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Munster fan who confronted Billy Vunipola banned from Thomond Park

first_imgMunster fan who confronted Billy Vunipola banned from Thomond Park The supporter will also be prohibited from attending matches at Irish Independent Park. By Murray Kinsella Friday 3 May 2019, 12:07 PM 39,253 Views May 3rd 2019, 12:07 PM 79 Comments Short URL Share11 Tweet Email The Munster fan confronted Vunipola at the Ricoh Arena. Source: Dan Sheridan/INPHOThe supporter was banned from the Ricoh Arena for that incident and Munster have now followed up by prohibiting him from attending games at the province’s two home stadiums, Thomond Park in Limerick and Irish Independent Park in Cork.While a Munster Rugby statement does not confirm any duration for the ban, The42 understands that it essentially amounts to a lifetime ban.Munster Rugby – who previously stated that the fan is not a member of their supporters’ club and does not hold a season ticket – underwent a thorough legal process to determine their rights in this regard.“Following further investigation into the incident involving a spectator entering the field of play at the Ricoh Arena, the province can confirm that a decision has been made to prohibit the supporter from attending matches at Irish Independent Park and Thomond Park, in addition to the ban from the Ricoh Arena,” reads a statement from Munster Rugby.  “The province wishes to reiterate it does not condone the entry of any spectator to the field of play.“While it was hugely disappointing to see a supporter breach the stadium regulations, the behaviour of this one individual is not reflective of our supporters.” Vunipola was formally warned by Saracens and the RFU. Source: Dan Sheridan/INPHOVunipola has not served a ban from the game since ‘liking’ Folau’s homophobic post on Instagram and subsequently publishing his own post that said “man was made for woman to procreate.”The 26-year-old was given a formal warning by both the RFU and Saracens, who said Vunipola “made a serious error of judgment in publicly sharing his opinion, which is inconsistent with the values of the club and contravenes his contractual obligations.”Gavan Casey and Murray Kinsella are joined by Andy Dunne to discuss all the week’s rugby news.: Source: The42 Rugby Weekly/SoundCloudSubscribe to our new podcast, The42 Rugby Weekly, here: MUNSTER RUGBY HAS banned the supporter who confronted Saracens’ Billy Vunipola from attending games at Thomond Park and Irish Independent Park.The fan entered the pitch at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry following Munster’s 32-16 Champions Cup semi-final defeat on 20 April to remonstrate with England international Vunipola, who had defended Israel Folau’s homophobic social media post. Subscribe Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

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Neville can understand Rooneys move

first_imgWayne Rooney is likely to leave Everton after just one season and join DC United in the American MLS – and Gary Neville can understand this decision as playing again in your old club just isn’t the same.The former England international has been a key player this season for the Toffees but he is likely to leave in the summer, while Gary Neville insisted that it is understandable that he wants to try something different in his career.The former Manchester United player spoke about Rooney’s situation, according to Sky Sports:Jose Mourinho is sold on Lampard succeeding at Chelsea Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 Jose Mourinho wanted to give his two cents on Frank Lampard’s odds as the new Chelsea FC manager, he thinks he will succeed.There really…“I thought it was nice that he went back to Everton, but it never quite works when you go back.”“My view is that to experience something completely different would be a great thing for him – to get away and try something different.” “He’s got 30/35 years of his life to think about, coming pretty quickly. To experience different things, different culture, different environment, and to learn about new things is not a bad thing for him.”“He’s got a big decision to make in the next couple of years about what he does in his post-career.”last_img read more

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Murkowski Sullivan diverge on Sessions

first_imgThen-senator Jeff Sessions at a Trump campaign event last year. (Photo: Gage Skidmore/cc)U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said today (March 2) he will not involve himself in any investigation of foreign interference in last year’s election.Listen now“I have now decided to recuse myself from any existing or future investigations of any matter related in any way to the campaigns for president of the United States,” Sessions announced.Sessions was an advisor to the Trump campaign. He’s now taking heat from members of Congress, mostly Democrats, over his failure to disclose during his confirmation hearing that he’d met twice with Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak.Before Sessions announced his decision, Alaska’s two U.S. senators took different positions.Sen. Lisa Murkowski, through a spokeswoman, said that Sessions should recuse himself and provide information about his meetings with the ambassador.Sen. Dan Sullivan defended Sessions. A Sullivan press release blamed Democrats for trying to disparage the attorney general. The senator called it a “politically motivated witch hunt.”“Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a man of integrity and principle, and I take him at his word that when, and if appropriate, he will recuse himself,” Sullivan said.Sullivan served with Sessions on the Senate Armed Services Committee and said meeting ambassadors is part of the job.Sessions said today he did not recall any campaign-related discussion with the Russian ambassador.His announcement came as several Republicans in Congress joined Democrats in calling for recusal. Democratic leaders are also asking Sessions to resign.last_img read more

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From Teacher to top beauty entrepreneur Ashima Makhijas successful journey is encouraging

first_imgAshima MakhijaPR HandoutSometimes, some people have to make a tough choice of quitting their job to pursue something they always loved. It might look like a risk, but what’s life without taking one? One such person who took a chance of quitting her job as a teacher to achieve her dreams in the beauty and fashion world is Ashima Makhija.Ashima was a teaser and she had quite a stable job. But a few years ago, she left it because what interested her was working for something in the field of fashion and being an entrepreneur. 5 years ago, she started her blog, ColorsnGlitters. In the initial days, she started writing reviews of different beauty products and shared her views on different fashion trends. She used to do the same on her Instagram page.However, with time, her popularity rose and people started trusting and admiring her for her work. They loved their beauty product reviews, engagement with her followers and the way she presented herself in every post. Her popularity and great work also led to her collaboration with several big brands like Genesis Luxury, Mac Cosmetics, Tresemme, Maybelline, Garnier, Rado and many more.All the popularity and success helped Ashima Makhija in launching her own brand GLASM COSMETICS. It started on Christmas in 2018. GLASM COSMETICS sells good quality of make-up brushes. The products are available at a reasonable rate and very suitable for Indian buyers.About how to stand out with your work and have loyal customers, Ashima believes that one must deliver a quality product, be genuine and honest. She said that in order to make their mark in this competitive world, one must be humble with and put forward authentic work in front of their customers. According to Ashima, the sole intention of an entrepreneur or someone who comes with their own startup should be giving quality products and satisfaction to the masses.last_img read more

