Month: July 2017

Tell me about the experience of the new picture station

for doing web site, I am very vegetables, do not understand SEO, do not understand website optimization, do not understand what keywords, do stand is out of love.

had had several small, but not what flow, suddenly want to do a photo station a few days ago, itself is nothing to other website to see what the beauty of the picture, but looking very troublesome, especially too many ads, pictures of alliance is too much, from the station to the station chain again, from the station to another station, to finally do not know what to place. read more

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Website analysis WA and nternet data analysis dig according to the difference

has many letters or messages from other friends, asking about the difference between WA (web analysis) and Internet data mining. This problem looks really quite tangled, not because of literal understanding, but because of the specific practice in the current Internet industry. Today is the weekend, I’m bored trying to do a superficial a peephole view to solve this problem, on the one hand, hoping to accept all criticism; on the other hand, is also one of the weekend time, I eat mixed drink mixed in this world, always offering what point. read more

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Talk about my DC drop experience

just a few days ago just finished the entrance exam, the heart finally relaxed. From 2006 when I bought a computer, I began to set up their own websites, I used many virtual hosts and servers, always want to find a chance to write down the feelings, and now I can finally down to write, to provide some experience for some novice friends.

first started, what all don’t understand, when I believe that time, suzhan I use the free space, but his free space provides only about 2 months later, do not know what the reason is not provided, because their free space is good, fast, stable, and customer service attitude good. So I built on this reputation, or buy their space, but when their space is paid monthly, 30 yuan per month, you can afford it, the first station for nearly 4 months, sold to a friend. The price is still about, earned only more than 1000, although not much, but gave me a lot of experience, to pay a lot of webmaster friends. These are things that money can’t buy. My second stations continue to do it, or for his space, but only two months later, they informed me that because of internal reasons, their spatial maturity is not open, no longer renew, so that we quickly transfer data. read more

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The website does not have its own brand, waiting only to be eliminated

most web operators only focus on the amount of traffic on the site, and they spend more time from time to time investing in site traffic. Pay little attention to the brand of the website. Sometimes, the flow channels of Shanzhai websites are usually brought by search engines, so they constantly expand their websites and want to get more traffic to win advertising fees or achieve some profit goal. For this kind of website, it is extremely dangerous, because his flow mainly comes from the search engine, maybe one day the website is down right, be K station, can’t be avoided. Sometimes many webmaster friends of their website is search engine punishment, right down, will mean the site no flow, or it can be said that the site from the webmaster of life not worth a hair, or even a lost security. read more

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Website promotion soft Wen to write, but don’t rush to publish everywhere

is the webmaster of soft Wen promotion recognized more effective means of promotion, will be soft to popularity is popular for people to read the website reproduced, can not only bring about IP, can also increase the number of the chain. But, not to say that the soft text is written, you must immediately send out. The author today to talk about, soft Wen promotion should pay attention to things.

soft Wen role,

soft Wen is what, the author will not say more, do not know the Internet search. The role of the soft, soft Wen is the webmaster for the webmaster, in order to promote themselves to the promotion of the website and write articles, a variety of forms, style is not limited to, common is, the article will join Adsense to promote the website domain name. After the soft release out, if the reader feel the value, will generally follow the soft mentioned in the domain name to visit is the promotion of the website, if so, the soft was reproduced, with the general web site will also be transferred together, thereby increasing the chain for the promotion of the website. The amount of the web site is an important factor in determining the weight of the web site in the search engine. Therefore, soft Wen promotion is the webmaster more like a promotion way. read more

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SNS creates star to make your website more viscous

read a few days ago a data analysis report, Baidu post bar is the rise in 2005, at the same time, in that time period, Super Girls also held very hot. Therefore, the development of the former and the latter is the existence of large contact, especially in spring. The influence of spring corn is because it will become a small community in spring bar construction of a complete system, which is the spontaneous formation of publicity, management and other personnel.

so, from this example, it can be seen that SNS creates the importance of star, which is the core and soul of a group that drives the community to respond to this star. As for the beauty street, it will create different star. for different villages, and the village head of each village is one of the star I want to shape. Of course, the village head manages in her village, and as me, the website operator will also lead her to shape new star in her village, such as Village Flower (equivalent to school beauty) and so on. read more

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nnovation is the soul of the web

webmaster now know that to reflect the core values of the site, the core value of the site is the core services. But how do you do the core service? Your service has already been done by other websites, and it’s better than your service. Why do users have to go to your station?

