Reds 2015

first_imgEven if the Reds go on a winning streak in September, there is little chance that they can move out of 4th place.  In fact, right now they are struggling to stay ahead of the Cubs.  A lot of questions need to be answered during the off season.Will they sign all of their top pitchers who are in the last year of their contracts?  They can probably get 3 or 4 good players/prospects for Cueto and/or Latos.  It will be very hard to give either of them the money they can demand on the open market.  They also have to decide who is going to play left field.  Will they give Heisey his chance or will they move Frasier to left field and play Negron at 3rd base?It does not seem that there are a lot of prospects in their minor league system.  Tucker Barnhart is the top prospect, but he is a catcher and they already have two good ones on the roster now.  There will be a lot of high-level meetings before Spring Training begins in February of 2015.  Another possible move is to get a new General Manager to replace Walt Jocketty.   We will have to wait and see.last_img

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