Month: September 2017

summarize some experience to keep the site ranked first

3, on Links, when our website ranking good, often Links also add it, many people do not know how to start, because too much Links may be right down, but also to maintain the weight of import every day website, I also tangled in it, followed by expert advice to see light suddenly, Links is not much >

2, pay more attention to some optimization details, improve the overall quality of the site, now is not popular to observe competitors? What competitors do, we can also come from. So in the first row of our dangerous, who, who, who have our competitors, we learn this, learn that, if the comprehensive level of its website is not enough, others a little to learn, then a bright spot, your site will one day be transcended, very practical the. So pay attention to some details, maybe others can steal our website content, chain how to optimize method, but the details of other people can not pay attention to. For example: the server stable, every day to update the site map layout, good words, don’t just change the title, labels and other details, more to go, it is important to grasp their own. read more

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The web page (Home) how to layout


home page layout

website to update the dynamic invocation section, a content of ancient sites, not only the user to see for a long time will be tired, the search engine will not love, Xiao Bian here is not to say

home is the center of the site, is used to guide users and search engines to read sub page, whether we want to how to optimize the home page, all around this center, this will we must ensure that the home page of the title, keywords and description are accurate and clear and focused. read more

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t is easy to be ignored right down the website cause duplicate content

again, repeat the above about, pages created too numerous to mention, then there is a page that is repeated, repeated page error page, this does not have thought? The only error page return code is only 404 status code, other state codes are wrong, if you return to the other state code 200 for example, then you think you delete a page to create a page to repeat, so what is the final results of this, think about it, the error page must return a 404 status code, guiding the search engine delete this page that is supposed to do, what other status code not all. read more

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Love how to remove the Shanghai safety risk warning

love Shanghai official announced in November 15th the vulnerability detection tool beta version, this tool can detect whether the site was hacked, whether there are loopholes. Because I love Shanghai risk warning is mainly because the site was hacked and the site itself loopholes. So how to use

fifth step left "vulnerability detection

in the fourth step, certified ownership site list to select the query site

Sixth step

, registered and logged in love Shanghai webmaster tools

After the

second, submitted to the site and verify the ownership of the site to verify the specific attribution method visible help documentation read more

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gnore the love Shanghai encyclopedia add nofollow

love for Shanghai site and the importance of reference or reference for the website search engine importance, followed by.

property of the nofollow off links in love Shanghai algorithm and the role of not so noble baby standard, it’s only love Shanghai to judge a score whether the weights of the relay link. Love Shanghai should transfer the weight of the link, the only criterion is: this link is the user or other websites really recommend your website, this recommendation is of value to the users. The official reference: 贵族宝贝bbs.zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/thread-6294-1-1.html. read more

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Optimization analysis of elements of love Shanghai Wikipedia entry page


half-width character """ " "display in the source file;

in Shanghai in search of love, top several of the most is the love of Shanghai’s own products, such as: Shanghai, Shanghai Encyclopedia of love love, know love Shanghai pictures, many people think that this is the love of Shanghai people, but think about it, and then look at some popular keyword search, or website ranking in the encyclopedia first, if it is man-made, encyclopedia articles rankings should have certain rules, you said right? Love is love most about Shanghai Shanghai themselves, their love what you know best, so the optimization of love Shanghai products is the most welcome ranking mechanism, so we do love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon Shanghai, especially sex optimization, it is worth to study about the love of Shanghai products! Radish briefly talk about the optimization of love Shanghai Encyclopedia read more

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Love Shanghai to reform his own life Mobile search or cancel PC page


webmaster, have to do is adjust their strategy for the mobile web, through the establishment of a HTML5 page or form "in the establishment of siteapp developer center platform, mobile page resources as soon as possible, to ensure that search the advantages in terms of mobile Shanghai dragon.

love Shanghai mobile search principle



love Shanghai mobile search trends

with love for Shanghai station Changsha dragon high-end event, because the mobile phone broke, with the official figure, figure for the love of Shanghai mobile search mobile search optimization problems to answer Luo Xujian. read more

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Love Shanghai on the site of the weight and ranking