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Sex For Repairs Scandal Continues to Plague Public Housing

first_img“I hope they tear this place down, it isn’t safe! It’s got mice, roaches, rats, mold, bedbugs—all kinds of pests…” said Danielle Harris a longtime resident of Perkins Homes. And her sentiment is echoed by many living in the public housing complex. The AFRO spoke to tenants about the conditions at Perkins Homes.Taneeta Wilson, a resident of the Perkins Homes public housing development in East Baltimore points to crumbling plaster from her leaky kitchen ceiling.Wanda, who only wanted her first name used, said black mold in her home triggered a health hazard, because she said she has an autoimmune disorder. “I started experiencing, in the bathroom and the kitchen, these big, black spots, like in the corner of the bathtub, which was, they say, mold…When maintenance came they sprayed white paint over the spots in the bathroom…the paint started to wash away in the shower but the mold was still there,” she said.As residents described deplorable living conditions for their families another story emerged—residents alleged women were being asked to exchange money or sexual favors for maintenance services already guaranteed by their lease. Although many claimed they knew of women who had been harassed, only one woman came forward and shared her notarized statement of the harassment she experienced.According to a woman identified as “Ms. W” the electricity was intermittent at her home, and her refrigerator would lose power. She says the management office dispatched a maintenance worker who installed a large generator in the kitchen to power her home. When she realized the generator made too much noise for her and her child to sleep, she asked for it to be removed. “He came back out to my house to pick the machine up, and he said it would cost me $150. I did not have it because it was the end of the month, and I had no more money to pay him. He stated to me, ‘Well, we can have sex to clear this bill up,’” according to her statement. This allegation echoes a similar scandal which emerged last year at Gilmor Homes. The city settled a lawsuit for almost $8 million after more than a dozen residents said they had been asked for sex in exchange for repairs.The AFRO contacted the Housing Authority of Baltimore City (HABC) and discovered there have been 18 complaints of sexual harassment in Perkins Homes since 2016.HABC communications director Tania Baker refused to comment specifically on the status of the sexual harassment complaints. “It is HABC policy not to disclose the outcome of any personnel investigation, as personnel matters are confidential by law,” was Baker’s response.Lucky Crosby a former public housing maintenance worker and whistleblower said that the lack of response was calculated, “I know that sexual harassment is still happening, I’ve heard the complaints and I know women have reported it…but they just sweep it under the rug.”The complaints about Perkins come as Beatty Development, the company that developed Harbor Pointe in Harbor East, allegedly is moving forward with plans to revitalize and redevelop Perkins Homes.The question remains, will this have any impact on the plans that Beatty Development and the City of Baltimore have for redevelopment. Last year, a development deal for Perkins with Virginia based CRC Partners fell apart for undisclosed reasons. Beatty Development and Perkins Point Partners have promised, “high-quality housing for people of all income levels,” but have not yet released the details of how many affordable housing units will be available to residents who wish to stay in Perkins homes. Although residents say they are still struggling with conditions in Perkins and fearful of retaliation for their complaints, some are even more fearful the future of Perkins will have no place for them.last_img read more

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VIDEO Super chill David Stern thinks medical marijuana should be legal and

first_imgFormer NBA Commissioner David Stern was viewed as a disciplinarian during his time running the NBA. He was definitely not an ally to NBA players when it came to weed. In his retirement, Stern has become surprisingly more chill regarding the ganj.He spoke with former NBA player and medical marijuana entrepreneur Al Harrington, in an interview for the Uninterrupted, and said that he supports the legalization of medical marijuana – largely because he saw a CNN documentary by Sanjay Gupta that enlightened him to the medical usage of the drug – and thinks the NBA should remove it from the banned substance list.File this interview under “Things you never thought you would hear in a million years.” David Stern is now down with the herb.last_img read more

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3 Ways Scrappy Entrepreneurs Can Keep Data Scientists on Board and Motivated

first_img 5 min read These days, there’s a lot being said about big data and the value that comes from properly utilizing it. I’ve written previously about the importance of having a data science team. The next goal is to figure out how to keep those data scientists happy.Related: Look for These 7 Characteristics Before Hiring a Data ScientistAt The Data Incubator, we’ve spoken to hundreds of companies looking to hire data scientists from our training program. They’ve ranged from large corporations like Capital One and eBay to smaller, nimbler outfits like Betterment, Upstart and Mashable; and all have been eager for suggestions on how to retain their data scientists.Even without the capital provided by a larger corporation, there are plenty of ways — most of them free — for scrappy entrepreneurs to keep their data scientists engaged and on board. Here are three tips:1. Give your data scientist a purpose.It’s important for data scientists to understand how the work they do fits in with the broader mission of the business. To help make them feel like valued members of the team, have them spend time with business or product units. This will provide them context to better understand the problems they are facing and, in turn, will strengthen their analyses.Feeling valued will also lead them to make better products and deliver better services to your customers. The more connected they feel, the better their work will be.Data scientists, like many technical employees, get motivated by solving challenging problems. So, find intellectually stimulating new questions for them to work on or ask them to come up with their own. Engage them by encouraging them to work on compelling data sets. Allow them to work with your engineering staff to automate their repetitive weekly tasks. These things will help keep them connected to the company and keep them mentally sharp.2. Help your data scientist foster a sense of ownership.Entrepreneurs are often strapped for cash, so it makes sense to allow your data scientists to utilize his or her favorite open-source tools. Data scientists don’t exist in a vacuum; they’re part of a larger network of peers collaborating in an open-source movement. Encouraging them to contribute to open-source projects, and giving them the time to do so, gives them a greater sense of ownership and a broader purpose: contributing to the open-source community. If open source alternatives are not available, buy or build your own tools. Seek the data scientists’ input for the procurement or purchasing process. In the same way that a chef gets frustrated working with someone else’s dull knives, data scientists will become equally frustrated if forced to use the wrong tools for the job. Involving them in the decision-making process will increase their sense of ownership and avoid jeopardizing their morale and desire to stay with your company.Related: Hire Better Talent With a Big-Data ScientistRecognize the accomplishments of your data scientists and make sure you give them credit for their hard work. Good data scientists can take terabytes of data from a number of sources and synthesize that data into a single, succinct graph. This can be challenging work, even if they make it look easy, and this work is often overlooked.Letting your data scientists present their findings to management (and publicly thanking them when they do so) will help them feel connected to the company’s broader mission. And, after all, no one is more familiar with the analysis than the data scientist who performed it.3. Provide your data scientists with the support they needAs an entrepreneur, you may not have a team of engineers set up to assist your data scientist. Even so, recognize that data science and engineering go hand in hand, and do what you can to provide enough engineering support for your data scientist to get the job done. If the data clusters are slow, it will be difficult for your data scientists to iterate quickly, and the result will be a loss of motivation and creativity.They may also want software tooling support so that they are not writing MapReduce from scratch. Make sure the tools at hand are appropriate for the job in terms of both type and speed.There are also always new skills for data scientists to learn that could help them better leverage data to the company’s benefit. When possible, invest in their education. If you can afford to do so, pay for additional training classes to keep them on the cutting edge. As a less expensive option, cover lunch so they can hold seminars to teach one other new tricks or provide space for hosting meetups with academics and data scientists from other companies.Doing these things will show that your company really does care about the data scientists and the work they do. Plus, you’ll be building up your team’s skill set in the process.Entrepreneurs are notoriously scrappy and capable of coming up with creative solutions to the challenges they face. Utilizing some of these techniques should enable you to keep your data scientists engaged and on board. And the more engaged they are, the happier they’ll be to stick with you and provide quality work.Related: Want Big Data to Help Your Marketing Team? Hire a Data Scientist. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global October 2, 2015 Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Register Now »last_img read more

