Month: March 2017

The province’s urban housing security standards increased to 16 square meters per capita

after years of efforts to build the province’s urban housing security standards have been from the initial per capita 8 square meters, to improve the current per capita of 16 square meters.

since 2008, the province’s total construction of affordable housing and various types of shantytowns 340 thousand and 700 sets of housing (households), the implementation of various types of shantytowns 86 thousand and 400 (sets). Urban affordable housing has two main categories: one is that the rental housing, low-cost housing and public rental housing; two is the purchase of housing, economic applicable housing, and carried out in the areas of high house prices of commodity housing price. In addition, the implementation of the city, state-owned mining, forest, reclamation and other shantytowns to improve the housing conditions of residents. At present, the scope of urban housing security in our province has been extended from the urban low-income families to middle-income families with housing difficulties, new employment and migrant workers and other groups. read more

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Xining municipal quality supervision departments in accordance with the law to ban the filling of ac

Qinghai news network April 16th, bureau of quality and technical supervision of Xining city law enforcement officers according to the masses, dealt with the illegal filling of acetylene dens, and seized 23 acetylene gas.

on the evening of 16, Xining Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision of special equipment safety supervision department of the law enforcement officers received a report from the masses, said that people in Nanchuan road illegal filling of acetylene. Law enforcement officers after several twists and turns to find the public to reflect the inflatable dens, several people are busy in a hospital to fill the gas tank acetylene. read more

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Yindajihuang west main canal project proposal by the Ministry of water resources shuiguizongyuan rev

in April 20 to 23, the provincial yindajihuang xiganqu canal project proposal in Xining passed the Ministry of water resources water conservancy and hydropower planning and Design Institute review, which marks the preparatory work to achieve substantive progress west channel project.

during the period of review by the Ministry of water resources shuiguizongyuan, the provincial development and Reform Commission and other relevant expert group composed of experts in the project area of field investigation, listening to the reports, and through group discussion, refer to the design documents and meetings and other forms, the necessity of the West Main Canal project construction tasks, and hydrology, engineering geology, construction scale and the project layout and the main building, electrical and metal structure, the construction organization design, construction land acquisition and resettlement, environmental impact assessment, soil and water conservation project management, project investment estimation and economic evaluation are studied and discussed, the formation of the review opinions. (author: Luo Lianjun Ma Shenglu)
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Steady development of the theme park construction in our city

In order to consolidate the achievements of green landscape construction in our city, improve the city landscape effect, in 2011 the municipal government launched the "theme park" activities, puts forward the concept of building 10 rich culture and distinctive features, plant diversity, beautiful landscape and facilities of the city park, city forestry bureau of careful planning, high standard construction. The construction of the theme park steadilyIn order to consolidate the results of afforestation read more

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Tens of millions of dollars for fresh air pollution control

Chimney, investigate dust, removal of polluting enterprises…… Last year, another air pollution remediation action in the west district "sword" started, and achieved good results. It is understood that this year, West District continue to carry out pollution control action, and arrangements for 10 million yuan pollution control fund, to improve and enhance the quality of the environment, to create a beautiful environment of the modern west.

strong measures to ensure the success of air read more

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The city of more than 2760 yuan into the construction of three

In April 15th, a reporter from the city held the "construction of news briefing was informed that at present, the municipal Party committee" key arrangement "in some key task deployment has formed a number of preliminary results.

on capital investment, finance has allocated funds more than 2760 yuan, of which, for the first time for the city’s 145 communities each year implementation of the service of the masses 4 million 250 thousand yuan of special funds (plus 10 million 250 thousand yuan, a total of 14 million 500 thousand yuan supporting districts); arrangements for rural operating funds 6 million 325 thousand yuan, 1 million 450 thousand yuan of funds for the community arrangement, operation the supervision committee members pay 1 million 960 thousand yuan subsidy, "old small village (community) Office Service Center 7 million 220 thousand yuan of special funds, rural (community) funds 2 million 200 thousand yuan, the work of Party building grass-roots party construction funds 3 million 450 thousand yuan, farmers and herdsmen Party training funds 250 thousand yuan, 480 thousand yuan of special funds for building the micro platform, just above the city the districts and units to the corresponding amount of funds will be greatly increased. In the administrative reform, adjust to cancel the decentralization of 229 administrative examination and approval, the municipal approval from 342 down to 130, examination and approval in the capital city of Northwest China at least, the construction project approval time shortened by nearly 200 working days to 44 working days; the first implementation of a negative list of industrial investment institutions and enterprises fee list system in the national capital city. First, enhance the ability, improve all levels specifically responsible for the "construction of staff thinking and understanding, to help them master the work path and method. Secondly, in the village two committees team members to establish Zuoban cadres management office, evaluation methods and mechanism, send 27 municipal cadres to the district (county) and municipal state-owned enterprises attachment, selected 25 district (county) Township and municipal state-owned enterprises level (middle) backbone and reserve cadres to the municipal level attachment organ. Vigorously implement the "cadres pier Miao plan", from the municipal authorities, the district authorities to send 10 to send 90 to two batches of dry part of our city rural (community) attachment. Send 2 cadres in Guoluo Maqin County, banma County testing exercise, enhance the comprehensive ability to serve the people.   read more

