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Indian-Origin Man Jailed for 13 Years Over Death of Three Teenagers in UK

first_imgAn Indian-origin man who admitted to causing the death of three teenagers due to his dangerous driving under the influence of alcohol was sentenced to jail for 13 years by a UK court on March 28.Jaynesh Chudasama, 28, of Hayes, was initially sentenced to 20 years and six months in jail, however, the sentence was reduced to 13 years for entering an early guilty plea. Chudasama has also been disqualified from driving for 13 years and six months.Chudasama pleaded guilty on Feb. 26 to three counts of causing death by dangerous driving. The incident took place when three teenagers — 17-year-old Harry Louis Rice, 16-year-old George Toby Wilkinson and 16-year-old Josh McGuiness — were walking along the pavement with friends in Shepiston Lane, Hayes, on Jan. 26. They were on their way to a birthday party when an Audi A5 with two occupants mounted the pavement at an estimated speed of 71 mph and collided with the group of boys. The teenagers were killed at the scene, according to the Metropolitan Police.The occupants of the car fled, abandoning the vehicle after the collision. Chudasama, the driver of the car, was nabbed by the public and arrested at the scene. He was charged on Jan. 28.“The thoughts of the Metropolitan Police are with the families and friends of Wilkinson, McGuiness and Rice at this unimaginably difficult time. Jaynesh Chudasama took the decision that evening to drive at excess speed while under the influence of alcohol–a decision that resulted in the death of three young men,” detective superintendent Andy Cox of the Roads and Transport Policing Command said.“It is obvious that nothing any court can do can measure the loss of Josh, Harry and George for the obvious reason that their loss is immeasurable,” Judge Wendy Joseph QC said.The friends and families of the teenagers who were present at the courtroom during the sentencing said that Chudasama was a “coward” as he left the boys to die while trying to run away from the scene. “You are going to rot in hell,” McGuiness’ mother told Chudasama, the Guardian reported.During the sentencing, protesters gathered outside the court and demanded for a harder sentence for those driving dangerously. “I’m protesting because my brother was ruthlessly taken away with his two friends by a callous driver who got in a car knowing he was going to drive the vehicle under the influence. He should not see the light of day, end of story,” the report quoted Rice’s brother, Matthew, who was one of the protesters, as saying. Related ItemsBritish IndianHayesUKlast_img read more

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49 Voices Noatak Post of Juneau

first_imgNoatak Post in Juneau (Photo by Jacob Steinberg, KTOO – Juneau)This week we’re hearing from Noatak Post in Juneau. During the summers, Post can be found playing the violin for tourists visiting the state’s capital as they disembark from cruise ships.Listen nowPOST: I started playing the violin 11 to 12 years ago. I started when I was turning six-ish I think. I started at a bluegrass summer camp that was hosted here in Juneau by a band called Barefoot Bluegrass. And I went to the summer camp with no musical experience really in my family at all, and I came home after that first week and said, “Mom. Dad. I really want a violin. Please buy me a violin.”And so they went to one of the band members and asked where we could get one, and they happened to have their old violin, sitting in their parents’ attic. And they sold it to us.Whenever and wherever someone will hire me. I do wedding fairly often. I just played a birthday party a week ago, and I’ve done a couple family reunions. But weddings are fairly common. One of the songs I can do with my looped violin is Pachelbel’s Canon, which people love to have at their wedding.Violinists are a dime a dozen. It’s great. I love that there’s so many people playing music, but there’s so many people. Especially here in Juneau. What I think is great is the JAMM program that’s in the elementary schools, getting everyone to play an instrument. I didn’t have that when I was in elementary school.I haven’t played bluegrass in over a decade, it’s crazy. I only went to that camp for a couple more years before they stopped coming to Juneau. And after that, I started taking private lessons with Mr. Xia, who’s one of the teachers in town. And since then I’ve been classically trained, and in the past few years, have moved on to more modern and pop.I’m gonna be a senior this year, so I’ve got one more year in Juneau, and I’ll keep doing it as long as people will listen to me, and with a different group of people on the cruise ships every day, that’s an easy thing to accomplish.last_img read more

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Travel guide to Banff National Park in Alberta Canada

first_imgBanff National Park is the oldest national park in Canada, which was established in 1885 in the Rocky Mountains. The park, located 110–180 kilometres west of Calgary in the province of Alberta, covers 6,641 square kilometres of mountainous terrain, with numerous glaciers and ice fields, dense coniferous forest, and alpine landscapes.Source: Expedialast_img

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