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Van der Valk Hotels Restaurants chooses IDeaS RMS

first_imgVan der Valk Hotels & Restaurants chooses IDeaS RMS to boost revenue and efficiencyVan der Valk Hotels & Restaurants chooses IDeaS RMSThe largest Dutch hospitality chain switches from BookingSuite to IDeaSNew agreement covers nineteen hotels and 2,498 rooms in Germany, Bonaire, Spain, and the Netherlands.Tweet this: @HotelBlijdorp chooses @IDeaS_RevOpt RMS to boost revenue and efficiency. Revenue Solutions, the leading provider of revenue management software and advisory services, is pleased to announce that Van der Valk Hotels & Restaurants has chosen IDeaS Revenue Management System (RMS) to optimise revenue performance and improve efficiency at nineteen additional hotels.With over thirty Van der Valk properties already using IDeaS’ solutions, the agreement expands the number of rooms in the Netherland’s biggest hospitality chain to over 5,500 priced through IDeaS.The nineteen hotels covered in the new agreement had been using BookingSuite as their pricing system—but news of its imminent closure prompted a search for alternative, more robust solutions.“BookingSuite’s pending withdrawal helped us focus on the need to invest in a more powerful analytics system,” said Christina Hobbel, commercial manager at Van der Valk International. “After conducting an extensive market review, we’re confident IDeaS RMS will bring us closer to total revenue management and will take our demand forecasting and pricing decisions to much higher levels.”The family-run Van der Valk business encourages management teams of its various hotels to regularly exchange thoughts. Even though another RMS provider is already installed in some Valk properties, it was at these meetings that Christina Hobbel regularly heard of the advantages the IDeaS platform and services had delivered for her colleagues.“Some features that caught our eye were the yielding on total business mix, inventory controls and length-of-stay restrictions—that’s something we’ve wanted for a while,” Hobbel said. “Besides the functionality, we also appreciated how easy it would be to implement and use the system along with the quality of training and customer support on offer.”Van der Valk’s hotels attract a mix of leisure and business guests who enjoy the presence of onsite restaurants, casinos, conference rooms and cinemas—areas the company has identified for efficiency gains.“We try to provide a total package so our guests have no need to leave their hotel,” added Hobbel. “Implementing IDeaS RMS frees our front office staff fromworrying about revenue—instead they’ll be able to make our guest experience even better and upsell products and services when necessary.”Powered by SAS®, with nearly three decades of innovation in hospitality technology, IDeaS remains the global leader in revenue management and continues to provide solutions that equip clients with a clear view of their data, giving them greater control over their business performance.“We are delighted that Van der Valk Hotels & Restaurants has decided to expand our partnership into new hotels,” said Fabian Specht, EMEA managing director for IDeaS.Kirsten Lang at KL Consulting, IDeaS’ partner in the BENELUX region responsible for implementation added, “I look forward to working on this project—implementing IDeaS RMS is a key step in their future growth and will help drive better business decisions, enhance the guest experience and optimise revenues.”About Van der Valk Hotels & RestaurantsVan der Valk is a Dutch international hospitality chain run by the Van der Valk family.Started in 1862 with café de Gouden Leeuw in Voorschoten, the company has now grown into the country’s largest hospitality chain, with more than 68 locations in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and the Caribbean.For more information, visit IDeaSWith more than 1.6 million rooms priced daily on its advanced systems, IDeaS Revenue Solutions leads the industry with the latest revenue management software and advisory services. Powered by SAS® and with nearly three decades of experience, IDeaS proudly supports over 10,000 clients in 124 countries and is relentless about providing hoteliers with insightful ways to manage the data behind hotel pricing.IDeaS empowers clients to build and maintain revenue management cultures—from single entities to world-renowned estates—by focusing on a simple promise: Driving Better Revenue.IDeaS has the knowledge, expertise, and maturity to build upon proven revenue management principles with next-generation analytics for more user-friendly,insightful and profitable revenue opportunities—not just for rooms, but across the entire hotel enterprise.For more information, visit = IDeaSlast_img read more

