17% increase in electrical fires

first_img– Fire Chief advises safe use of electricityWith a 17 per cent rise in electrical fires documented, the Guyana Fire Service (GFS) is advising safer use ofFire Chief Marlon Gentleelectricity, according to the Government Information Agency (GINA).GINA quoted Chief Fire Officer Marlon Gentle as saying that 135 external electrical fires have been reported this year compared to 115 for the same period last year.He asserted that most of these fires are observed to be stirring within the newly established villages, including Diamond (East Bank Demerara), Parfait Harmonie (West Bank Demerara) and Cummings Lodge (East Coast Demerara).“We’re still at the stage where persons are using drop cords or two or three households sharing the same power which is somewhat illegal also,” Gentle highlighted.The Fire Chief noted that electrical fires not only cause destruction to buildings but can result in the loss of lives through electrocution, thus emphasis is being placed on the need to use electricity safely.“If you need to use electricity, use it correctly, use it properly. Have a hired certified electrician to do your electrical installations,” Gentle advised.Though there has been an increase in electrical fires, the GFS reported a six per cent reduction in malevolent locations of fires and a 10 per cent decline in buildings being affected by fires.However, documentation shows an increase of “fire calls” totalling 1405 for the year but according to the Fire Service, this was due to the “dry spell” period endured by Guyana recently, where grass fires and bush fires erupted at various locations in the country.Additionally, there has also been an increase in “crank calls” to the Fire Service where Gentle explained the difficulty in detaining these callers because of the use of mobile phones. Nevertheless, it was stressed that falsely reporting a fire is a criminal offence.last_img

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