Month: February 2017

Difficulties and solutions of industrial products online trading

now, the mall of industrial products is growing like a thick, but in fact, not much profit. Because MRO online supermarket and other online shopping mall is not the same, industrial products have its particularity. Analysis of the current status of industrial products online shopping, the main problems in the logistics.

industrial long-distance logistics of low cost, short the high cost of logistics and industrial products in the face of online supermarket near the road. What to do? So, online industrial supermarket is not as we expected will be smooth, and the reality of the hardware supermarket, meet all kinds of difficulties. For example, the hardware products in the industry of mechanical and electrical goods, the long-distance logistics are basically large quantities, fixed point transport, relatively low cost. The logistics management is different, because the factory location city MRO customer purchase outside the country, each batch purchase and size, the logistics cost is up high. As a result, the Industrial Products Mall proud puerile was cut the cost of logistics. read more

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Advocacy data on electricity supplier industry development may not be beneficial

recently, the article said, there are currently 80% domestic iron and steel enterprises to carry out e-commerce, according to the survey data show that domestic large and small steel electricity supplier at least more than 2 thousand, more than 10 large steel production enterprise which has achieved remarkable results in online sales, about 3 of the steel trade enterprises earn more profits through the electronic commerce.

first, we need to define the concept of e-commerce. What is electronic commerce? Is the electronic information flow, capital flow and logistics, to the whole process of business activities effectively all or most of the links in the e-commerce platform, finally realizes the seamless integration. read more

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Ali, Jingdong and other ten electricity supplier was interviewed double eleven disable the lowest pr

[Abstract] SAIC found that in the promotion, the electricity supplier to deal with the lack of large-scale transactions, disrupting market order behavior.

with "double eleven" is approaching, the major electricity suppliers have started advertising promotional sales activities eager for a fight, but at the same time, the State Administration for Industry and commerce at the end of the business but also to strengthen the supervision of.

recently, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, Jingdong, Alibaba called, Ctrip and other 10 enterprises to conduct interviews, focus on how to expand the sales behavior management confusion issue. read more

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Wish delay delivery rate of over 10% new businesses can not sell

news September 17th, billion state power network that days ago, Wish announced that since the beginning of October 10, 2016, or will delay in delivery rate of more than 10% businesses to suspend trading penalties imposed.

According to

billion state power network to understand, Wish index refers to the delivery delay between logistics data recording time from the single to the first scan for more than five days; delay delivery rate refers to the total number of orders by orders within a week of the delay of shipment value. read more

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Express and record 7000 enterprises arena fighting seven hundred billion market

this is a story full of rivers and lakes, life, or death, come so suddenly. As if overnight, was sitting on the 25 thousand army Shanghai CCES express company (hereinafter referred to as "CCES") is the industry and ashes to ashes, the top ten courier company has not yet completely out of the collapse of clouds, in new Zhejiang but three months of the strong express then sounded the assembly, the original CCES express to join taking all data to the arm, and one will spread to the business on both sides of the Changjiang River corps. read more

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Baidu has three plans to make it more open

recently, Baidu has ah in the Baidu Technology Innovation Conference 2009, breath launched the "Fengming", "the ark" and "Bretton Woods" three plan. And say the name let people have enough Lenovo, Baidu in the end this is to "play" or a


there is the layout of the ah, I simply draw a map, so that we can see more clearly:

from this map can clearly see the development of its strategy, within the three major projects, it is very concerned about is its open merchant marketing platform: read more

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Discussion on judging whether the liar Wangzhuan method

I began to study the domestic and foreign money project since 2005, began to study and practice do not know from what the novice, understand the network multiplication principle, has been very optimistic about the prospects of the Internet to make money. However, the Internet has a lot of money to cheat a lot of projects, some projects are very deceptive, which has been a headache for many novice problem. I’m here to share some of their own Wangzhuan experience.

, what is the Wangzhuan liar read more

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Do Taobao guest day to 200 experience sharing

Taobao off for 3 months, to see Ali mother forum to share the experience of predecessors about every day, they like by Taobao customers earn thousands or even tens of thousands of monthly income, heart is really envy or not, dream about the day can like the master that the monthly income of 10000 yuan, even if only a few thousand dollars can also be


forum posting publicity, QQ publicity, build a blog to write soft Wen propaganda, almost every method is used, did not see the income rise, the heart is really very disappointed. When I was to leave Taobao off, I suddenly thought, I can’t give up, I will stick to it, Sima Qian wrote by castration "historical records", Goethe took 60 years to write Faust, they are not stick to it has made great efforts to read more

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Micro electricity supplier to fight on the line! Buy new mode

a new model of group buying – fight, is gradually entering the public view, and constantly attract the attention of consumers. Fight group, it is quite popular at present buy new pattern. Following the market trend, the development of pig CMS micro electricity supplier to fight the League model is also on the line recently.

multi-level fight to meet the business needs of

pig CMS micro electricity supplier to fight the League model to support the establishment of multiple levels of business indicators, easy for fans to fight. The number of the fight with the purchase price by the merchant in the background according to the needs of custom settings. read more

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The deconstruction of China providers the winter capital Tanchun tour VS

in 1999, a lot of people the impression is "the happy youth" story in Arabia Ma, now known as the electricity supplier of Hangzhou, created a company called "Alibaba" website, since then, a Chinese business enterprise called "electronic commerce" and the birth of the business model, to catch the speeding the development of the train, heading for the altar rail to wealth.

after ten years today, e-commerce in Chinese popular, has become an inevitable choice for many operators, B2B, C2C, B2C, O2O…… A series of strange nouns and their business models are becoming more and more popular and penetrate into every aspect of people’s lives. read more

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n Equ enjoy shopping mall eliminate fake resist MLM

Duang~~ 2015 Equ mall shopping platform to create strong strikes again! New business model for entrepreneurs and consumers to enjoy profits and shopping on the platform, the traditional mode, victory of the online shopping mall in 2015, Equ upgrade again, providing unprecedented shopping experience for consumers, and to the actual business operation is shattered questioned MLM rumors.