so if you want to survive, you have to innovate, and innovation is the soul of the web.

innovation allows users to have to come to your station and have to come to your station because your service is not available on other websites, or other websites do not. read more

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From the Xuzhou tourist information network, how to operate the two level city tourism website

tourism website for all of us are not unfamiliar, gradually already cannot do without everyone’s life! With the social progress and the improvement of people’s living standard, everyone every year travel ideas, thus promote the vigorous development of tourism websites, especially the two city (except the tourist city). Why? A lot of two city basically no door apartment layout tourist site, basic tourism is the company’s own website and the program is very old, browsing is not convenient, not easy to find the line fixed flow basically no concept, and tourism website does not have a SEO and run past tourists need to travel! To travel, but now the development of the network, most love travel friends will find their love to see if there is no line on the website, so the two city tourism website is an opportunity for many small webmaster! But it is very difficult, with Showtime travel, with cattle and other large tourism websites gradually the market in the face of the two class city, either from the SEO or from the angle of operation, for small and medium-sized webmaster have increased the difficulty of read more

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see the direction, but don’t see the future

Why does

write this article? It’s rather boring to do it recently. I think of a big idea, conceived the profit model, and even do a promotion plan, then the template design is good, the line on the website, but the implementation of the time found that there are a lot of problems can not be solved timely, or completed within a reasonable period of time.

1, "big, small"". This statement from the king, I have the greatest impact, but also I will do before the station will be considered a problem. To some extent, the king of the station in the operator experience, it can be said to stand to a certain height. The most recommended friends search a picture of the king wrote the article. read more

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A about 3000000 concern Taobao guest QQ space to webmaster inspiration

some time ago, often wrote a few articles on grassroots webmaster how to use QQ space to site traffic flow. Today, continue to share about QQ space can give us grassroots Adsense bring benefits. Now the independent Taobao guest website is becoming more and more difficult to do. However, a about 3000000 concern Taobao guest QQ space, so many have been confused Taobao customers found new opportunities, but also our grassroots webmaster worth thinking about the new direction of site traffic import. read more

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Actual combat experience secret easy to do English station group method

I’ve been an English language station for a year and a half, and the earnings have been pretty good. Today I’ll tell you all about my whole process. At first I was doing Chinese station, a seven travel network, game site, then listen to a friend said to do English station make, I want to get involved in the next English station, my English level is very Levin, but IP still rushing, in this statement, English is not good, not necessarily do not stand up English.

started, I invested 280 yuan, bought a GD space, just when GD buy COM domain name, use coupons is 10 yuan a, I bought 2, so so invested 300 yuan. WP program is used to build. I’m sure the theme is health class, because there are lots of people who care about health, there are many contents, and the price of GG is also very high. I am looking for healthy home site, and then use the online translation, translated into English, then released, many friends here must be very niwai, this is used rotten way, to, but I have ulterior motives. Ah, so GG will judge me is the original article, included soon a lot of GG update pr after my 2 station one to 3. and then I bought a GD space, 1 COM domain, a health insurance site (Note: here the new site will not use the Chinese content translation English, here you have to think of a way to collect other people high quality articles, copyright issues, you can mark under the source. I), the 2 PR3 stations, each article has set me new links, text as follows: need health insurance information? I recommend you go to XXXX (key words, I followed the new super link) station, this site has a large number of high-quality health insurance information, then I they go to other places to do outside the chain, submitted under the directory, do a few English blog with, like this, 1 months or so, stand up, IP is not high, stable at about 1300ip, but the income is still very impressive, new stable income, come, I will continue to buy new the space, to make a stand, I was so in turn the development of stations. Perhaps the master saw, say I talk nonsense, I don’t know what to say, perhaps this is the most simple method we do not care, I could be lucky for GG, I use the most simple method to do stand up English. read more

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Blog era is about to go, SNS boom is approaching

SNS recently to play crazy, bathe refresh in the 5gsns, that afternoon to take a taxi to see "SRS" tired and boring day fall into a reverie, turning the favorites, SNS once again aroused my enthusiasm.

from the first blog to the present in the Chinese blog, do not know how long, the name change from the blog Chinese rather baffling and revision after no attention, in recent years, the establishment of their own independent personal blog, also for the N blog. A few years ago when the blog concept in the domestic spread hot, bigshots launched blog platform, from the oblog blog system after the birth of the blog hosting platform is no longer known to monopolize the world, many individual owners and organizations have launched their own blog, they all have their own theme, start the enclosure movement and gurus, to draw the user. read more

