Taylor resident requests zoning bylaw variance for chickens and rooster

first_imgTAYLOR, B.C. – At a District of Taylor Council meeting, on Monday, Council heard from a citizen requesting for a variance to a zoning bylaw.Tammy Smith is requesting that Council makes a variance to the zoning bylaw to accommodate her chickens and one rooster, this following a complaint the District had received from an undisclosed resident.The District did not disclose the specific complaint but did list their own reasons for not allowing a rooster within District limits, such as noise issues. As for the limit of chickens, Council said they referred to other communities and found that six was a good maximum to keep down on smell and noise.Smith says she keeps her coop and yard clean by using wood shavings and proper ventilation, so there would be no concern for a smell. As for noise, her chickens are locked up at night until mid-morning.The matter is now before the Protection Committee for further review.last_img

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