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This year, the province will invest 3 billion 400 million yuan relocation placement of 20 thousand,

recently, the reporter learned from the provincial poverty alleviation Bureau was informed that this year our province plans to invest 3 billion 434 million yuan, to take centralized resettlement and combined independent resettlement, in 38 counties (city) 582 villages to implement poverty alleviation project relocation, relocation of 20 thousand households, 78 thousand people.

is reported that, according to the introduction of our province, "a group of eight" poverty alleviation action plan and ten industry sector specific poverty program "requirements, the relocation of households are housing area of 80 square meters, the centralized resettlement of participatory households, Xining, Haidong City grants 80 thousand yuan per household, in six, 90 thousand yuan subsidy per household the placement of the independent; filing cards per household, a one-time subsidy of 100 thousand yuan. The relocation of the village community synchronous non participatory, Xining and Haidong city two 45 thousand yuan subsidy per household, in six, 55 thousand yuan subsidy per household. At the same time, the centralized resettlement of participatory and non participatory household household infrastructure funds by 60 thousand yuan per household budget; arrange households filing riser land compensation fees in Xining and Haidong city two 60 thousand yuan per household, in six, 50 thousand yuan per household; non participatory household land acquisition costs by the county co-ordination and farmers solve. read more

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The second round of inspections of the provincial Party committee in July will begin inspections of

July 13th, the provincial Party committee held the second round of inspections mobilization meeting in 2015. Provincial Party committee, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the provincial inspection team leader Dorje Geltan speech, provincial Party committee, provincial organization department Minister presided over the Hu Changsheng.

Dorje Geltan stressed that the inspection teams to the spirit of General Secretary Xi series of important speech as a guide, conscientiously implement the spirit of the central inspections of new conference, adhere to the central inspection work policy unswervingly, in accordance with the requirements of the provincial Party committee, strengthen confidence determination, focus on the comprehensive strict party, with the party’s political discipline, organization and discipline, discipline, honesty the masses of discipline, discipline, discipline and deepen the "four focus", adhere to the strict discipline in the law, discipline, discipline and rules is in front, with most control discipline. To adhere to the problem oriented, in efforts to find problems; adhere to the side edge guard, strengthen the use of the results, enhance the effectiveness of supervision; to strengthen the ideological construction discipline inspection group, conscientiously perform their duties, abide by discipline strictly, build trust, trust the people’s provincial patrol cadres. read more

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Wang Yubo three construction to make the masses supervision and evaluation

recently, mayor Wang Yubo pomp, in-depth contact point three units north of the city area, investigation and supervision of basic construction work. Wang Yubo and his entourage came to the Chaoyang Street Qilian Road West, Xining rural commercial community service center, Da Bao Zi Zhen Zhu Village and other grass-roots organizations, every one, he has a detailed understanding of the unit in strengthening the construction of grass-roots organization, enhance the basic work ability, strengthen the basic work and other aspects of the new approach, new and existing problems, and careful questioning of ordinary people, the grass-roots staff of basic understanding, understanding and construction to carry out basic construction suggestions. read more

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You and me with the eyes of world science unlimited wonderful – North District CDPF to carry out the

in order to improve the masses the eye, eye protection consciousness, develop good habits with the eyes. In the "National Day" is approaching, June 4th to 5, and the district CDPF District Health Bureau, the District Education Bureau combined deep into the area of part of the community and schools to carry out eye care special lectures.

this lecture by the District Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine expert Shi Xiaoyan speech, respectively, in Chaoyang, small bridge office, the organization of the area of the elderly, low vision patients on behalf of more than 100 people to participate in lectures. In the lecture, Dr. Shi from the structure of the eye, causing eye diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and main factors effect on visual acuity, and what kind of patients are suitable for cataract surgery, the masses do detailed explanation, make you fully understand the meaning of love and love eyes eye. During the lecture, Dr. Shi also interact with each other, often encountered in the prevention of disease and treatment methods and the presence of the masses were discussed, one by one to the masses raised questions in detail. After the lecture, we paid for prevention, area residents diabetes in elderly health care knowledge, adolescent myopia prevention of more than 400 copies of promotional materials, hope these promotional materials on behalf of the people and their knowledge in the lecture to the extensive publicity out, in the area of the masses in the universal love eyes eye related knowledge, to develop a good habit the scientific eye in the crowd. read more

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Strengthen the audit of rural highway construction funds to ensure the safety of construction funds

conscientiously fulfill internal oversight responsibilities, adhere to the "Audit Law, serving the overall situation, around the center, focused, pragmatic" principle, strive to improve the city’s rural highway management and solve the problem analyzing ability and level, and constantly enhance the city’s rural highway internal audit prevention, revealing and resisting ability, for the construction of rural roads, health the stable and sustainable development escort, to ensure the safety of rural highway construction funds play a positive role. Xining city traffic bureau from June 19, 2012 of Datong County, Huang Zhongxian, Huangyuan County traffic bureau, city traffic construction development Co., Ltd. four City Project Construction Committee, the District Construction Bureau of rural highway construction funds to carry out internal audit supervision. read more

