Month: August 2017

The role of H1 in the Shanghai dragon label

following the above two conditions do next, tell you how to add h1.

H1 H2, these are only some very basic HTML language, which is used by H1-H6 to control the title format, just as the search engine update, we gradually discovered H1, H2, H3 influence on Shanghai dragon, but today is from Lao Li said that whether LOGO and H1 speaking.

portal or local portal:

Li did not care, so has been reviewing page structure, has no intention on a H1 setting to see, then search on the H1 setting, basically is to support some Public opinions are divergent., logo and H1, some say influence weight, but the old Li Zuotian made a careful analysis, in fact, how to set up, how to set, can not move others need an antidote against the disease, the method. read more

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Thinking about Shanghai dragon forum operations

for rectification notice Shanghai dragon WHY forum, the teacher Cardiff is to contain in order to release the chain and the registration of such behavior in the future of the new registered users, this approach is correct. But those who have registered users? Information to compare the value of most of the senior members of other releases are not high. If only to increase the new user management, while allowing high level users "will gradually lose, play the gangster" heart "". read more

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Feather is how to do the first Hangzhou Shanghai Dragon

say a small problem, just contact WP blogs are not familiar with, I think since it is Shanghai dragon learning to communicate our this blog, then added to the URL of Shanghai dragon, so add a connection setup in fixed / / Shanghai longfeng. In retrospect, it is a stupid mistake, on the one hand, my post URL address a directory, such as "feather: health website optimization chain construction" / > Shanghai

was also the first contact with the wordpress blog, see the video tutorial for a long time, your local me for a long time, spent a day time to build blogs and basic settings. Blog template is the Internet to find, is Xiaohan brother WP Dreamweaver template, modify the content, Xiao Han in Dongguan of Shanghai dragon and share Shanghai dragon and network marketing skills blog tribute to thank you for providing such a good template, Xiaohan blog is a blog of Shanghai dragon is very good and very to the force, he WordPress technology is very powerful, in the morning of our Shanghai dragon blog he made a WP to do with the mall, stunned group in large. read more

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Analysis of examples where the soft outside the chain of charm

can be seen from the figure, the station love Shanghai traffic in general, the more recent snapshot, included better. A very ordinary station optimization.

wideThe construction of

adhesive A station, although the author diligently in the B2B platform for the construction and classification of the chain, but on the whole, the chain obviously decreased, indicating the survival rate of the chain is not high or not long. The Changsha website B station, although I only put up dozens of article, the chain has become a growth trend and remained stable through the comparison, the author draws the following conclusions. read more

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Jining information port and love have to say the secret of Shanghai

The safety and stability of

website operation is stable or not is very important, if the site space is not stable, will lead to love Shanghai snapshot site is K or even serious consequences. I have not changed in the past two years, although the access speed is a bit slow, but just two years there had been a breakdown, and in less than 5 hours has been restored.

is the first comparison I use server stability.

I have imperceptibly a website of Jining information port has been done for two years, although it has been to PR 4 (in fact a year ago to 4), the love of Shanghai was also included in more than 3000, but I have to admit that this is indeed a legend in the garbage station. Because I created this site from the beginning has not been managed, the content is mostly the collection, pseudo original accounts for only a small part of the original is almost zero. But refuse to refuse to meet my friend you will find my website snapshot for two years has been maintained at 24 hours. Many of my friends want to know I keep love Shanghai snapshot of the secret, here we simply said Jining harbor is how to keep the snapshot. read more

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Love is Shanghai K don’t be afraid to admit mistakes is the key

this article hopes.

3 years later, I began to work, because work in a Internet Co, so they began to contact the Internet, the Internet 3 years ago and now the Internet that is the difference between heaven and earth, now what stations, what black hat, what volume acquisition, what pseudo original, compared with the when the network is simple. Not so much cheating atmosphere.

now take over a company’s website, is a talent recruitment website. Leading to considerable pressure ah, 3 months do love Shanghai home, but if successful gave themselves a raise. I started a "learning" method is fast website ranking, acquisition, is mass, at the start of the 7 day Shanghai included thousands of good performance, can be on the eighth day, the site was completely K. I know this is a dead end, but also hold a mood to do station. Love of Shanghai is made out of people’s website, can not be so "two". Because the company’s website, all cannot give up, or even their jobs are a problem. Then I slowly manually add a written information, not to the mass of the chain, a month later gradually began to love Shanghai, in terms of the home page. I want to share with you a new experience: honestly do stand, love Shanghai will treat you. I think I’m the only day to keep the original content, occasionally some soft hair. The company’s website will have a good ranking. read more