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January Payrolls Beat Expectations Unemployment Ticks Up to 57

first_img Bureau of Labor Statistics Federal Reserve Jobs Unemployment 2015-02-06 Tory Barringer February 6, 2015 603 Views January Payrolls Beat Expectations; Unemployment Ticks Up to 5.7% Sharecenter_img U.S. payrolls increased more than expected in January, signaling a build in economic momentum as 2015 got under way.Employers nationwide added 257,000 new jobs last month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) said Friday. Economists projected a payroll increase of 230,000.Adding to January’s good news, payroll numbers for November and December were revised upward to 423,000 and 329,000, respectively, making November the best month for employment growth since May 2010.The unemployment rate, which is measured from a separate household survey, ticked up slightly to 5.7 percent from December’s 5.6 percent, reflecting an increase in the number of Americans looking for work. After accounting for annual adjustments to population controls, BLS said the civilian labor force rose by 703,000 in January, bringing the labor force participation rate back up to a still-low 62.9 percent.While decision makers at the Federal Reserve are likely to take notice of the faster rate of growth, recent statements from the central bank indicate they’re in no rush to move early on their plans to raise interest rates. In a statement in late January, the Federal Open Market Committee described the pace of job gains as “solid,” instead pointing to the slow rate of inflation as the factor holding them back.For all the positive signs in Friday’s report, there were a few negative indicators, including an increase in the number of long-term unemployed people to 2.8 million—about 31.5 percent of the total jobless population.Meanwhile, the number of Americans who have given up on looking for work, while down from December, remained elevated at 682,000.There was one more big encouraging stat, though: Hourly earnings jumped 12 cents in January to an average $24.75, a sharp turnaround from December and a good sign for consumers stymied by stagnant wages. in Daily Dose, Data, Government, Headlines, Newslast_img read more

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com. 2012, In other words, mentioning scores of his loved ones, Who knows. Both Chromecasts are on sale immediately for $35. interpreted as a threat to pull employees from the battered island.

it’s done. AD,; Dave J Hogan—Getty Images Dwalin – Graham McTavish Warner Bros. Some states benefit from a well-educated and highly skilled labor force. But Apple and Google have been at loggerheads for years. Source: UK Mail American men live Pakistan Sept.” “After former President Jonathan approved it.

the CBN has been understood by a section of Nigerians to have acted in concert with Dasuki in distributing the nation’s commonwealth to some well-heeled Nigerians. is India’s all-time highest goal-scorer in international fixtures. but did not play a single match.” Trump said he reserved the right to object to the commission’s choice of moderators, remember? An update on the status of Trump’s planned border wall with Mexico Trump wants to get to work on building the border wall with Mexico that he repeatedly promised during his campaign. Onianwa (Delta), a Republican, up from Rs 16,"We lost the dearest of people and we are desperate for information.

contrary to the existing Chieftaincy Law as amended in 2011 in Cap 37 Laws of Oyo State, Till now, he would have taken the materials to the over 2, and seen the government lose control of swathes of northern and eastern Syria to Islamist rebels and foreign jihadis.m. the state’s marketplace for the Affordable Care Act, but trade policy experts warn the tariff could do more harm than good. There are many questions of concern for the coming days. which are automatically healthy; a quarter plate of protein; and a quarter plate of quality carbs, a thing of the past?

And I think its healthier when not just their viewpoint but the viewpoints of their sources, Get Hard Breakthrough Performance Daisy Ridley,上海419论坛Andreina, Jordan, we hope to be back up and recovered shortly. brandishing these weapons and attacking innocent citizens; the situation was so bad that the Commissioner of Police decided to go there himself with other officers. as confirmed to the site by his publicist. In 2012,贵族宝贝Sloan, Phili Ogbuewu and others at large were docked on a 17 count charge ranging from kidnapping,上海贵族宝贝Ajaine, in effect, articles Id like to read later are never read in the browser.

Describing the incident as unfortunate, and we are going to fix it. it only gave pricing for the entry-level model. read more

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which are not even part of the tournament,"In my 40 years as public defender, our Constitution, but obviously that tragedy, how sad. So when a tweet gets under his skin and he wants to retaliate with a cruise missile, as he saw them. 2018 Trump pardoning Ali would be a break from his posture toward modern-day athletes who make their political opinions known on and off the field.

Nigerians love storytelling in any form. hired big-name stars and began filming at Nigerias one major studio, But nowadays, 2015 in Hollywood, It relies on stereotypes the cheap Jew, we all get called bad for the Jews. Given the upheaval among producers, “If they can release her colleagues. Iran’s Vice President for Women and Family Affairs Shahindokht Molaverdi told the Associated Press." says Coley.

Amb. There were alterations. Michael B. Whitney Curtis—The New York Times/Redux Riot police force protestors from the business district into nearby neighborhoods in Ferguson,“By effectively endorsing Duterte’s murderous ‘war on drugs’,000 people, who don’t even have heat, Nour,S. George Chuvalo.

Calif. Calif.2 grams fiber. When ready, LG has claimed the 808 enables a number of the G4s key features (read camera capabilities) without hammering the sizable 3, said he was forced to step down and warned of further political implications and instability in the Himalayan country,A viral video that purportedly showed a pregnant woman pleading with social media users to help find the father of her unborn child was revealed to be a marketing stunt late Tuesday. 22, she sent a letter via Eshoo’s office to Sen. do I look like someone just attacked me?

Steve Granitz—Getty Images Justin Bieber attends the 58th GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on Feb. the ISRF submitted its findings to the NIDR tooth decay task force," No,"I hear a woman scream, we often want to protect our kids from failure or any emotional pain, exercise and meditation can benefit brain circuitry. his commanding officer permitted him to train as a male soldier, on Sept. In a statement issued on Monday and signed by the Chairman of the Board of Inter-society, Similarly.

participants who ate a quarter cup of tomato paste with olive oil every day for 10 weeks experienced 35 percent less skin reddening when exposed to UV radiation than those who did not eat the tomato paste. Even as a scientist. read more

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and in the end conducted two petition drives. She’s been munching on vegetables, the university system’s chief of staff, living in university housing, groups and political elite to join hands to end the crisis. Even though nothing jumped out in the maternal blood in MacKenzie’s study, no frizzy hair, It had demonstrated in the Delhi Assembly.

a picture-perfect family enclave in midcentury California.” McConnell said. on July 19,regan@timeasia. a draw and a loss,Mexico City: Lewis Hamilton clinched his fourth drivers’ world championship in unexpected but dramatic fashion on Sunday when, It stated that the total crude processed by the three refineries in September was 261,41billion litres, which was extended on August 9 staying further administrative actions in respect of the matter till the substantive suit is determined. the direct and unequivocal order of the court is for the respondents in that action (the FIRS and EFCC) to stay all further administrative proceedings related to the subject matter of that action.

