bike – Central Istria “.Due to the large spatial coverage, two maps were made and printed – one covering the northern part, ie the Tourist Board of the City of Buzet, the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Motovun and the Tourist Board of Central Istria and the other, covering the southern part of the Tourist Board of Central Istria and the Tourist Board of Žminj and the Tourist Board of Svetvinčenat .According to the director of the Central Istria Tourist Board Sanja Kantaruti, with the financial support of the CNTB and co-financing of local self-government units whose trails pass, in 2017 in their area were marked exactly two trails included in the joint cycling map – “Waterfall trail” and trail “Od lokve do lokve ”, the first officially marked in the destination area, and also, with the financial support of TZIŽ, three bike points were set up in Cerovlje, Gračišće and Tinjan. “As it includes 9 local self-government units, TZSI plans to mark at least one bicycle path per year and a number of other activities related to strengthening cycling tourism in central Istria.Said Kantaruti.As Lenka Šajina, director of the Žminj Tourist Board, pointed out in the end, the goal of this project is better networking of existing bicycle routes, infrastructure, accompanying catering and tourist offers, and more intensive promotion of the area as a space suitable for cycling. “In the area of ​​the Municipality of Žminj, two bicycle paths have been marked, and in cooperation with the Žminj Cycling Club, next year it is planned to trace and mark new bicycle paths that will pass through the attractive area of ​​the Žminj region. The potential of cycling tourism was also recognized by the renters who joined the Istra Bike & Bed project. So this year, five renters joined the project.”Concluded Sajina.These bicycle maps are an excellent example of synergy and concrete cooperation of as many as five tourist boards, which cover the area of ​​13 local self-government units in the interior of the peninsula, and the bicycle maps themselves a total of 13 trails, 271,8 km long, of which 116,3 km trails. macadam 155,5 km.The new bicycle maps are harmonized with Istra bike standards, and include all official bicycle paths from the area of ​​the municipalities for which the mentioned tourist boards have been established. The joint project of the five mentioned tourist boards was financially supported by the county board for tourism, which financed the production of a bicycle map with HRK 19.000,00, while the tourist boards financed its printing with their own funds.Mila Nežić from the Tourist Board of the City of Buzet pointed out that they continued to invest in cycling infrastructure this year as well. The signalization has been supplemented, thus enabling users to easily navigate the marked bike paths. ” Throughout the year, we count a large number of visitors who come precisely because of the bike paths, and because of the favorable climate they can use them throughout the year. As one of the first tourist boards to produce a bike map, we are glad that other tourist boards have recognized the potential in cycling tourism, and that this joint cooperation has connected several destinations in inner Istria. In the next year, we plan further investments in cycling infrastructure, and the marking of new trails.”Nezic pointed out.The director of the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Motovun, Iva Jeletić Prodan, stated that this year Motovun additionally worked on raising the quality for the three existing bike trails; with the support of the CNTB, complete signalization was procured and the goal is for the quality to continue to grow. “Last year we equipped the bike point, which is still one of the best equipped in Croatia, and contains a charging station for electric bicycles, the possibility of charging mobile devices, hand tools, a bench and is completely environmentally friendly because it is powered by solar panels. As a destination, we are recognized among active tourists because of Parenzana, which is well visited throughout the year”Jeletic points out.&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;br /&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;br /&amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;amp;lt;br /&amp;amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;lt;br /&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;<br />
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Your 3 Pricing Strategy Choices Penetrate Skim or Follow

first_imgThe hardest part of startups is making choices. Not decisions but choices. A choice is a decision between alternatives, whereby deciding to do one thing you are also deciding not to do another. Pricing strategy selection is a choice. Or at least it should be.Compared to the other work you need to do on pricing, however, choosing a pricing strategy is actually pretty easy.Understanding your value proposition? That is hard and needs a lot of insight and empathy.Figuring out your value metric and finding a pricing metric that tracks value? That requires creativity and willingness to try new things.Designing your pricing architecture and pricing optimization? That’s technical work that needs a lot of experience.But choosing a pricing strategy? That is actually pretty simple. The hard thing is the discipline to stick to your choice.What Are The 3 Pricing Strategies?The three pricing strategies are penetrating, skimming, and following.Penetrate: Setting a low price, leaving most of the value in the hands of