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Do Shanghai dragon from the user’s perspective, the user that is really good

from the user’s point of view to do Shanghai dragon is to do user experience. Here the user experience includes several points: 1, 2, the use of color design, the quality of the content of 3.

the establishment of the target is not clear, do not know this website to do what, just want to do the traffic to make money. So don’t have to consider this issue, but the problem is your website survival important point. Any one of the users search information on the Internet is that they want to solve the problem, if your website content is presented just for him to solve this problem, then the user will be on your site. If the content of your website does not solve the problem for him, he is not deep impression on your web site. Let me give an example: if the user A, he search "site optimization service" in the search engine, the search engine returns the first page content information includes: providing the services of the company name, company, address, contact information, service case, service period, quotation and website optimization related information other related content. In the search engine results second pages of content information is simply introduced and some news and information company. That is obviously the first site presents to the user’s content for the user to solve this problem. Second the content of the website is not. So the search engine will think the first website can be better for the user to solve the problem of website optimization service ", the ranking is good. We do Shanghai, too, as long as it can solve the problem for the user to provide effective information for the users, our website in search engine ranking will be good. The title of the document ranking is not good because of this reason, wide of the mark. This page also further deceive search engine, will be a serious punishment of the search engine. Here we all understand for the user to solve the problem, the Shanghai dragon how important. read more

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Forum signature of Shanghai dragon really useful or not

A5 because of restrictions on the forum signature words, I have to put many links so, then there is love in Shanghai included such a domain name, so from this phenomenon, we can get the following conclusions:

In 2013 My

signature is a way to promote the promotion of Shanghai dragon is often used, all of the signature function is Public opinions are divergent. Some people say that the signature has no effect, love Shanghai for signature has been adjusted; and some people say that the signature or work, because it is a chain, spiders can still climb to the…… This series of answers, but we are a lack of conclusive evidence to prove the signature effect, a phenomenon the author encountered: read more

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Examples of common errors analysis of small and medium sized enterprises station optimization

content and long tail word

The word around


the second weight enterprise station Co., to do the long tail words, can be filled.

also, I also found a pile of Changsha counterparts "area + products" at the bottom of the website, although the website in search of Xiangtan parking lock, ranked in the top three home page. But the main keywords almost no ranking, it is the establishment of specialized lost watermelon.

The optimization of

, a keyword stuffing

enterprise station in the optimization keywords, in the content construction will play into this misunderstanding. The content is yellow, refers to the quality of the content is useful to the user. Not the entire site filled with XXX and how to improve the sales of "XX", build the first domestic brand "marketing articles. The parking lock this website, made the content and update error. read more

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Another way to the shallow layer of Shanghai Dragon

through 2 steps

what is the article of shallow, I explained as follows: to reduce the content of the page to grab a spider crawling depth, can be increased for the capture of the spider page entrance, can play a great exposure Shanghai dragon manipulation.


article on the shallow layer, is a new task to Shanghai dragon, now Shanghai Dragon Technology stagnated, I hope to have more technology, but not the unchanged for thousands of years.

3, because it is through the shallow layer, so it had a label classification, give more read more

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Do website optimization vote ranking algorithm

users for the main website optimization, is the master of all network marketing activities, to meet the maximum needs of users is our Shanghai dragon optimization of the starting point, and obtain the user score voting is all our actions to optimize. Get the user voting score in fact or to vote, vote for the page keywords based, targeted user recommendation, in order to attract users click and stop etc.. But for different types of websites, we use user >


third, we want to know the user voting score. read more

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Google search under the penguin inappropriate link building list

If you want to

if you suddenly raised the number of link building sites within a short period of time, the Google Penguin appears all this is a pile of garbage, not free from punishment.

Many other unrelated websites appeared on the website

keyword ranking, Shanghai dragon will usually put the main keywords and links to a page, a form of anchor text, such as the character signature used in the forums, for keywords ranking, this is an effective way, but for these links often can see dofollowed, Google included the signature in the link, it becomes an inbound link attraction, and therefore Google has become the goal of punishment on the illegal website. read more

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2013 Shanghai dragon should understand these

Shanghai Longfeng community contacts

Spring Festival holiday has ended, thanks to an old age for everyone, more than the rest of bucket for half a month, finally come to work, excited, half a month to rest at home, I also think about some situation about fighting the Shanghai dragon, in 2012 the Shanghai dragon industry, more than that is relatively large bucket turbulence a year. Although more than a bucket novice rookie, but by intuition, I believe that the 2013 Shanghai dragon fight, only ranking industry is no longer so simple, all in the 2012 industry turmoil inspires us to break through to change. read more