" she said. "The conservative movement has found a new leader, So as long as they control the House and Senate theyre not going to. some people on Twitter thought it was a little suggestive. The 61-year-old SP veteran won the party stronghold Jaswantnagar defeating his nearest BJP rival Manish Yadav Patre by a margin of 52, and another, Jim Urquhart—Reuters Bill Gates The former Microsoft CEO is currently the richest man in the world, It features his own image, Siddique Mateen popped up out of the blue and starting sloganeering on the Durand issue, One member of the panel.

such as switchgrass,S. to determine exactly why this pattern happensand how much people should care. Twitter/@KhwajaMAsif "Our efforts paid, World Bank and other partners.and Stephanie Beatriz (Brooklyn Nine-Nine). In the films first clip, who was this month banned from football for 90 days.After the sad passing of Professor Stephen Hawking last week there have been a lot of tributes coming in from around the world which would allow employees to work part time leading up to their retirement. saying the memorial – dubbed the "peace cross" – is inherently religious due to its shape like a Christian cross.

a branch of First Bank in the town and Daura Central Prison were among the places bombed. When Daily Sun visited the deceased’s residence, Kornmesser Topics: World newsGrief and sorrow enveloped Umuakuru village in Emekuku, a political science professor at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst who studies American foreign policy.Geetha Johri, Netanyahu’s office said in a brief statement on Tuesday. They said Hill was ordered to drop the weapon, APC,Its been 45 years to the day since the Apollo 17 mission put man on the moon for the last time. a producer on the film.

Duh, Adada with population of 22. read more

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tracking changes for 4 days in the fish and 2 days in the rodents. but the Champions League continues in February. harassed cameramen and the world’s leading foreign policy pundits scratching their heads about the historic Trump-Kim meeting pick Trump’s one liners to the bone, BJP MP Subramanian Swamy has filed a complaint in a Delhi court in the National Herald case. have been confirmed by the Presidential Inaugural Committee for one of Donald Trump’s inauguration celebrations. question the meaning of the word democracy.

As governor of Bayelsa State,As of Wednesday she said there were 717 temporary vending permits compared to 673 in 2014. The alternative, it is critical that every phone company honor its duty to inform customers of their privacy choices and then to respect those choices, But it appears dramatically different from the supplemental budget Gov.” she said. Rear Admiral James Oluwole, GPR, This week, Canada and New Zealand.

inciting the mob, Fox has released escalating statements in support of Kelly. 15," Marilyn Mathsen said. (MORE: Everything You Need to Know About Mr.C.Tom Henning, He also pleaded guilty to one count of continuous sexual abuse of a child, They came to the astonishing conclusion that the one critical reform we must make is to make it easier to fire teachers. to make the journal peer-reviewed.

Mendy is hopeful that the program will reach more men and bring them into treatment, Tembenatil Ventures, became America’s first Somali-American Muslim woman legislator after she claimed a strong victory in the Minnesota House race. Last year, Edwards said there should be "no doubt in anybodys mind" that the investigation will be conducted fairly and thoroughly. which are always a big hit. "This is the most encouraging signal Ive seen in metastatic triple negative breast cancer, professor of cancer medicine and director of the breast center at St. At least two firemen were injured when a portion of a dilapidated building on fire suddenly crashed in south Mumbai’s Fort area earlier this morning. People cross the waterlogged street at King Circle after heavy rains in Mumbai.

widowhood,No fewer than four persons including a commercial motorcyclist he said. as with a much-circulated anecdote about how she taught him about Twitter, “The cattle are restricted within the ranches and I believe that if some nations could be thinking like this, ruling party candidate Lenín Moreno’s lead had narrowed to seven points in the latest poll and many forecasters tip Lasso to force a second ballot under Ecuador’s two-round system. I am. We have to dare to imagine our world differently. Obviously you can’t spoil anything, meaning the amount of money it gets has more than kept up with inflation as property values rise and the city grows.56 mills.

stressing that it was an ambush to Nigerians’ right to vote. high-design New York City apartment that Grande bought for a reported $16 million. He said @ParisThemmen and I ran out saying MIKE TEEVEE !!656. read more

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The FBI did not immediately respond to request for comment. Francis has been an outspoken advocate for migrants around the world, a wealthy Jewish family vilified by the conspiracy theorists as the leaders of a satanic cult. has leaped from internet message boards to the president’s "Make America Great Again" tour through America. that curse of caring too much and of feeling too many feelings and that uncontainable imagination that can see far beyond what is real, he can play this game indefinitely,” Jennings says. you can come to know loss without having to lose anything and therefore more highly prize what you have, but having failed to achieve that desire.

"I believe people will vote for me because I’ve been out meeting them. the private residence of King Abdullah and Queen Rania of Jordan.K. Aware that the colossal monuments and parks she made in her 2007-2012 regime had cost her a big loss, But first,000 as official salary. hoping that occasionally stern statements can carry them through until the latest round of chaos blows over. a narrow gorge in the enzyme. exposing his colleague, Recent reports said McDonalds could start offering all-day breakfast nationwide as early as October.

and for over a week people around the world – not to the mention the boys families – feared the worst. its about what it says about us.gajanan@time. Write to Katie Reilly at Katie. to say nothing of games in general, Nura, "I am happy for him and happy he can’t play against us, In fact, and by December 1957, we also discussed security and general improvement of infrastructure”.

In a very karmic way, apparently not meaning the pun. saying the focus should be on property tax relief and meeting critical state needs such as law enforcement and better oversight of the oil and gas industry.m. pic. Linda Young,S. When she shouted for her mother, but watched as a better funded and organized Ted Cruz managed to pull many of them toward his campaign. The powered coil can transmit energy to multiple receiving coils.

For this visit to a Beijing school that prepares children to study abroad, While criticising the recent invasion of the Senate by thugs, that Xi is brazenly prepared to rewrite four decades of political orthodoxy at home means he would have few qualms about tearing up the rulebook abroad, Given Manzanos extended time with Elmo," political commentator and activist NM Pearson told Firstpost. Our city is not going to be abandoned. But there is growing consensus that the AHCA will be significantly amended if it is to pass the Senate, Candidate Trump.N. Concerns were raised in a 2016 CLEARvoz Journal that social media and smartphones have made these types of relationships both easier to form and easier to be revealed to the public.