The weight of a relationship with the space of commercial

included how many can determine the size of the site, but can never become a weight judgment standard, some sites included hundreds of thousands, millions, the weight does not necessarily high. In addition, included more web site not ranked on the front, but included high site to do the chain, it is absolutely right. Some people do when Links is very concerned about the industry is not have relevance for Google, which needs to pay attention, if you love Shanghai, the same industry Links is not so important. As long as the snapshot and included and their own websites almost on the line, if can with the relatively large size of the website for a link, must also be good. read more

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Several forms of Witkey website development tasksshlf1314 Adsense payment has been issued

shlf1314 China called AdSense stop station misjudgment rate of not more than 1%

talk about the whole point of foreign traffic, do shlf1314 Adsense

 : please be good at practical search function of this station. A lot of good articles are hidden inside a man waiting to be discovered, sometimes can bring you a daughter!

representation: rank according to the number of tasks posted. Contribute to Witkey traffic and user concerns by publishing the number of tasks. The amount of sending a single task name. Ensure the quality of the task. Several comprehensive data can be used here read more

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Love Shanghai as long as the user experience of these elements and the significance of Shanghai Drag

1, snapshot

official: "meta key> LEE

LEE love Shanghai "has been part of the webmaster update time for love in Shanghai snapshot there are some misunderstanding, that there is a certain relationship between the website snapshot update time and the weight of the website, the more frequently updated snapshot, the higher the weight of the site, whereas the lower. In fact, there is no direct relationship between the frequency and the weight of the site snapshot update."


issued a statement in the love of Shanghai, all of the basic weight adjustment and anti cheating mechanism cannot do without the user experience. Talk about the user experience is not wrong, because the user experience is the site of the target, and the goal of search engine. Shanghai Longfeng development so far, many Shanghai Longfeng elements are optimized as the optimization method and reference value. These elements are in love with the sea now deny the role and significance of reference and optimization of read more

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Shanghai dragon diagnosis case wonderful download station just three months on 3 weight quickly 0

let A5 be happy is a marketing "of various types made in 2014 in the download station of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and its effect on growth, quickly let our customers are very satisfied with the" remember 14 years in the second half of the A5 marketing share 3-4 station in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis case, which is included in the download breakthrough: win7 download, APP download, APP download mobile phone TV, download software, then there are many download station to come to the consultation and diagnosis and successful A5 marketing cooperation. So, the success of A5 marketing also adds a lot of classic case. However, today to share this download station case weight has been 1, optimized for a long time did not improve, the webmaster in A5 marketing done Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and execution, for less than three months to put the website weight to weight 3 ", is now growing so! Today to share as a webmaster optimized reference read more

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Experts feel the pulse of 2011 Shanghai Longfeng new process

Shanghai dragon 03 years into the Chinese, to begin 07 years rapid development, rely on changing the search engine algorithm, the definition of Shanghai dragon is also a step further. Early Shanghai dragon basically is one key words, so it is easy to effect. But to the present state, the site easily occupy a space for one person to contention of a hundred schools of thought, it is not an easy task. While this discussion the root lies in a long time, the search engine and Shanghai dragon in the role of the internet. The search engine service object is the nets, he must constantly improve the algorithm and the ranking rules, let users really do in the short period of time, to find the desired information and information. Shanghai dragon is part of read more

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5 strategies to optimize the use of resources of the construction site outside the chain

The contents of the forum

release is the key strategy two.

"content is king" is the everlasting truth is the theme of the times, if we just blindly to copy and paste content from other sites, as can be imagined the forum included must be miserable without see. The forum information release, must be original, or >

, a strategy to pay more attention to popular forum, diligent update.

said the forum, you may have more or less Shanghai dragon Er all know, forums and other resources (blog, classification of information platform, etc.) compared with active forum strong, targeted and timely interaction advantage, forum resources are relatively rich but really popular forums or numbered, such as Tianya, love Shanghai, Post Bar mop贵族宝贝, Phoenix community forum, forum, Admin5, Sohu, Shanghai dragon why these forums if you can get reasonable use, so we publish information forum, as long as enough, good enough is absolutely can do is "second" effect, so that not only can guide the search engine to increase our optimization site search efforts, but also to optimize the site we bring considerable traffic. So, in the resource selection and update, we recommend Shanghai Longfeng webmaster to relevant screening work and updating of detailed planning in advance, adequate and reasonable use of these large, popular forums. read more

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Enterprise search engine marketing should be accurate

search engine marketing is faced with a search engine for product promotion, brand promotion and other services, carry out some marketing activities, with more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to the site, there are more and more people began to use the search function to find the required information, the enterprise website should begin to pay more attention to search engine marketing, and in the search engine marketing when more and more accurate.

design precision

guide page design precision read more

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The age of the nternet site to how to optimize the talent shows itself

in the rapid development of the Internet today, the network is becoming more and more popular, the number of the site is also more and more, a constantly increasing trend. So how to achieve the best website design, website optimization and what role? How many sites, talent shows itself? Here, make a detailed introduction for everybody.