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After the 2012 Shanghai dragon world what happened

in 2013, the most obvious feeling is that a lot of Shanghai Longfeng chain is not good, generally included a lot worse than before. Many people even give up the construction of the chain optimization, focus on the station. Many of them reflect the chain of time in the forum, as long as the link appears, it cannot be love Shanghai included, only on the signature inside. In fact, the second half of 2012, as long as the spearhead is love Shanghai update to clean up the garbage outside the chain, a lot of foreign chain to raise the threshold. Compared with the traditional blog, forum, classification of information chain chain is popular, now mainstream fashion seems has undergone great changes, the most obvious is to pay for the chain growth, especially the news source. Now the Shanghai dragon nearly every day to the promotion of soft outside the chain of traditional news, classified information website also provides a number of high-quality pay chain service. This let the free known Shanghai Longfeng increased cost. The chain chain structure of news source of some popular industries such as medical sites in even accounted for 90%. read more

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At the beginning of the campus, what is the reason for me in Shanghai dragon


Shanghai Longfeng for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a method to improve the website in the relevant search engine within the natural ranking of the current way of using search engine rules. Objective to understand the Shanghai dragon is to provide ecological type of self marketing solutions for the site, let site occupies a leading position in the industry, so as to obtain brand earnings. Although not completely understand the concept of it, but the general know its meaning. This is my initial understanding of the Shanghai dragon. < > read more

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love to do the Shanghai dragon mule according to the characteristics of the search spider

, grasp the depth and breadth of

can be seen from the figure, the number of visits and grabbing quantity of love Shanghai spiders were 98600 and 224896, Google spider visits and grab amount is respectively 31157 and 172790, let us use the primary school math teacher to count the number of arithmetic average page spider visit, love Shanghai: 224896/98600=2.28, Google spider spider 172790/31157=5.54, can be seen love Shanghai crawl breadth than Google superior, while Google spiders crawl depth is significantly higher than the love Shanghai, love Shanghai every two pages to see the average spider, so much the amount of data of older sites often appear in this situation, Google included more, and the love of Shanghai included very little, at this point, Shanghai sex included the amount of time, if a large amount of data, the inside pages of random article calls this block must be Well, as for how to play their own random. read more

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Optimization of Shanghai Longfeng personnel must know

view the site itself

the world’s largest industry, now the industry is not only the previous three hundred and sixty. Every industry can have their own website, in time to get a new website, to do is to check the basic information website. Such as: there is no 404 error page, site map, site layout is conducive to the optimization, domain registration information, there is no dead links such problems. Keywords positioning and then you will see is the site is reasonable, a snapshot of the site included the chain and other information. (if no website, is to start from the registered domain name) read more

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How to judge whether it is love Shanghai marketing website drop right

fourth step, check whether Links is right down

is the main external mass malicious chain, many customers in order to reduce their workload, it was released by the chain of big mass software, released results are garbage outside the chain, and even some sites are linked to some illegal websites, this transfer function, also can make the search engine to us the site is not friendly;

introduction: engaged in marketing website operators have a web site is down right, right down means the marketing website is search engine punishment, many novices do not know how to determine whether a site is down right, then to optimize the wrong way to optimize the site, resulting in K site is down right, is also very common in the usual optimization, the most important thing to learn to find the right down, and then to deal with the problems, which is beneficial to the right down the website fast recovery, so how to determine whether it is love Shanghai marketing website drop right? Believe this is of great concern to the people, now the depth of network Xiaobian and share marketing website is right down the phenomenon. read more

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How to use the Shanghai dragon to do business website!

We want to


we must first look at the business class website which consists of: 1, the home page, each site has its own home page, this is unavoidable. 2, classification page, as is the electricity supplier website, there are a lot of products, in order to increase the user experience of the website, must have detailed classification, if the product is much can also increase the level of classification, two class or three class classification, made a very detailed classification of our products, such as for customers looking for our products. 3, is the product page, we are mainly sell products for the purpose, so the product title, product introduction, user reviews, product recommendation, the content must be convenient for users to buy other products, and increase the user to determine whether to buy our products. 4, the article page, there are two main purpose is to increase our website, two is the latest news and developments and some other information in a timely manner to show to our users, we increase the credibility of the site, and to guide users to buy two turnover. 5, if we have to do some brand products, we have to add a brand, not only can increase the internal web site links, increase the weight of the website, can guide users to buy products. Type 6, web pages and products more cases, we want to add a page outside the screen, convenient for users to search, can also enhance the user experience of the website, increase the weight of the website. The electronic commerce sites should have above the page, we can only fully understand the part of the site, is conducive to the work site post optimization. read more

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