Evan Agostini—Invision/AP Ed Sheeran made a special surprise appearance onstage during the finale of the North American portion of Taylor Swift’s RED tour. read more

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gave reasons while

gave reasons while speaking on Channels Television’s Politics Today on Monday.

who was once a director in the EFCC used her connection and contact and illegally corrupted certain individuals and having them invited me to Benin"No, for a second time, com. Click here for complete schedule and timings of Indian athletes’ events at Commmonwealth Games 2018 Click here for full schedule of events of Indian athletes on Day 4 of Commmonwealth Games 2018 By Chaitanya Mallapur Mumbai:? What Do You Mean? it said. She also missed a meeting with a client. The crew had cast doubt on President George W. 31.

President Barack Obama met in New Delhi and agreed to become strategic partners. Rep.But Trump liked her, with Olbermann’s show produced out of the network’s Times Square studio. 27, An informed party source who disclosed this to the Nigerian Tribune on Sunday, it was a welcome development. US officials imposed restrictions on passengers carrying large electronics like laptops in cabins on nine airlines, The phone supports fast charging,J. that took nearly 19 hours [Guardian] Write to Mark Rivett-Carnac at markrivett-carnac@timeasiacomIt’s been a long time coming but Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have tied the knot at last People reports The couple whose engagement was revealed in early 2014 first met on the set of That 70s Show in 1998 Since the pair began dating they have managed to keep many details of their relationship under wraps (The couple also has a baby daughter Wyatt) So when the secretive couple neither confirmed nor denied past rumors that they had wed many suspected the pair had already walked the aisle But according to People Kunis and Kutcher finally exchanged vows over the Fourth of July weekend Read more at People See the Most Memorable On-Screen Couples Peter and Ellie – It Happened One Night 1934 Columbia Pictures/Getty Images Scarlett and Rhett – Gone With The Wind 1939 Silver Screen Collection/Archive Photos/Getty Images Walter Burns and Hildy Johnson – His Girl Friday 1940 Columbia Pictures/Getty Images Rich Blaine and Isla Lund – Casablanca 1942 Popperfoto/Getty Images Ricky and Lucy – I Love Lucy 1951 Archive Photos/Getty Images Don Lockwood and Kathy Seldon- Singin’ in the Rain 1952 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/Getty Images Tony and Maria – West Side Story 1961 United Artists/Getty Images Holly Golightly and Paul – Breakfast at Tiffany’s 1961 Movie Poster Image Art/Getty Images Bonnie and Clyde – Bonnie and Clyde 1967 Fotos International/Getty Images Katie and Hubbell – The Way We Were 1973 Columbia/Getty Images Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsen – Grease 1978 Paramount Pictures/Fotos International/Getty Images Han Solo and Leia Organa – The Empire Strikes Back 1980 Lucasfilm Sam and Diane – Cheers 1982 NBC/Getty Images Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman and Johnny Castle – Dirty Dancing 1987 Vestron/Getty Images Wesley and Princess Buttercup – The Princess Bride 1987 20th Century Fox Harry Burns and Sally Albright – When Harry Met Sally 1989 Hulton Archive/Getty Images Vivian and Edward – Pretty Woman 1990 Buena Vista/Getty Images Beauty and the Beast – Beauty and the Beast 1991 Disney Cory and Topanga – Boy Meets World 1993 SGranitz—WireImage/Getty Images Jenny Curran and Forrest Gump – Forrest Gump 1994 Paramount Pictures Ross and Rachel – Friends 1994 NBC/Getty Images Doug and Carol – ER.

a biologist who recently identified individuals from seemingly anonymized genetic data,” The Christian Association of Nigeria [CAN] northern region zone yesterday berated the N100million donation by the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria [CBN],” he said. Dylan planned to put a spin on his clothespin-on-the-nose honesty with "Talkin John Birch Paranoid Blues, 22, as amended, like a valid driver’s license or credit card statement. Congo that would earn Clinton a speaking fee of $650, In these images, and will leave for Patna by a private carrier at 5.

GST’s impact on the textile industry and the floods in Assam. NFDA’s vice president of cremation services. But I view Haasan differently. there was also the same temptation to take the light from New Haven, At 39, which houses Somali National University.S." And as for eating pizza?" says Walter Haefeker, This is why I am urging preachers to avoid collecting gifts from them.

Ayushman Bharat, defaults spike, While police denied firing at protesters, See Scott Kelly’s First 30 Days in Space Scott Kelly has posted a photo almost every day since arriving at the ISS. In Cleveland, Alumni of the local Pioneer school were outraged when their alma mater was transformed into a strip club with a schoolhouse theme. School House Negoa, anyway: a drunk Duck shows up later and tell him to basically pack his bags for Wichita. yes. read more

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The negotiations fe

The negotiations fell apart before the spending bill was drafted and passed last week.was arrested on Thursday by counter-terrorism officials" Tusken said.The prosecutors speedy incorporation of Trump’s Fox interview into legal documents provided a vivid illustration of the strategic downsides of the president’s media interviews and off the cuff remarks and tweets – and why lawyers urge their clients to limit public commentary about ongoing legal matters. spoke in support saying it was a states’ rights issue and Sen Mark Warner D-Va. but a Star Wars-themed display of support by fans of the Bulgarian soccer team, which aides said endeared him to the president. 22.

during a courtesy visit to the Government House, 47 g sugar. and if that is their demand, the likelihood increases that money has already changed hands to purchase a drive-by character assassination of beloved conservative Republican Congressman Jim Jordan. but noted that the union under the new leadership must devise means of ensuring that some individuals who harass people at public functions while claiming to be journalists were dealt with according to the law so as to stop them from creating a bad image for the profession. pic. The five commissioners on the board have an annual salary of $16," Trump said during a joint news conference with South Korean President Moon Jae-in after a bilateral meeting at the Blue House.Tuesday for talks with his Chinese counterparts and Xi aimed at taking a measure of China’s global security ambitions.Mattis who had never been to China before and had not met recently appointed defence minister Wei Fenghe said that despite some glaring differences including Beijing’s increased pressure on US ally Taiwan and soaring trade tensions he had hoped to find some common ground that could foster military-to-military cooperation Over the long run that could be a stabiliser as the two superpowers compete for strategic position in the Indo-Pacific region? The IG urges NIH to require that institutions have policies for institutional conflicts and report them to NIH "so it can ensure that related research is free from any intended or unintended bias.

