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Don’t Use Bit.ly’s New Mobile Site: Do This Instead

first_imgURL shortener Bit.ly launched a new mobile site today and it’s a pretty good combination of quick, easy and powerful. If you’re browsing the web on your phone and you want to share a link with someone – why not jump over to Bit.ly mobile and shorten it first? That way you can easily get all kinds of analytics on who clicked through it, where they were and more.It’s frustrating, though, that the company didn’t just improve its Bit.ly sidebar experience on mobile devices. If you’re willing to grab and use the javascript from the Bit.ly sidebar button (we’ve embedded it below for your convenience) – you’ll be a lot happier in the long run. How many clicks does it take to shorten and put on your clipboard a link with the new Bit.ly mobile site? 13. With the sidebar javascript? 4! That sounds like an obvious choice to me.How to do it: Copy the code above, email it to yourself, open the email on your phone, copy the text of the code, then go to your phone’s bookmarks. Edit one (you probably want to create something random just for this) and then replace the existing bookmark URL with the code above. Boom, you’re set.(Bit.ly HQ pinged me after I posted this and pointed out that if you log in to a Bit.ly account, there is a copyable code snippet in a bookmark page in the settings page. If you’ve got a Bit.ly account, that is all the easier.)Unfortunately, the resulting sidebar is really ugly on mobile devices. (Update: I replaced the ugly code with something much nicer! Thanks Bit.ly!) I’ll take fast and ugly over slow and pretty, though. Ultimately, I blame Apple. They make it absurdly difficult to work with javascript and the clipboard and more. That’s why I can’t have my precious Apture on my iPad. It’s like they are trying to ruin my life.Either way – wouldn’t you rather shorten links and get their analytics in 4 clicks than in 13? I sure would. Then you can go to the Bit.ly mobile site to view all the analytics. The toolbar method won’t do the offline shortening that the new Bit.ly mobile site does, but that doesn’t seem like a very big deal to me. What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … marshall kirkpatrick Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement Tags:#mobile#web center_img Related Posts Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technologylast_img read more

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WigWag Wants To Build A Lingua Franca For The Internet Of Things

first_imgWhy You Love Online Quizzes lauren orsini This morning, I had to press a switch to turn on the lights. I had to open my own blinds and turn on my own coffee maker. And I, for one, am sick of it. It’s 2013. Where’s my smart house? There are a lot of roadblocks between our low-tech homes and the Internet of Things. Most significantly, there’s no common language that allows our devices to talk to one another. See also What’s Holding Up The Internet of Things?Enter WigWag, a Kickstarter-funded sensory device that wants to change that. Part operating system, part IFTTT for your physical space, WigWag wants your smart light bulb and your smart outlet to shake hands and get acquainted.“You don’t want a smartphone app for every device in your house,” said founder Ed Hemphill. “There’s only a limited amount of value to come out of smart control. What we’re trying to do is interlink each device’s super protocols.”Your Chatty Future HomeWigWag doesn’t just give your devices a common language, it gives them something to talk about. The sensor comes with eight different plugins that allow it to detect sound, movement, temperature or even moisture. In the video, Hemphill demonstrates how you can use WigWag to automatically turn on the lights when it senses a cooler night time temperature, or send your smartphone a text when the (snail) mail is delivered. Related Posts If there was any doubt that WigWag was something people wanted, look no further than their Kickstarter. It’s nearly earned triple its funding goal and still has 30 days to go.Hemphill said the WigWag team has been especially inspired by the ways backers are planning to use their devices. For example, one backer in the UK is planning to turn his WigWag into a burglar alarm. Another is hoping to put it in her aging parents’ home so it’ll alert her to their movements and when they might need her help. What Hemphill’s noted is that many backers already take advantage of smart devices that are already on the market. They just haven’t been able to take full advantage of them yet because the devices don’t always communicate with each other. They’re trusting WigWag’s promise to change that. “A lot of backers are people who already live in smart homes, but want to make them easier to customize,” he said. “Customization is really required in automatization and that’s why cookie cutter solutions are frustrating for people.” 7 Types of Video that will Make a Massive Impac…center_img The magic happens in the code. WigWag is the first Internet of Things platform to be built on top of DeviceJS, a type of JavaScript that isn’t restricted by physical location. Since there are more than 12 communication protocols for smart devices in existence, DeviceJS serves as common ground through which these different protocols can interact. WigWag opens up the programming floodgates to millions of JavaScript-savvy developers. “You can plug in a Z-Wave dongle, a ZigBee dongle, an X10 adapter, a Insteon adapter, and over time we’ll support even more protocols,” Hemphill said. “The [WigWag] Relay also supports talking to WiFi devices like LIFX or the Phillips Hue. And cloud services such as email or Twitter.”All you need to know to use WigWag out of the box is how to drag and drop on a smartphone. The app asks you to add one or more variables, like temperature or time of day, and then an action, like “alert phone.” Voila! It’s If This, Then That for your home.For more complex operations, WigWag is offering Arduino shields for developers who want to take full advantage of that complexity.Smart Homes On Steroids How to Write a Welcome Email to New Employees? Tags:#DeviceJS#home#Internet of Things#smart home#WigWag Growing Phone Scams: 5 Tips To Avoidlast_img read more