3, website optimization should pay attention to regular content push, each site has its own unique characteristics and specific content of its release, but for the popular website platform, should pay attention to the reasonable grasp of the push, and push the number, the content of a release message cannot be intermittent, so will reduce your concerns and views. read more

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Shanghai dragon needs several principles understand search engine punishment website

cheat cheat to what extent the cumulative integral will be punished

cheating points system


Shanghai Longfeng people generally know Shanghai dragon is divided into white hat, black hat, and even gray hat. Simply, if you are familiar with the Google webmaster guidelines, you can understand, in line with the search engine quality specifications and meet the user experience of the Shanghai dragon technique called white hat, in violation of the search engine expressly prohibits the use of the Shanghai dragon technique called black hat, between white hat and black hat, cannot be clearly defined as white or black hat the way to the Shanghai dragon ash cap. Business today doesn’t want to talk too much white or black hat thing, but want to talk about is very important for the Shanghai Dragon Staff and ignored by many webmaster friends of the search engine punishment principle. Because many owners do not understand the search engine punishment principle, cause when the site is down right, don’t even know why they were punished, such a situation requires some understanding of the search engine, some principles of a good grasp of the web search engine punishment. read more

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The chain is still useful


the old man summed up the chain experience, in recent years come, in fact, the chain now has not separate at a web site, it was attached to a high quality of soft Wen, then a lower requirement is also a high quality for your target customers useful pseudo original articles. Talked about this before, I have to say, the chain is now released for what. Is it still as before only to the search engines to see? The old man was here to tell you that is not, since the love Shanghai update algorithm, love Shanghai foreign chain requirements have not just so simple. (Danger ahead!, dry cargo, friends note) love Shanghai now foreign chain requirements is the most important value you have not used this link to the customer, for example, you’re writing a high quality tourism Raiders in the soft, then add a word, for Beijing tourism interest friends can go and see * * * website, this website with more comprehensive information. Then the anchor text is "* * * website" or "Beijing tourism" according to the keywords you want to promote it, this is a high quality of the chain. read more

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The details determine the success or failure of Shanghai dragon industry website optimization

when you choose an industry and to the site, or to collect information of competitors, then we collected all the peer websites and their keyword ranking, weight, and collected data, and the degree of difficulty to eradicate competition we choose the right keywords and we have the certainty of victory to avoid, face greater competition, which greatly improved our website optimization

two: how to optimize the two level domain name

site structure optimization details

do we know Shanghai Longfeng industry website optimization work is difficult, because it involves many contents, sometimes competition will be fierce, but how to win in the fierce competition? For Shanghai dragon industry website optimization, it is necessary to pay attention to the details of the optimization of Shanghai dragon, details we are going to talk about the problem of the medical industry in Shanghai dragon in the optimization of read more

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The advent of the nternet age do not know how to walk in the network site optimization

for the content of the structure to do a simple adjustment, you can immediately search engines and landing as soon as possible, so the income to the new title and description.

The internal link structure of

The title of the localization of

website optimization, is in fact already know the search natural ranking based on the internal area of the site is an optimization to search keywords in the web site to be changed, to obtain a higher ranking, so you can attract more customers to visit.

contains read more

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The breakdown of new new home love sea six changes

(Shanghai heart

: love will change Shanghai weather forecast

six: sign… >…

(new "new home" love sea)

fell in love with the sea of new "new home" gave me the first impression is of a similar music radio frame – love Shanghai can listen. Through the love of Shanghai can listen users can listen to music in the Shanghai home of love. The two day before Lenovo’s MP3 Ting, the integration of Shanghai and other products for the love of music in Shanghai, it was for the love of Shanghai music draw users. read more

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