Equ mall is the theme of the online retail mall model innovation, to create the story instead of the network retail mall price competition, chartered by the State Department of Commerce Cullinan Shengshi group investment founded in January 1, 2012. Equ mall business five innovative unique consumer shopping theme, C2C, B2C, complete with consumers and stores the bound planning, 20000 special planning, marketing team ground entity store unique and creative, well-known experts and scholars study in economy and e-commerce, deduced Equ mall complete business planning mode, will become the mainstream of future shopping e-commerce. read more

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Open the safe passage for the rational purchase virtual enterprise e-commerce

do not do e-commerce, five years later you will regret." This sentence is not only in Ma’s "wild", is the development trend of the information age. Many enterprises aware of the seriousness of this development trend, the enterprise website has become an important part of the development of e-commerce.

according to the survey data show that 80% of the world’s corporate Web site in the use of virtual host. Due to the virtual host in the cost of more in line with the needs of the enterprise site, so the virtual host to become the best choice for enterprise site. read more

Read More response in Taiwan was found and the relevant authorities have divestment of communicatio

Taiwan Economic Department said the day before, false foreign name, not retroactive in Taiwan owned land program, in accordance with the shareholder structure of false declaration, open fined 24 million NT, and the deadline to stop or withdraw investment within half a year. For now Taobao is found suitable for application events to land and capital structure of the enterprise, Taobao spokesman yesterday told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter said, the relevant authorities and we have the very good communication, hope to continue to provide the best way for service to all sellers and merchants in Taiwan. read more

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Domestic e-commerce into a sought after foreign retailers have entered

October 18th, such a news, all over the world’s major international media headlines. That is one of the largest retailers in the United States, WAL-MART is about to enter China’s e-commerce. Through the study of the mainland market, WAL-MART found that what accelerated the WAL-MART to enter the Chinese e-commerce market. First of all, WAL-MART and the rapid growth in the mainland market, on the other hand, there is a huge potential for the domestic e-commerce market is inseparable.

in the special period of the financial crisis in the United States, WAL-MART’s business situation is not ideal, but on the other hand, retail sales in Chinese but has a rapid growth, which makes WAL-MART realize, Chinese has gradually from simple manufacturing country to change the consumption power. According to statistics, WAL-MART this retailer in the country, has opened 175 stores. read more

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B2B type of enterprise products to obtain the correct position of the seed user

compared to the individual consumer market, the enterprise services market is still a lot of room for growth, and far from reaching the outbreak of the node. According to statistics, in 2014 China’s enterprise class market transactions amounted to 10 trillion yuan, and in the last two years, the number is still growing forward. In the face of such a huge market, many a person with breadth of vision began mustering the strength to earn a ticket in the field of business services, so many business services for the products, has emerged. So when you get used to the individual user, can you get the enterprise user? read more

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Hundred investors to explore activist group threatened to go to the United States and the United Sta

in the United States office building standing at 12 at noon on February 26th, not more than demonstrators marched, not shouting slogans, blocking the door, into the office area, banners and slogans or personal attacks……"

QQ activist group screenshot

The content of the announcement of

the contents of the one hundred people QQ group released in February 18th, the group called rights group, some small shareholders criticized’s low-cost privatisation scheme who established the group. read more

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B2C network promotion methods – Case Analysis

Ye Song also recently on electronic commerce this one, but also in-depth understanding of some industry reputation for doing a lot of B2C, from the analysis of third party data, visibility is inversely proportional with the volume, it is a surprise to me is not small, and especially foreign trade, after a period of high rate of return; observation of the time, Ye Song collected some home page on the portal site every day, large-scale advertising advertising on the video site B2C, accidentally discovered a few or very well done, the network promotion methods take a health care products B2C make a analysis of today, the name is not said, in order to avoid it is considered to be advertising, there are many places worthy of our reference. read more

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Fresh electricity providers to learn how to do fresh and fresh


was small, as long as the rain years, small small valley is full of water, with my buddies favorite thing to do is going to dive, finally caught the fish is not large, and most of them are tasteless gesture of the silver carp, silver carp at noon and take them home to cook a pot of soup. Drank two bowls. At that time the village there is a retired teacher, a good fruit, his family’s grape famous township, we a few naughty, occasionally go to the orchard to steal a few grapes to snack, much more delicious. read more

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The rapid rise of electronic business platform SNS will accomplish much

Taobao as the largest business platform in the first half of the year, has launched "the shopkeeper said" the online social networking services, SNS is a big move in Taobao this year, this is the first use of SNS business platform, micro-blog now has become the new favorite of marketing, social networking platform has become an important role to create electricity supplier, the most stable beauty group for the development of group purchase website also took the lead in the earlier and happy net SNS integration, the rise of the electricity supplier is unable to leave the platform using SNS. What aspects of the SNS platform will have an important impact on it? read more

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A NetEase ndiana yuan rich play multiple harvest

with the electricity supplier in the form of more and more in-depth, the concept of "more and more popular, raise public NetEase as a domestic advanced Internet Co, the combination of the two concepts — NetEase launched one yuan Indiana platform user feedback. A NetEase in Indiana yuan platform, users only need to spend 1 yuan of money, it is possible to obtain the current popular commodity prices, play fresh, fair and open the lottery mode, this summer has been hot pursuit.

NetEase one yuan Indiana rich gameplay, including conventional Indiana, Indiana, a coin ten yuan area and so on, wonderful play bring fresh stimulus is not the same, but also harvest multiple surprises. read more

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