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ACI achieved revenue growth last year

first_imgACI dd published an unaudited business report for 2017. According to financial indicators, the Company ACI dd achieved in 12 months of 2017 total revenues in the amount of HRK 201,1 million, total expenses in the amount of HRK 176,1 million and a positive gross financial result in the amount of HRK 25 million. Compared to 2016, when the gross financial result amounted to HRK 14,2 million, the gross financial result for 2017 increased by 77%.The events that had a significant impact on business in 2017 relate to the complete reconstruction of the ACI marina Rovinj and the construction of a travel lift pool in the ACI marina Dubrovnik, the ACI points out. Thus, the average revenues of ACI marina Rovinj in recent years were realized at the level of approx. HRK 11 million, which revenue was missing in 2017 due to reconstruction, but during 2017 other marinas of the ACI system achieved a significant increase in revenue and thus fully compensated for the absence of the mentioned revenues of the ACI marina Rovinj.”Operating revenues (revenues from nautical activities – annual, monthly, daily berth, lease and other services to sailors) were realized in the total amount of HRK 190 million, which is an increase of 1%. Of this, an increase in revenues from monthly berths by 17%, revenues from leases and ancillary activities by 10%, from other services provided to boaters by 6%, and from daily berths by 5% is visible. Thus, revenues from the annual berth service for the observed period amount to HRK 94,4 million, revenues from the daily (transit) berth service amount to HRK 55,9 million, while revenues from the monthly berth amount to HRK 10,3 million. Revenue from leases and ancillary activities amounts to HRK 16 million, while revenues from other services to boaters amount to HRK 11 million.”Point out the ACI.New investments and investments During 2017, ACI continued to make significant investments in marinas within the system, all with the aim of raising the quality of service delivery. The most significant investment project in 2017 was related to the complete reconstruction of the ACI marina Rovinj. “Other significant investments during 2017 include the construction of a travel elevator pool, which was put into operation during the season, and a newly renovated golf course in the ACI marina Dubrovnik, then the reconstruction of concrete piers and power supply in the ACI marina Vodice, reconstruction of pedestrian areas and indoor terrace in the ACI marina Umag as well as the reconstruction of the reception in the ACI marina Milna. During 2017, ACI also received 2,7 million kuna in grants from European funds for the preparation of project documentation for the reconstruction of Sorkočević Castle, which is located in the ACI marina Dubrovnik. ” stand out from the ACI.The Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure issued a Decision authorizing ACI dd, on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, as the grantor of the concession, to obtain a location permit for a special purpose port – nautical tourism port in Novalja, in accordance with the Urban Plan of Novalja. It is an area of ​​3 port basins, one of which refers to the port of nautical tourism, which according to spatial plans can have up to 400 berths for accommodating vessels in the sea. In addition to the above, the construction of ancillary buildings of the nautical tourism port (administrative building, space for sailors, reception, trade, catering, etc. facilities) is also planned.Also, by the Decision of Šibenik – Knin County, ACI dd was selected as the best bidder for the award of the Maritime Property Concession for the purpose of economic use and installation of anchor system for special purpose port – nautical tourism port – anchorage in the bay Vozarica and Srednja Draga south of Skradin. The concession agreement was signed on December 19, 2017, and the duration of the concession is 12 years.last_img read more

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