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Province to establish emergency rescue fund to help the rescue difficult pilot work

to conscientiously implement the Ministry of civil affairs, the Ministry of Finance on the relevant requirements to carry out emergency difficult pilot work, to promote the province emergency difficult work to achieve tangible results, in October 17th, the provincial Civil Affairs Department issued "on the issue of establishing emergency difficult Assistance Fund grant funds notice", issued 9 million yuan of subsidies to help Xining City area of the province’s 15 emergency difficult pilot areas to establish emergency difficult assistance fund. By helping to fund the flexibility and convenient role play, personalized strong, to give the government relief is still difficult family timely assistance to protect poor people through the crisis of survival, to prevent the impact of social moral and psychological bottom line events, promote social harmony and stability. read more

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The province’s insurance industry is committed to strengthening the construction of the rapid claims

in Xining city traffic congestion, recently, through the special coordination meeting, the insurance industry in our province and the relevant departments around the city of Xining, reached a consensus: "rule blocking Paul Chang" project to promote, to further accelerate the construction of Xining City, fast claims service center to improve the function, benefit people tamie.

Xining traffic accident claims service center was established nearly two years, played a certain role, due to the lack of publicity and other reasons, the center is currently on the edge of failure. According to the relevant requirements of leadership, especially the current traffic congestion in the urban area of Xining, the province of insurance and related departments: Center as an important part of rule blocking Paul Chang "project, to further intensify propaganda in driving a test subject, increase fast fast lose at the center topic, let all vehicle drivers understand, process and effect known as the center; the loss amount of unified, improve the processing center line; to stay the scene of the accident, not quickly removed the parties to increase the punishment; provincial insurance association from the person responsible for the center, increase the assessment efforts; strengthen regular communication mechanism, timely introduction of third square in the center, and constantly improve the center’s rules and regulations, so as to cure blocking Paul Chang engineering part of the fast claims service Heart to play a more effective role. read more

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9 families with difficulties to get the golden autumn scholarship

days ago, the Municipal Public Security Bureau of the 9 workers in difficulty of joy to the Federation of trade unions issued "the student" grants, to continue their studies solution as pressing danger for their children.

It is reported that

, to actively assist the Party committee and the government to solve the urban poor and migrant workers children to university difficult problem, to ensure that the difficulties workers in the city admitted to colleges and universities (migrant workers) children dropped out of school due to poverty, trade unions continue to carry out trade union "autumn student activities within the city. This activity as an important task of the municipal public security bureau Party committee, bureau of the trade unions "police warm heart", from the beginning of the first half of this year, the Municipal Public Security Bureau of the Union will organize specialized personnel thoroughly research in the global scope, and actively contact the Municipal Federation of trade unions for recipients number. City Federation of trade unions funded the City Public Security Bureau 9 difficult workers to help their children continue to complete their studies. For a long time, the Municipal Public Security Bureau in Union City Federation of trade unions under the leadership, always adhere to the overall situation, based on the basic, combining a good job in the service, seek development in innovation; always put the police need as the first signal, to solve the difficulties and problems of the police as the first priority, efforts to play the role of a bridge between the trade union organization how do the police, warm heart, service to the people of the work, and strive to build a reliable political, professional, excellent style of public security team, and make new and greater contributions to the construction of harmonious Xining. Washington (reporter Wang Xiaofang) read more

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Aerospace experts into the province’s colleges and universities about the story of space

"21:31 on April 24, 1970, the first satellite" Dongfanghong Chinese launched "1 into space, this is a milepost significance China space history event, which is why our country will be set up in April 24th as the reason Chinese on space……" April 22nd, China Aerospace Science and technology group, a researcher Zhang Huiyuan came to the Qinghai University Museum of science and technology to teachers and students about the history of China’s aerospace.

according to reports, in April 24th this year, China’s first space day". Therefore, office of industry of science and technology, national defense aerospace expert at the Qinghai University for inviting the history and status quo of college students in our province and part of the military enterprises about the development of China’s aerospace industry, the status of aerospace industry in the national defense and economic construction in the role and future prospects. Through face-to-face talks lectures, photo exhibition and other forms of popular science, popular science knowledge of space, further inspire young people to love the motherland, advocating science, advocating the enthusiasm of scientists. () read more

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Discipline and discipline

Even Japan, across the province to seriously study the provincial network security and Informatization Leading Group conference spirit, further innovative ideas, good network security services to more pragmatic initiatives, sing the main theme online, firmly grasp the ideological initiative, initiative, comprehensive deepening reform, building a well-off social cohesion consensus.

consciously abide by Party disciplineMember of the Standing Committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Cao Jiansong / read more

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