your customers, shutting off margin from your competitors.Skim: Initially setting a relatively high price to reinforce your value and capture the profit you need to invest in more innovation.Follow: Setting price based on your largest competitor or a dominant input so that you track changing market conditions.pricing strategy chartMore on the Follow StrategyThe Follow strategy needs a bit more explanation. This used to mean finding a dominant competitor and setting prices at a premium or discount to their price (in practice usually the latter).Recently, more sophisticated Market Following Pricing strategies have started to appear. In some industries there is a dominant input that has a big impact on value propositions. The price of oil is one example. As the price of oil goes down, the value of energy-saving technologies can also decline.In others it is the interest rate — pricing strategies for solutions for financial services companies are very dependent on interest rates. The price that makes sense in a low interest rate environment can be very different from what works in a high interest rate environment.For companies that serve heavy industry, one could even price based on utilization ratios. When utilization ratios are low you would price based on how much you decrease input or process costs. But when utilization rates are high, you price based on how much you increase the capacity of existing facilities, thereby helping companies avoid or defer capital investments.Pricing Strategies for StartupsFor start-ups there are some simple rules to decide which pricing strategy to follow:Adopt a penetration pricing strategy when market share (first mover advantage) is the most important thing about your market. Keep in mind you will need to raise a lot of money to win.Adopt a skim strategy when you have a compelling value differentiation and have identified a well-defined and relatively small market entry segment.Adopt a market following strategy when there is a dominant incumbent that you are going to be compared to, or if there is some input that determines the value of your offer.Constraints on Pricing StrategyYour price makes a statement about your brand. You cannot claim a premium brand and pursue a penetration pricing strategy. And a discount brand cannot pursue a skimming strategy.Market Following strategies are the most difficult to execute. You have to be in close touch with the market, be able to change prices quickly, and be able to communicate the logic of the price change, and why the price change is in the customer’s interest. That’s not easy. Only adopt a Market Following strategy if there is so much volatility in the market that any other strategy would rapidly leave you with pricing that did not make sense.You can only have one pricing strategy per segment. Even if you have multiple segments you can probably only afford to have one strategy. Your pricing strategy cascades into your marketing communication strategy and your sales execution. Change it drastically or too often and you will confuse your customers and your team.The Evolution of Your Pricing StrategyPricing strategy can change as you move across Geoffrey Moore’s technology adoption cycle (see B2B Pricing Black Magic). As you move from Early Adopters to Bowling Alley to Tornado you may want to change your pricing strategy at each phase.technology adoption cycleImage courtesy of the General Physics Corporation and Chasm InstituteNormally, companies have a Penetration strategy while targeting Early Adopters and in the Bowling Alley, move to Skim for the Tornado, and then slip into Market Following for Late Majority Markets. That’s fine. But each change needs to be a conscious choice and needs careful planning.Pricing Strategy ChecklistClick to download this free Pricing Strategy Checklist PDFI have a focused target segment and am setting a pricing strategy specifically for that segmentI understand what factors determine profit and loss in my target segmentI understand the pricing metrics used by the alternatives (competitors or other options customers have)I have chosen a pricing metric that tracks value for the segment I am targetingI have checked to see if my pricing metrics are obsolete and no longer track valueI know what my brand represents (a premium brand, a discount brand, a customer service brand, an innovation brand, etc.) and my pricing strategy aligns with my brand promiseI have a Penetration, Skim, or Market Following strategy and have communicated this clearly to everyone in the companyAdditional Resources from Steven ForthYou Can’t Price Software Without Focus Picking a number is actually the last step in a successful pricing process. Steven breaks down what you need to do first. Read more.The Secret to Boosting Your Software Pricing Power Steven explores the surprisingly powerful role emotion plays in setting the right price for your software. Read more.B2B Pricing Black Magic: Appealing to Economic AND Emotional Needs Steven explains how to achieve a potent, irresistible B2B pricing formula by aligning economic and emotional value along the technology adoption lifecycle. Read more.How to Disrupt Your Market with an Innovative Pricing Model Going up against an established competitor? A disruptive pricing model can be one of the most effective tools you use to differentiate yourself. Read more.Photo by: Ranger56112AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterShare to PrintPrintShare to EmailEmailShare to MoreAddThis9last_img read more

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