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first_imgTrends, news and views. Interview: The StorytellerWinner of the Best Director Award at the Osian Cine Fan Film Festival, Ajita Suchitra Veera talks about the changing landscape of alternative cinema. Q. What is the story behind the name Ballad Of Rustom?A. This film is about those people who hail from,Trends, news and views.Interview: The StorytellerWinner of the Best Director Award at the Osian Cine Fan Film Festival, Ajita Suchitra Veera talks about the changing landscape of alternative cinema.Q. What is the story behind the name Ballad Of Rustom?A. This film is about those people who hail from small towns and seem very ordinary, but have extraordinary talent. It’s a ballad because the story is set to music.Q. Is the director an androgynous concept for you?A. The director is an individual. It’s not about being male or female. Most characters in my film are men. As an artist, I believe a human being encompasses a whole range of ideas and for me it’s irrelevant to debate the man-woman angle.Q. Why did you choose filmmaking as a medium of expression?A. No other art form comes as close as cinema does in portraying the human experience. It’s a beautiful medium.Q. Do you care for distinctions between mainstream and alternative cinema?A. There should be no boundaries or labels. It’s all about having an inclusive film culture in India. We should all aspire for original, imaginative work.Q. Why did you experiment with medium and technology for Ballad Of Rustom?A. I shot my film on 35mm cinemascope with sync (live) sound. It was an intentional aesthetic choice for I love 35mm film and I am old school when it comes to making movies.Health kickGreat news. Eating 1.4 ounces of dark chocolate every day lowers stress levels. What’s more, it’s rich in compounds like theobromine. But be sure the bar you choose has at least 70 per cent cocoa and very little fat.advertisementPunk politicsThese masked vigilantes are not promoting a superhero flick. They are the real deal. For thousands of women in post-Putin Russia, the Pussy Riot, a collective of left-wing feminists, are a symbol against the Kremlin and it’s dictatorial policies. The recent arrest of three members for desecrating an orthodox church with a “punk prayer” against the authorities has sparked widespread international criticism for Putin. Is he ready to face the music?What’s hotSalman KhanThe man with the golden touch is back to doing what he does best-breaking his own records.Edgy cuts While we don’t care much for the straw blonde colouring, this ‘coming of age’ look is a definite head-turner.What’s notRumour mongering Stop the hate. Stop the discrimination. Embrace the big society idea.Virgin again From moral policing to ridiculous advertising, women are targets everywhere.The travel diaries: Miss perfect VS The couch surferWill have a steam-ironed outfit for every meal. She doesn’t care much for back packs or travelling light.She’s the kind who’ll enjoy a pool by getting a lobster-red tan rather than actually getting into the water. Also, sand in her manicured toenails is a strict no-no.She drinks expensive cocktails embellished with little fruity umbrellas.Only travels by yacht, private jet or a chauffeurdriven car. She never goes anywhere without a reservation.Not good with local food, language or cultural diplomacy. She would rather just be safe than sorry.Can go without a clean load of clothes for weeks. She usually isn’t a stickler for hygiene.She prefers a shack to a hotel room. Doesn’ mind getting dirty, camping out under the stars and probably hasn’t run a comb through her hair in a while.Drinks local brew-basically anything that’s cheaper than bottled water.Hitchhikes and uses public transport around a new city. When all else fails, she walks.Depends on the goodwill of locals. She charms them with her knowledge of their culture, their cuisine and picks up the local dialect quickly.Make a memoryPhotographs are often the only way you remember all the great times you had on vacation. Different types of breaks need different ammo. Pick your gear carefully.Adventure: It’s probably best to take a pocket-sized digital camera for this trip. The bigger the camera, the heavier it will be while climbing a steep slope.Beach/Spa vacation: Barring an inadvertent encounter with the sea, a relaxing beach vacation is the perfect time to let your creative juices flow. It’s a great opportunity to experiment with the professional DSLR you bought yourself on your last birthday.Tip: Take a few test shots at home before you leave. Get comfortable with the flash and lighting options and make sure you pack enough extendable memory. You don’t want to fumble with these tiny details as the great moments of your life pass you by.advertisementVacation watchTry an adventure sport. Relaxation is all well and good, but to get your blood pumping and your adrenaline running is important too. Don’t just snooze through your next break, find a new experience.Switch off. No Blackberries, no Facebook, no Twitter, no texting. Ban technology and if you must use your iPhone at all, it should be to locate the closest local attraction.Be your own guide. All you get on pre-arranged tour guides is a busload of old people and souvenirs that burn a hole in your pocket. Draw out your own travel plan and make sure you experience a city by walking its streets.Don’t be shy. Of eating, of talking and letting yourself go. Be careful of tricksters and pick-pockets but don’t be afraid of trying new things on vacation, local food and wine being on top of that list.Keep a journal. A daily log of what you did, where you went and what you saw. This way, you can always re-visit your vacation without forgetting the little details.Fresh stock (New Releases)Rabbit Rap By Musharraf Ali Farooqui and Michelle FarooquiMidsummer Station By Owl CityThe Expendables 2 Starring Sly Stallonelast_img read more

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