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Admin5 let me learn the simple method of promotion

is going to bed together every day I ADMIN5 to see, to see what happens, because the domestic Adsense event, is always the first time in ADMIN5. See a lot of master who are sharing the experience in writing some good articles to us and these people ordering share success. We really appreciate here, from here can learn a lot of useful things. Do it is to do good website promotion out. Not to indulge in self-admiration. Out of


1., each name standing on the BBS exchange. Get acquainted with webmaster. More post, but don’t over AD, be careful K, you can sign, keep advertising is enough,. read more

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Alexa ranking Basics

Basic knowledge of

Alexa ranking

Alexa Toolbar is displayed on the ranking of the total ranking, every 3 months the average ranking, if you want to see changes in their website short-term please go to the official website at Alexa last week and the day to see the total Ranking Ranking, ranking is not reflect recent changes.

Alexa ranking mechanism: Alexa ranking points, the main calculation parameters are two: REACH and PV

* REACH is the number of websites visited per million ALEXA active users within the same day. * PV is the average number of pages an average ALEXA user visits your web site every day. read more

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7 strokes do Windows server security

come in frequent network security incidents, enough to cause our attention to network security, personal webmaster website security can not be ignored. Not only to the website server more to strong, as strong as iron, otherwise the server will become the short board you website security "".

says that Windows security can be said to be bad. This article lists some of the Windows server security tips that can help you build a relatively secure server.

1. Do not install unnecessary software read more

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Attitude is to do stand foundation, to establish a good attitude is fundamental

involves the amount of goods turnover attitude in real life attitude, attitude, including pre-sale sale customer service attitude, attitude, attitude is an internal state of preparation, rather than reflect the actual value of sex itself, in the Internet is a matter of personal webmaster, site moderators, sales of businesses should also like the real world goods trade focus on the attitude of quality, because of personal webmaster attention attitude can win more traffic for the site, the site moderators focus on attitudes can create more harmonious elements for the forum, sales of businesses pay attention to attitude can bring more volume for yourself, now we mainly to establish the quality of individual stationmaster attitude to talk about the inner beauty of the whole set, and how to flow within the United States Tishi website, to win the trust of users. read more

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Adhere to the world without applause, where is the road

from 06 years do standing, ups and downs, ups and downs, do site time although not long, but all the webmaster can taste the hardships, I may have tasted. But the dawn of success is very weak, there is no direction to find, I completely lost! Once, once insisted in the absence of applause in the world, the webmaster of the road go from here?


before and after only 2 stations are all difficult to forum forum, said maintenance, this is not false, especially professional forum, to do is really hard, constantly updated, looking for moderators, improve the system, regulate disputes, to observe "the people", the chain increased, activities… The… Fortunately, I compare this person (I think), hard things will work, once the sink, we must do. read more

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As music pictures completed 340 million B round of financing how the nternet Movie Company Valuatio

I horse: September 18th afternoon, LETV pictures as the top three domestic private film companies are not the only one listed company announced the completion of the B round of financing, financing amounting to 340 million yuan, the number of investors including Hengtai capital, investment parameters, the valuation of the company reached 4 billion 800 million, and in August 2013 the first round of financing 1 billion 550 million yuan compared to double 3.2 times, however, is on the whole A round of investment ratio is less than 20%. read more

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Forum spam proof method summary

many friends complain, forum settings verification code registered, or even set to answer questions to register, can not solve the "register" registration problems, certainly can’t stop "post" offensive machine. Day hundreds of garbage account products, tens of thousands of the garbage generated, facing the vast sea of garbage, the webmaster forum only Duoduojia, scold at a loss what to do, just don’t understand Aguirre, batch delete spam users and posts from the database of the webmaster, do not want to delete a page, but closed the station trouble. We can’t help it? Let’s see what other websites do first. read more

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Horse horse remind webmaster hacker readme repent and be saved.

I do

station have been nearly three years period, like a lot of people buy a lot of corn, but because can not afford, so far only retained a domain name (, when the school is popular mobile number 159, and E in the network represents a lot of meaning, registered the domain name. After a few nights, I finally built my website. Then it’s crazy to advertise and apply for links. I used to have links to my website in depth forums. Later, I learned some SEO and so on, and then published articles are carefully selected, keywords also sent time to study. Finally, a week or so, Baidu, Google have included my website. read more

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