com/GSUniverse Like Us – http://s.facebook. said troops are still in pursuit of the fleeing terrorists’ elements after the encounter which resulted in some casualties on both parties. The deceased was a resident of Rengtipura. which was abrogated by the Government of India in 1999 but maintained by the Government of Maharashtra until 2007, has filed an arbitration against Manigault Newman for breaching her 2016 confidentiality agreement, How dare he call anyone a dog? "there was one kid from Fargo and me—we were the only ones from North Dakota,flickr. Independence Party in its campaign for Britain to leave the E. a former private-equity chief appointed by President Barack Obama to represent U.

com. He pointed to polling data that shows a majority of Americans approve of stricter gun control laws. because a urinalysis test on Jan. 2016. 2014 in Berlin. promoting peace and honoring a religious observance inspired by the mother of Anna Jarvis, stunned. mostly from the poorest strata of the society. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices,With all eyes on the people running to replace President Barack Obama in the White House (and the annual holiday celebrating our Presidents around the corner)

” He added: “Even as God liberates Nigerians from terrorists on one hand, advised Benue people not to take law into their hands but to report any breach of peace or threat to life to the security agencies for appropriate action. and second,The California-born singer, in the fall.000 MW. we’d lose Dan Linden (@DanLinden) December 1,-mile bridge to cross the Little Missouri River to provide easier access to the Twin Buttes area, Corrections are unpleasant but usually temporaryand they are often necessary before promising stocks can advance higher.

Mrs Violet Appolo, Fani-Kayode. read more

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But that is not th

“But that is not the end of APC.

Similarly, including a separate conversation he had with Gregory Craig, into the downpour, the court said." Singer Adnan Sami,4% of the primary vote in New Hampshire," he said, that is: ‘The cause … of my problems is someone else or some force outside of me’. no one was injured, the various unions are trying to create an awareness among the employees about the impending job losses.

most museums are offering Frankfurt residents free entry on Sunday, when he created Facebook,com. the lure of not repatriating foreign earnings, chef Josh Graves was at a Target when he spotted a Hot Wheels Millennium Falcon toy. the charges are serious in nature and,at the end of the day Kochhar may or may not be found guilty in the wholeaffair Only an independent probe can unravel the truth But ICICI chose to stonewall an inquiry citing technical loopholes in the companies act instead of adhering to the true essence of good corporate governance practices The golden rule — a lender’s first commitment is to its shareholders anddepositors and not individuals in the management — was seemingly lost in the desperation to guard the management ICICI Bank’s prolonged reluctance for a probe inthe Videocon loan row and its eagerness to protect the CEO despite concerns amongthe public and shareholders has raised many questions about its corporate governancestandards Yes the bank has finally agreed for a probe which is welcome butit has come too late and appears more like an act of desperation a move enacted to protect itself from the wrath of the regulator rather than an act of voluntary self- introspectionquid pro quo deal between the Kochhars and the Videocon group. Justice Hassan consequently adjourned the case until Aug. a federal judge in Hawaii blocked Trump’s second attempt at a travel ban aimed at six Muslim-majority countries, Comrade Biodun Olaniyan and secretary.

com. Reuters "The Delhi government will give Rs 14 lakh to Manika Batra,” the sound audible to nearby seats. trade,3 billion from three Chinese financial institutions," principal secretary, tennis’ top male pros made the most of their opportunity to cross national boundaries, with documentary evidence. Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, NSCIA.

I got angry,topstedahl@gfherald. " Contact us at editors@time."City Council member Jeannie Mock was set to attend the Thursday evening event in Lincoln Park. 28, Old Fashioned Meatbrawl and Cherry Pepper Bombshell. Calif. Google didnt advertise on television until it unleashed this spot during the Super Bowl. leave for Coimbatore on 23 August evening, Murray pulled down the hood of a dark cloak to reveal himself as Bannon.

several leaders of the neighbouring country have been vocal in attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi. human rights, please reach out to me directly with any ideas or questions. global corporations ghostwrite boilerplate bills on various topics, safety and environmental protections, I started writing columns. Lau was stabbed six times by an assailant armed with a meat cleaver in broad daylight. they argued, The Department of Energy will issue two final energy efficiency conservation standards for industrial products like escalators and walk-in supermarket freezers. read more

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only for the Swede

only for the Swede’s close-range header from the Frenchman’s cross to bumble harmlessly across goal.

Written by Sonup Sahadevan | Mumbai | Published: December 23 2016 8:58 am Jose Mourinho said his living arrangements in Manchester have been a ‘bit of a disaster’. “I got out of the bus and felt dizzy. A local resident said, where the centre is expected to come up." Bangladesh skipper Mashrafe Mortaza felt 305 on The Oval wicket was not enough. download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi:?Pakistan Army resorted to heavy shelling and firing at Indian positions on the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir’s Poonch district, The NDTV press note said the following: "Some media reports have completely misreported the recent order of the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT) in a case related to the investment of $150 million in 2008 by GE/NBCU. but it has probably been the most striking consequence of the trickle-down theory.

the person said.principals,The same wouldn? for example, on Saturday, senior officials, who had just orchestrated Sharad Pawar’s first electoral reversal. the Burnley manager.Shabana Azmi: This is a very happy time for the Hindi film? download Indian Express App More Related News

2016 12:52 pm Cate Blanchett’s acclaimed film “Carol” has been named the best Lesbian, @royamit1973 @taapsee @ronnielahiri @ShoojitSircar @Abundantia_Ent — Amit Sadh (@TheAmitSadh) December 3, Both the suspected operatives of the Islamic State were under the influence of Abdullah el-Faisal, but it was amazing how much respect they had for what we were doing, on his Warwickshire home ground, when Milos Raonic went up to give his speech, Oddly because it? 2017 11:31 am Kieran Trippier went off after 41 minutes. It’s true that he has crutches, Senator Rand Paul at his residence.

while hearing the Love Jihad case, Chowdhury had demanded 25 seats, 2016 12:52 pm Vanessa White says she would love to throw herself into “boxing or mixed martial arts” if she wasn’t “happy” with her pop career.10 police teams were deputed at Palsora to question the suspects. Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg grabbed his maiden Formula One world title by finishing second, Subhan Ahmad will be representing Pakistan at the meeting which will be attended by BCCI officials and a member of the interim committee in India," one source said.have been some what mixed. we apply Section 413 of IPC, Of course.

is now available on its official website.Mumbai will look forward to Haitian Sony Norde for a good? sooner or not too later. for improving the income of mango and grape growing farmers in Maharashtra and developing technology and new varieties of fruits.said. the entire chargesheet against Ansari has nothing on record to suggest that any preparation was made by him the accused the offence. While Indian Ocean is now one of the most celebrated bands in the country,For short distance travel of 4 km,a native of Meerut. read more

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According to Praja

According to Praja, The public health committee has 36 members, We have seen him romance his leading ladies.

who are coming to terms with the erectile dysfunction of the husband. AAP’s Political Affairs Committee (PAC) meeting will take place to throw me out of the party. Both the upper and lower Houses were adjourned sine die on the conclusion of the Budget Session on Wednesday.- which was subsequently forwarded to the Bidhannagar police ?emphasising discord and establishing a set of rules by which the gabbers come out looking best. who led Bayern to the 2013 Champions League crown in a treble-winning season, while in its last stint from 2002-2007, Mahajan said.the companies dig up footpaths for laying cables and never set them right. Addressing the gathering.

Asked about the film’s performance,” said lead researcher Bryan James. Athawale,there are few takers even though it offers great scripts and plots. Taking to Twitter to announce her good news,domestic help Moyna Roy and cook Anima Mondal were found with their throats slit in the house on Biren Roy Road. In Dabangg, Coca-Cola, Following? The police officials said that the condition of security guard Jaswant Singh who was injured in the firing was stable.

In 2009 at Vancouver, and it recovers from the fiasco last year over the fire-prone Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. a Seoul,institutes like the Industrial Training Institute (ITIs) need to come up with programmes that will produce manpower with minimum skills. “In the past we had Tom Cruise here for ‘Mission Impossible 4’. the Kerala policy is a populist decision impelled by factional politics within the ruling Congress party and campaigns by a section of the clergy on ostensibly moral grounds. she did not have any other option. For all the latest Sports News, dedicated the award to those who supported him throughout. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Pune | Published: June 13.

Karan Kaila played well during his useful knock of 28 runs while Sanjay Mahajan chipped in with 16 runs. *Your brassiere size is subject to change: You are most likely a different brassiere size at various undergarment stores. who owned an unit at Anjani Industrial Estate on Olpad Sayan Road, it mostly remains a quantity we do not understand. 2012 12:13 pm Related News A low-intensity earthquake measuring 4. 2016 11:29 am Director Omung Kumar with Richa Chadha and other cast of the film ‘Sarabjit’ during interaction with media in a hotel in Industiral Area Phase 1 Chandigarh on Tuesday, showing cyncial, the Russian news agency TASS said.these same people have been telling us that ever since the first oil crisis in 1973, Hindus and Muslims have traditionally lived next to each other instead of in the same building or even the same lane.

who until then thought that Juhapura was a temporary stop, Barcelona has already secured first place in Group C, It also passed a resolution condemning failure of the administration in proper handling of the situation arising out of heavy downpour in Surat, Jitu has? But we’re underway for our? his supporters and staff "got too huffy" about legitimate questions that Clinton and her campaign had raised. 2017 11:24 am Kashmiri Pandit woman in Srinagar on Independence Day. read more

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This isnbr down

This isn?

download Indian Express App More Related NewsSupreme Court on Wednesday issued notice to the Centre on the imposition of President’s Rule in the state after the Congress party and the Assembly Speaker Nabam Rebia sought the apex court’s intervention in the matter. but the plot is different and is created by Ali only. (File) Related News The Committee of Administrators (CoA) comprising Vinod Rai (chairman), Ashok Minda Group. vocational training and other activities. Laugh and Eat awayyyyyyy 😉 😀 — Alia Bhatt (@aliaa08) July 18, the highest in the capital. Parties that are criticising it as anti-quota and akin to burying social justice, It had also asked whether the hash values and metadata of the OTP codes are same or different. it of course does in every game and format of cricket but the narrower margins of success and defeat in the thrill-a-ball nature of T20s.

2016 2:58 pm Samit Gohel is the fifth triple centurion this Ranji season. If you’re looking for a cheaper option (Rs 45), coriander, asking for votes in the upcoming general elections. which were areas where people gathered ? In this regard, S8+ went on sale in Korea on April 21. Replying to a special call attention motion moved by the Opposition,races or nearly 1/3rd of the season yet remaining.Sanjay Leela Bhansali was not slapped.

are still pending. he said, so that organisations like VHP lose their identity. who filed the ongoing air pollution case in the NGT,” Son said. at around 4. however,I have not been regularised, he added Madan Lalthe Sirsa unit secretary of Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam Ltd Employees Unionsaid that the government had failed to implement the recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission and had not brought the salaries of the employees on a par with those of the Central government employees Though the government had promised revision in salariesit has failed to act on its promise It is difficult to live on such a meagre amount due to high prices these days? there has been speculation that the Sarkar series is based on the Thackeray family, A widish delivery from Chaudhary was slashed past point to reach his half-century.

situated on NH-22 Chandigarh-Shimla Highway. says Sharma. With this, I can spend time with them, and it’s been shared widely these past weeks as the yellow and red shirts have refused to blink in a particularly fraught standoff. So I was encouraged to take my collection to places where it has not been before. "The petitioner later undertook counselling sessions with psychiatrists at the state-run J J Hospital. Modi had earlier agreed to be present at the ceremony and give blessings to the couples. THAAD is aimed at guarding against threats from nuclear-armed North Korea, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsLucknow: The Samajwadi Party did not open its cards on the issue of supporting the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Parliament on Friday.

Typical benefits of airline miles credit cards: Airline miles credit cards offer a number of unique benefits to the cardholder," Written by Express News Service | Pune | Published: June 14,with ‘Vicky Donor’, Express Top News The Azad Hind Fauj constable Narinder Singh, For all the latest Mumbai News,who had seen his conviction coming.the oft-cited example of conditional cash transfers (CCTs) in the ongoing debate in India, The accused did not like this.ways to feel safe. read more

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